Pope Francis Finally Revealed he has a Resignation Note Ready and Zagami said it First!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Repeatedly I have said it in my books, in interviews, and in articles published in the last few years that Pope Francis will eventually resign:

However, until last summer, “Pope Francis dismissed reports that he planned to resign in the near future.”

That, of course, was until today, when Pope Francis finally revealed in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC, that shortly after being elected pontiff in 2013, he wrote a resignation letter that outlines that in case medical problems impede him from carrying out his duties he would resign. Confirming once and for all what I pointed out in the article cited above from June 2022:

“The fact that Pope Francis would resign rather than wait until the end of his mandate was something I pointed out from the beginning of his papacy.”

In another article I posted on July 30, 2022, I also said:

“The Jesuit pope is dying, but that’s top secret at least for the moment.”

So let’s wait and see, but Francis, who turned 86 on Saturday, and had surgery in 2021 on his colon with no official mention of cancer, has been seen using a wheelchair for months, even if lately he has been using a cane to get around in public, but Francis in the interview in question played down his mobility challenge, saying “One governs with the head, not the knee.”

Asked what happens if health issues or an accident suddenly leaves a pope unable to do his job and whether there should be a rule for such instances, Francis replied, “In practice, there is already a rule.” Pope says he’ll slow down or retire: ‘You can change a pope’

“I have already signed my renunciation,” Francis revealed, noting that he did so early in the papacy, confirming also what I have been saying and writing since then about his future resignation.

“I signed it and said: ‘If I should become impaired for medical reasons or whatever, here is my resignation. Here you have it,'” said Pope Francis, referring to Cardinal Bertone, who stepped down as secretary of state in October 2013, in the first months of Francis’ papacy.

The pontiff quipped that now that he has revealed the existence of his resignation note, “someone will run up to Bertone (saying), ‘Give me that piece of paper.'”

Francis said he was sure Bertone would have passed on the letter to the current secretary of state, Parolin, as I wrote in Volume 4 of my Confessions, who is connected to the Illuminati.

In past remarks, Francis hailed the decision of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI to resign, because he felt due to advancing age, he wouldn’t be able to carry out his duties. Benedict, who is still living in a monastery on the Vatican’s grounds, was the first pontiff to resign in 600 years, and his stepping down paved the way for Francis’ election as the first Jesuit pope in history and the first from Jesuit-infested South America.

Catholic church law requires a papal resignation be “freely and properly manifested” — as was the case when Benedict startled the world when he announced his resignation to a gathering of prelates at the Vatican in February 2013. So now we are all waiting for his imminent resignation that was once again predicted first by yours truly. Remember leozagami.com brings you the most reliable info from the heart of the New World Order power structure and now I’m glad to offer you also my latest book CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOLUME 8 From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset.

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