Pope preparing to move back to Argentina amongst controversies



Article by Leo Zagami


While CNN fake news is reporting a coup in the Vatican to dethrone Pope Francis, moved by so-called “unsubstantiated news”, inside sources close to me are confirming that the Pope is going to finally resign and is preparing to move back to his native country of Argentina.

In preparation for this historical event, Argentina’s senate has authorized investigators to search three homes belonging to Pope Francis’ number one enemy in Argentina, the former president Cristina Kirchner. Officially, as part of the so-called Notebook Scandal,a way of getting rid of a person who could create future problems for the Pope once he moves back to Argentina. Claudio Bonadio, the judge leading the investigation in this case, petitioned the Senate to partially lift Kirchner’s immunity, in order to allow her residences to be searched. As a senator, Kirchner enjoys congressional immunity from imprisonment, though not from prosecution.She denies all allegations, and says she is the victim of a political witch hunt.

Five years ago, before his formal installation, Pope Francis met privately with Cristina Kirchner, who served as President of Argentina from 2007 to 2015, clashing with over many social issues in the previous years . However, this was a cleverly orchestrated propaganda ‘stunt’ by the Vatican, and tensions did not diminish between the two.

The discord began years earlier, when Bergoglio, at the time Archbishop of Buenos Aires, criticized Cristina Kirchner’s way of conducting politics. He considered it divisive, and argued that the government’s subsidies for seniors, students and single mothers didn’t address poverty properly.

But their relationship became strained when Bergoglio played an improbable role in curtailing Kirchner’s reported plans for re-election beyond the two terms permitted in the Argentine constitution.

“The devil gets to everyone, those of us who use pants and those who wear robes,”Kirchner had said in 2006, while branding Bergoglio “Leader of the spiritual opposition.”

Now that Pope Francis has finally been exposed for covering up years of pedophile abuse systematically destroying the traditional values of the Catholic Church, we can fully  understand the warning of ex-president Kirchner.

Bergoglio’s early leadership in Argentina was characterized by a resistance to the Marxist tones of liberation theology that fostered an ideological divide among the Jesuits in Argentina at the time, but after being brainwashed by left-wing ideology during a five-year church-imposed exile in Germany, and later Cordoba, Argentina, he returned to Buenos Aires a changed man, earning the adoration and support of much of the local clergy, especially the young, who loved his new liberal values, the same ones he would later bring to his controversial papacy.

In the meatime, even Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, host of both “The Ingraham Angle” and “The Ingraham Show,” posted a message on Twitter  two days ago saying that Pope Francis’s remarks in Ireland about clerical sexual abuse were insufficient. “Too little, too late from Pope Francis in Ireland,” adding “I stand with Archbishop Carlo Vigano. Time for the laity to demand a new Shepherd.”

Interestingly enough, I have been saying the same thing for the last 4 years on Infowars, demonstrating once again that Infowars is tomorrow’s News Today, not the fake news of the liberal media, such as CNN, who are now trying to  discredit Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, whose current title of Archibishop has even been removed on his Wikipedia page.

Pathetically, Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor wrote today, that during his trip to the United States in 2015, the Pope tried to stay above the country’s culture wars. Well, pedophilia is not a  “culture war”, but a violent crime, dear CNN, and you seem to be complicit in this abuse with your constant support of the Jesuit Pope at all costs.



 Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Pope Francis






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