Human remains discovered in a Vatican building might unveil Satanic sacrifices by the Holy See


Leo Zagami and Pietro Orlandi



Article by Leo Zagami

This is news I report with a great sense of sorrow, especially because it involves Emanuela Orlandi, the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee that has been missing since 1983. Pietro Orlandi, who I have interviewed a few times in the past years, has become a good friend, and someone I admire and respect for his diligence in searching for the truth around the disappearance of his sister.

I hope with this breakthrough in the case of his sister,  Pietro will find the answers he has been searching for. The human remains of Emanuela have apparently been uncovered on Monday during renovation work being carried out in a building attached to the Apostolic Nunciature to Italy, basically the embassy of the Holy See in Rome.

A statement released in the last few hours by the Press Office of the Holy See says the Vatican police were actually called to the scene but reported the finding immediately to the Italian authorities. This is the translation of the full statement issued by the Press Office of the Holy See:

“During some renovations to a room annexed to the Apostolic Nunciature in Italy, situated in Rome, Via Po n.27, some human bone fragments were found. The Corps of the Gendarmerie promptly intervened on the scene, informing the Superiors of the Holy See, who immediately informed the appropriate Italian authorities for the investigations and the necessary cooperation in the matter. At present, Rome’s Chief Prosecutor, Dr. Giuseppe Pignatone, has ordered the forensic division and mobile squad of Rome’s police headquarters to establish the age, sex and date of death.”

The spooky discovery that may unveil the shocking truth about Satanism in the Vatican is already making news worldwide and comes on the eve of Halloween night, 25 years after two teenage girls, Manuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori (whose bones could also be involved in the discovery), mysteriously disappeared in Rome within the space of 40 days.  Investigators are now comparing the cranium and teeth with the DNA of both Orlandi and Gregori. A lawyer representing Orlandi’s family demanded more details from the Vatican after the discovery of the remains.

“We will ask the Rome prosecutors’ office and the Holy See how the bones were found and why the find has been related to the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori,” said the lawyer, Laura Sgrò, adding that

The statement released yesterday by the Holy See does not provide much information.” The bones may well belong to two people, well-informed sources told me earlier today, but we now need the definitive confirmation of the DNA analysis.

This is a brief passage from my book Confessions of an Illuminati volume 3, that includes a whole chapter dedicated to my personal investigation in the matter:

“Emanuela Orlandi was linked to the disappearance of another teenager, named Mirella Gregori, who disappeared on May 7, 1983, never to be seen again. Emanuela attended a Roman school of music in Sant’Apollinare square, and on the day of her disappearance, on the street that connected the Vatican institute, she came upon a stranger, driving a green car. He attracted her with an offer of employment in the cosmetic marketing industry, to be carried out during a fashion parade, with an outrageous paycheck (375,000 liras, about the equivalent to a salary of the time). The 15 year old, before accepting, said she would have to get permission from her parents. Later, at 7 PM that evening, she exited the flute lesson she was taking, and phoned home to report the proposal to her dad. Her sister told her to be wary of an unprovoked and tempting project, and to return home as soon as possible to discuss it in detail with her mother. This was the last contact Emanuela had with her family. The late Father Gabriele Amorth, although having no direct knowledge of the facts, connected the disappearance of Emanuela to a Satanic cult operating in Vatican.”

A shocking truth I fully unveil in the book mentioned above still available at the Infowars store.


Interview from 2015 with Pietro Orlandi:


Interview from 2012 with Pietro Orlandi:


Leo Zagami talks about the case of Emanuela Orlandi with Sean Stone in 2014:




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The Jesuits receