A New letter by Archbishop Viganò demonstrates the Pope is truly the devil


Article by Leo Zagami


BREAKING NEWS – The Vatican crisis deepens, as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has issued a new letter where he addresses his allegations against Pope Francis and other senior prelates that have been complicit in covering up the sex abuse by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. Headed with Archbishop Viganò’s episcopal motto, Scio Cui credidi (I know whom I have believed), the letter, dated Sept. 29, was released yesterday, September 27, 2018.

At the moment, the focus of the US media’s attention is, of course, on the circus surrounding the false accusations of sex abuse against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, while, in reality, the real monsters remain untouched. Archbishop Viganò noted that Pope Francis’ response to his 11-page testimony was, “I will not say a word,”adding that “he has compared his silence to that of Jesus in Nazareth and before Pilate, and compared me to the great accuser, Satan, who sows scandal and division in the Church — though without ever uttering my name.”

The former nuncio denounced the Pope that has, “put in place a subtle slander against me — slander being an offense he has often compared to the gravity of murder.”

“The Pope’s unwillingness to respond to my charges and his deafness to the appeals by the faithful for accountability are hardly consistent with his calls for transparency and bridge building,”Archbishop Viganò asserted.

He stated, “The pope’s cover-up of McCarrick was clearly not an isolated mistake,” noting that Francis, “has defended homosexual clergy who committed serious sexual abuses against minors or adults.”(He gave as examples; Fr. Julio Grassi and Fr. Mauro Inzoli) “and his halting of the investigation of sex abuse allegations against Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor”.

Archbishop Viganò also asked in this new document for Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston and the other American bishops who met with Pope Francis on September 13th, to state whether the Pope refused “to carry out a Vatican investigation into McCarrick’s crimes and of those responsible for covering them up,”saying that, “the faithful deserve to know.”He also appealed to Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. At the end, he pleaded with Cardinal Ouellet,“Before I left for Washington, you were the one who told me of Pope Benedict’s sanctions on McCarrick. You have at your complete disposal key documents incriminating McCarrick and many in the curia for their cover-ups. Your Eminence, I urge you to bear witness to the truth.”

 This is a desperate call for help as Pope Francis is destroying the Church, and it is not inaccurate to call this Pope, the Devil.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

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Pope Francis stated the Devil is a real person, and he now finally admits he is the Devil!


Thessalonians 2:3–4

Let no one deceive you in any way,for it will not come until the rebellion occurs andthe man of lawlessness (the son of destruction) is revealed. 

He will oppose and exalt himself above every so-called god or object of worship. So he will seat himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.


 Article by Leo Zagami


Francis told TV2000, a Catholic broadcasting network back in December of last year that ” Satan is a very smart person,” specifying also that “he is very polite, knocks at the door, rings the bell, comes in politely, and in the end comes in with his friends.”

Was Pope Francis talking about himself and the “polite” Jesuits that are taking over the Catholic Church and transforming it into Satan’s headquarters?

Pope Francis, who insisted on clarifying the identity of the devil as not being a loose concept, stated: “This is evil, it’s not diffuse concept, it’s a person,” but is now suddenly admitting he is the devil himself while greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, saying : “(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil”. He seems to be playing a game of hide and seek to ultimately reveal his true identity. This is not a coincidence!

Remember the common tactic of Satan is to imitate or counterfeit God in order to make himself appear to be like God,  including the Papacy. What it is commonly referred to as the “unholy trinity,” described vividly in Revelation 12 and 13, is no exception. The Holy Trinity consists of God, the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Their counterparts in the unholy trinity are Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet who are now manifesting on Earth for the End-times scenario. While the Holy Trinity is characterized by infinite truth, love, and goodness, the unholy trinity portrays, of course, the diametrically opposed traits of deception, hatred, and unadulterated evil represented by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the first and last Jesuit Pope.

The revelations of The Book of Revelation are coming to fruition as Pope Francis admits he’s the Devil. I talked about it yesterday on Infowars with Alex Jones.

Remember, the Pope himself said in the interview cited above “With Satan, you can’t argue” and that is exactly what is happening with Antipope Francis who ignores his critics and refuses to comment on the extensive cover-up of rampant pedophilia in his clergy.



ALSO ON REAL VIDEO WITH NO CENSORSHIPhttps://www.real.video/5840522224001



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

And on paperback : https://www.amazon.com/dp/1986894657/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1522233257&sr=8-8&keywords=leo+zagami


Marina Abramovic violently attacked in Florence



Article by Leo Zagami

Two days ago, Occult High Priestess Marina Abramović was violently attacked in Italy by Vaclav Pisvejc, a self-styled artist in front of Palazzo Strozzi in the city of Florence after the presentation of her book “Marina Abramović Interviews 1976-2018” containing 40 years of interviews with the artist. Abramović was leaving the Florentine museum where an anthological exhibition of her work was also being displayed, when the attacker broke a canvas on her head! The canvas depicted a portrait of Marina Abramović, made by the aggressor.

This is a video of the event from La Repubblicahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLgemdyuT6E

We’re fine! Everything is fine!” Arturo Galansino, director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation published this comment along with a photo in which he embraces Marina Abramović. This was possibly an attempt made by the curator of the exhibition “Marina Abramović. The Cleaner “, to downplay the aggression suffered by the controversial Serbian artist in the museum courtyard.  Vaclav Pisvejc remained silent when Abramovic asked him why he did it, then replied,“I did it for my art”.

Pisvejc is of Czech origin and a long-time resident in Florence, a self-styled artist and agent provocateur of the art scene. Pisvejc has already risen to the forefront of the news for similar episodes when last January in Piazza della Signoria, he smeared a statue by the artist Urs Fischercon, with red paint, later stating he was the real Urs Fischercon. Performance art counterculture or insanity, on that occasion he was caught by two officers of the Municipal Police and reported for damage and defacement.   Dario Nardella, the Mayor of Florence, stated to the Italian Democratic Party, “A man, not new to this kind of gesture, has struck Marina Abramović in the head with a canvas, and luckily he was not armed and the man was stopped, total solidarity to Marina!” 

I have talked extensively of the importance of Florence in Occulture and Satanism in my books, and the presence of Marina Abramovic is definitely triggering dark and unpredictable forces. The Satanic artist seemed genuinely shocked after the event, but told everyone later, I want to act like the Dalai Lama and forgive him.” But remember, Marina Abramovic is no saint, and her art is actually Magick with a “K”. The spelling became popular when used by Aleister Crowley in the 1900s, who wanted  to differentiate the slight of hand trick magic, with his own deviant form related to Satanism.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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Sex abuse in the Church: The Code of Silence is broken

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free….

Francis, who at the time was still Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in 2010 commissioned a four-volume, 2,000-plus page forensic study of the legal case against a convicted priest that concluded Father Julio Cesar Grassi was innocent. The convicted pedophile certainly considered the current Pope to be a friend and supporter – Grassi told reporters before his conviction that his Holiness “never let go of my hand”.


From the documentary
“Sex abuse in the Church: Code of Silence,produced by Premieres Lignes  and translated from its French-language TV series “Cash Investigation,” originally aired in France in March of 2017.

Transcript of segment regarding sex abuse cases related to Pope Francis

Speaker Audio
Reporter It seems then that only the Pope has the power to punish his cardinals. So why doesn’t he take stronger action? Maybe because he too faced accusations in his homeland of Argentina… long before his election.

When he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he apparently tried to have a pedophile priest acquitted…

To understand, we took one last flight…

In Buenos Aires, along with God – or rather Diego Maradona – the Pope is a star. His face is everywhere.

And yet, some refuse to share in this iconographic cult.
In the city center, we have arranged to meet a group of victims.

They were abused by priests in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires…

They alerted Pope Francis when he was their Archbishop.

Reporter Regarding pedophile priests, in his book, Pope Francis says there were no cases in his diocese.
Woman 1 He wants people to believe that,
Woman 2 but it’s a lie.
Reporter Who here tried to contact him when he was archbishop?
Woman 1 Who tried? All of us!


Reporter And who received a reply?
Woman 1 None of us.
Woman 2 He receives all the celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio, and opens his door to them. And for us, not even a quick letter to say he was sorry.
Woman 1 I don’t expect anything from him, I don’t believe in him.
Woman 3 I suffered a lot and I’m very disappointed… Because the Pope did nothing when he was archbishop here. Everyone told me: “Write to him, he’s bound to reply.” But nothing. I suffered, and now I’m very disappointed.
Reporter As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was seemingly deaf to the distress of these victims.

But apparently it’s worse: in another case concerning other victims, some believe he willfully tried to divert the course of justice.

It’s the Father Grassi case… The biggest pedophilia scandal in the Argentinean Church…
Julio Cesar Grassi was one of the best- known priests in the country… Very influential and often in the media spotlight…

He ran a huge orphanage…
Until some of the children there lodged a complaint against him for sexual abuse…
In 2009, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison… Still today, he’s behind bars.

But the Argentinean Church did all in its power to have him acquitted.

Juan Pablo Gallego represented Father Grassi’s child victims. A trial spread over fifteen years and opposite him… the most renowned attorneys in the land!

But also the Catholic Church.

Juan Pablo Gallego In 2010, after Grassi was first sentenced, we found out the Church has ordered a counter-inquiry called “Studies on the Grassi Case”, by a renowned legal expert and criminal law professor at the University of Buenos Aires.
Reporter Don’t be fooled by the cover which makes you think it’s a book, this 2800-


page counter-inquiry is a confidential, internal, Argentinean Church legal text!

Inside, the children are accused of falsifications, lies, deceit and invention… Even their own sexual orientation is questioned…

The conclusion is clear: the court’s decision was wrong; Father Grassi had to be acquitted on appeal…

One paragraph caught our eye.

This work was commissioned in 2010 by The Argentine Episcopal Conference particularly by its then president, Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.

So the Pope did then commission a counter-inquiry to try to have a priest to have been sentenced for pedophilia acquitted…

And it’s said that José Bergoglio, the future Pope, actually sent it to the judges… And with a shrewd sense of timing: before Father Grassi’s various appeal hearings …

One of the magistrates who received a copy of the counter-inquiry agreed to meet us.

Carlos Mahiques, a former Appeal Court judge and former Minister of Justice, is today a High Court judge… It’s the first time he’s spoken openly about the Grassi case…

He remembers very well the day he found this counter-inquiry on his desk.

Reporter You received this counter-inquiry?
Carlos Mahiques Yes, I did.
Reporter Did it influence your judgment?
Carlos Mahiques Absolutely not.
The study is a bit like a detective novel. I think it’s partial in some areas, and extremely partial in others. It’s clearly in favor of Father Grassi. They were trying to exert a subtle form of pressure on the judges.
Reporter To try to influence you?
Carlos Mahiques Yes, that’s totally correct. In a subtle


way, but…
Reporter …but finally useless… Father Grassi’s sentence was upheld at both the Appeal Court and High Court.

At the center of the counter-inquiry commissioned by the Pope when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, is the account of a boy, an orphan, the main victim of Grassi…

Since the case blew up in the early 2000s, it’s the first time he has agreed to talk to a reporter…
He wants to remain anonymous, because he’s still afraid of reprisals…

Witness I received threats, and there is proof of that. People broke into my home. They smashed all the locks. They stole personal items, but also things I could have used during the Grassi trial. In the end, the courts took action for my safety and placed me in a witness protection program.
Reporter Your opinion on this book?
Witness I’ll never forget what Father Grassi kept repeating at his trial: “Bergoglio never let go off my hand.” Now, Bergoglio is Pope Francis, but he has never gone against Grassi’s words. So I’m certain that he never did let go of Grassi’s hand!
Reporter The Pope has never publicly commented on the Grassi case.

For eight months, we tried to get an interview with the Holy Father. Dozens of requests… all refused.

So at the Vatican, we tried to meet His Holiness…

He was to hold a public audience on Saint Peter’s Square…

To get anywhere near him, you need to be up very early… and to slip into the long line of the faithful…

The doors open…

Like at a concert, you have to sprint to the front to get the best places…

Mission accomplished… We’re in the front row…

We split up… One part of the crew


films from the Vatican terrace…

We want to give Pope Francis a letter with all our questions on his supposed role in the attempt to divert the course of justice in Argentina…

Thousands of people have gathered…

We’ll need a miracle to get to talk to the Pope…

A few hours later, the Popemobile arrives…

The third time it passes, we shout…

Reporter Your Holiness!
Reporter We manage to give him our letter… And then, a few minutes later…
Reporter Your Holiness! Your Holiness, in the Grassi case, did you try to influence Argentinean justice? Your Holiness, in the Grassi case, did you try to influence Argeantinean justice?
Pope No
Reporter No? Then why did you commission a counter-inquiry?
Pope I never did.
Reporter Never?
Reporter Despite our quick chat, neither Pope Francis nor any Vatican official has ever answered our letter…
At the end of this investigation, there’s one question: How can the Catholic Church retrieve itself from these guilty silences?Clergymen from a number of countries, such as Belgium, the United States and the Netherlands are mobilizing and launching national inquiry commissions on sexual abuse within the Church.All victims are listened to, and the spotlight has fallen on the responsibility of the bishops…So, let us pray: May the Vatican order a worldwide inquiry commission … so that past scars may be healed and we may still have faith in the future.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

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Soros forms Shadow government with Obama


42327026_10217079802011788_3885111567808724992_n From https://twitter.com/alexandersoros


EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Alexander G. Soros, the son of George Soros, Deputy Chair of the Open Society Foundations and one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders of 2018, met with Obama on Saturday, the 22nd of September, to officially reintroduce him to the political game with these words later published on Twitter: It was Great to welcome President @BarackObama back into my home this week and introduce him on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is another tool of the Deep State whose motto is incredibly enough: The political system is rigged.

This think tank directly controlled by George Soros, and his son focuses on redistricting reform and is, of course, affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The Chair President of this umbrella organization is former Attorney General Eric Holder, but in reality, the real leader of this new organization set up by the New World Order to forcibly overthrow Donald J. Trump is former President Barack Obama, who said he would be involved with this committee, and maintained his promise on Saturday.


 Alexander and his father are working hard to help Democrats to regain a strong foothold and take back control of the House in the Midterm elections. They devised a central command for Soros’ political operation where he can direct Obama and the rest of the Democrats in their political campaign to oppose Trump. This is the real role of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee; to build a shadow government with Obama as leader to relaunch a dying political party, like the Democrats.

Of course, Michele Obama was in Las Vegas yesterday, where the former first lady held, in fact, a campaign-style rally Sunday in Las Vegas to urge Nevadans to register to vote, warning that sitting out means someone else will make decisions for them.

Both Alexander and George Soros are working simultaneously to close down all voices of dissent on the internet like Infowars, and relaunching their number one puppet Barack Obama. The photos of the meeting and the Tweet’s written by Alexander Soros on his official account on the 22nd of September are indeed very revealing.

This is a complete farse not a democratic process and the Soros’ are criminals, don’t let them steal the US Midterm elections!





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

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Catholic-Communist alliance in the People’s Republic of China



The official communication of the deal was released at today at 12 noon in Rome – 6 pm in Beijing -by the Vatican Press Office and the Chinese government. The Holy See and the People’s Republic of China have signed a historic agreement regarding the methods of appointing Catholic bishops in the country. The announcement of the accord, which is destined to affect millions of Chinese Catholics and arouse interest and reactions worldwide, was made simultaneously in Rome and Beijing.

This is a very important Jesuit-Chinese deal in a moment when President Xi, who has more power than Mao Zedong, as he is not only the head of the Communist Party, as Mao was, but also the head of the government and military, which Mao wasn’t. Like Mao, he wants the Chinese people to worship him and not the God of the Bible, and his cult of personality is growing every day.

That is why Xi Jinping, the growing leader of the Communist New World Order, has been tightening controls on religious activities of all kinds. However, the Vatican, thanks to the huge influence the Jesuits always had in China, has managed to reach a historic agreement that will facilitate the rise of a Catholic-Communist alliance in the People’s Republic of China.

The press release begins: “Today, 22nd September 2018, within the framework of the contacts between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China that have been underway for some time in order to discuss Church matters of common interest and to promote further understanding, a meeting was held in Beijing between Msgr Antoine Camilleri, Undersecretary for the Holy See’s Relations with States, and H.E. Mr Wang Chao, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, respectively heads of the Vatican and Chinese delegations. During that meeting, the two representatives signed a Provisional Agreement on the appointment of Bishops.”

The release defines the agreement as: “the fruit of a gradual and reciprocal rapprochement, which has been agreed following a long process of careful negotiation.” The agreement – continues the press release – “foresees the possibility of periodic reviews of its application. It concerns the nomination of Bishops, a question of great importance for the life of the Church, and creates the conditions for greater collaboration at the bilateral level”.

The press release closes by expressing the shared hope “that this agreement may favor a fruitful and forward-looking process of institutional dialogue and may contribute positively to the life of the Catholic Church in China, to the common good of the Chinese people and to peace in the world.”

The history of the mission of the Jesuits in China is part of the history of relations between China and the Western world and this will never change. The missionary efforts and other work of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, between the 16th and 17th century played a significant role in continuing the transmission of knowledge, science, and culture between China and the West, and influenced Christian culture in Chinese society today, preparing to officially submit to the first Jesuit Pope to visit China.






Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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Chilean Catholic Church crisis and Nazi Pedophiles



Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


2018 was Annus horribilis, a horrible year in Latin,for the Chilean Catholic Church that has been involved in a series of pedophilia scandals. Chilean authorities announced in July that they are investigating 158 members of the country’s embattled Catholic Church and the Pope just accepted the resignation of two more Chilean bishops after the entire Episcopal Conference turned in their resignations back in May following the outbreak of the sexual abuse scandals. Francis has already accepted the resignations of five of these bishops in June, and now the resignation of two more bishops and the disputed nomination of two apostolic administrators generates further panic in the Catholic Church in Chile. Basically, of the 27 ecclesiastical jurisdictions in this South American country, eight are in a vacant seat situation: San Felipe, Valparaíso, Rancagua, Talca, Chillán, Valdivia, Osorno, and Puerto Montt.


At the same time, a German court delegation was in Chile in April to learn more about the ongoing investigation into Colonia Dignidad, a notorious Nazi pedophile sect founded by German immigrants in the 1960s,later renamed Villa Baviera—located in the south of Chile, about 340 km south of Santiago, where many cases of sexual abuse against minors took place. The German courts that sent their representatives last April are mulling an appeal filed by Dr. Hartmut Hopp, a central figure in the scandal, who fled Chile in 2011, after being convicted of complicity in 16 cases of child abuse.

So what are the connections between Colonia Dignidad and the Catholic Church? Well, Colonia Dignidadwas initially established as an immigrant community by a group of Germans after World War II to celebrate German language and culture, but was quickly taken over by Paul Schäfer Schneider (1921-2010), a former Nazi, in 1961, shortly after he arrived in Chile. This was thanks to the Ratlines, a system of escape routes for Nazis and other Fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II that saw the direct involvement of the Vatican. The origins of the first ratlines are, in fact, connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II.

The Chilean Catholic Church is desperately trying to hide the more sinister side of their pedophile network and, of course, its Nazi connections, but the whole Church seems to be falling apart. Let’s hope we can witness further developments.

It does not seem like a coincidence that a scandal involving the sexual abuse of minors by clergy of the Catholic Church in Chile coincides with Germany declassifying its files on Colonia Dignidad, a sect in Chile run by a Nazi pedophile serving the Jesuits in secret for the post World War II New World Order.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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NWO forces French politician to submit to a psychiatric evaluation


Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


The French court has ordered Marine Le Pen to submit to a psychiatric evaluation as part of an investigation into her post on Twitter of  images of Islamic State executions.

The French conservative leader denounced the initative on Thursday, while referring to the present French “regime”as “worrying.”

Le Pen was ranked among the most influential people in 2011 and 2015, by Time100. In 2016, she was ranked by Politicoas the second-most influential MEP in the European Parliament, after President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. French politician and lawyer Marine Le Pen is currently serving as President of the National Rally political party (previously named National Front) since 2011, was shocked after receiving notice of a psychiatric evaluation ordered by a French court.

“It is very serious and I do not deny that I am starting to find this regime in which we live in worrying. Of course I do not intend to undergo the psychiatric examination and I am waiting to see how the magistrate intends to force me to do it “.

The controversial investigation relates to three graphic images of Islamic State executions Le Pen posted on Twitter in 2015, including the beheading of American journalist James Foley. The tribunal stated that the assessments were a normal part of such probes but this is clearly a sign of things to come in the world of contemporary censorship and politics, mining further the freedom of expression and the rebuilding of Le Pen’s party after her loss to the “Toy Boy” of the New World Order President Emmanuel Macron, in the second round of a tense election last year.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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Rihanna involved in latest Vatican scandal


Father Massimo Palombella and Rihanna


Exclusive news- Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


The Pontifical Musical Chapel Sistina, known to most people as the “Pope’s Choir,” bills itself as the world’s oldest choir. This one-thousand-five-hundred year old institution has been part of the tradition of liturgical choirs since the first century of the Roman Catholic Church. Some have called it the last bastion of the grand liturgical music of the Latin Church, built on the pillars of Gregorian chant. The choir is now under investigation and in danger of collapsing due to a series of financial scandals that involve Father Massimo Palombella, the director of the Pontifical Musical Chapel Sistina, and manager Michelangelo Nardella.

Last year, the Pope launched the idea of a US Tour for his choir in hopes of recapturing some of their former glory. So, earlier this year, the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel Choir embarked on its first U.S. tour in 30 years, hoping to prove to audiences in New York, Washington and Detroit, that it had abandoned its reputation as the “Sistine Screamers”.   However, the choir seems to have much bigger problems and the main person to blame for this might be the pop star Rihanna.

The families of the choir boys were shocked when sent photos straight from Michelangelo Nardella’s phone from the Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball, which is the annual fundraising event to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City, that marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. During the event, entertainers such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Selma Hayek posed with members of Pope Francis’ choir, in a way that was judged as inappropriate  and disrespectful. The parents of some of the 35 young choir singers forced the Pope to take immediate action. One photo, in particular, that shocked the families of the choir boys and the Holy See featured Rihanna wearing a Pope’s hat with a pearl and crystal-embellished mitre, posing with Father Massimo Palombella in a selfie, sporting the infamous duck face pose.

The Metropolitan Museum’s event secretly backed by the Vatican was entitled “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,”and Hollywood celebs seem to love the Catholic theme. Co-chair Anna Wintoureditor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988, showed up wearing custom Chanel, featuring a diamond rosary, and declared herself “Cardinal Chanel.” Actor Jared Leto went as himself, which is to say, that he dressed like Jesus, and Lily Collins wore black Givenchy with a red tear drawn on her face and a silver halo propped atop her head.

Following the event, Amanda Arnold wrote in The Cutregarding Rihanna: “All we need now is for Pope Francis to roll up in the Popemobile and declare her the real Pope, which she is. Time to ascend to heaven.”But that’s not the case and Catholics  are fed up with this liberal abusive farse encouraged by the Jesuit Pope.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 

OUT NOW ON KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BQVQ9ZM/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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Pope Francis calls for an emergency meeting in Rome today as new scandals unfold in Germany


Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


This morning in Rome, the American Episcopal Conference conducted by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo begins, to meet with Pope Francis, who called for a crisis meeting over the growing sex abuse scandals in North America. Among the group of US Cardinals, we find Cardinal of Washington Donald Wuerl, who returns to Rome for the second time in just a week and is said to be ready to resign under extreme pressure from his colleagues. This is not only an effect of the “Viganò report”, but also Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who heavily criticized Wuerl for the way he handled cases of sexual abuse when he was Archbishop of Pittsburgh.

The unprecedented crisis in the US Church is growing and creating a very difficult situation for the Vatican, but surprisingly enough, this is not the only problem for Pope Francis today, as an equally huge scandal is now unfolding in Germany thanks to a report recently commissioned by the German Bishops’ Conference to the Universities of Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Giessen.

In Germany, the abuse scandal originally broke in January 2010, following the complaints of Klaus Mertes SJ, the Jesuit director ofthe Canisius-Kolleg (CK), a private, Catholic Gymnasium in Berlin, run by the Jesuits. Around 20 former students claimed that they had been sexually abused by two Jesuit teachers of this school, Wolfgang S. and Peter R. The abuse is believed to have been committed during the 1970s and 1980s.

Mertes, sent shock waves through the German Catholic Church when he exposed the systematic sexual abuse at the elite school by his fellow Jesuits. In an interview given to Der Spiegel, he spoke about the Church’s response to the abuse scandal and his anger at the Vatican. Mertes said words we should remember as they clearly denounce the silence of the German Church on these matters: “We downplayed sexual violence and kept it quiet for too long. It was only because of the victims that I realized, in early 2010, that the offenders planned their crimes systematical.

Incredibly enough a couple of months later in April 2010, powerful Italian Cardinal Angelo Sodano referred to the events in Germany as “the petty gossip of the moment.”

In the summer of 2017, another report prepared by a lawyer called Ulrich Weber, later disclosed by the German media,revealed that about 547 children of the choir of the Ratisbonian Cathedral, directed for 30 years by Pope Ratzingers’brother, George Ratzinger, have been abused for over four decades. Dozens of victims were heard by Ulrich Weber, as well as those running the institution, and all used the same words to denounce the internal climate: “A prison,” “hell,” “a concentration camp.”   

However, with this latest report about to be made public, it’s the first time that an Episcopal Conference has actually commissioned their own research on sexual abuse at a national level. This groundbreaking report based on documented research of over 38 thousand personal files archived between 1946 and 2014, from 27 German dioceses, shows that at least 3,677 minors have been abused by Catholic priests in Germany since the end of the Second World War. Even the Nazis never committed such atrocities on children!

This new shocking research has uncovered stories of violence involving 1,670 priests, about 4.4% of all priests active in Germany, and they are all accused of sexually abusing children who in half of the cases were under the age of 13. The report will be officially presented by Cardinal Reinhard Marx in Fulda, in the Hesse region of Germany, on September 25th,2018, and will probably mean the end of the German Catholic Church as we know it, but also the end of Pope Francis who is still trying to avoid resignation, but faces insurmountable challenges on both sides of the Atlantic.




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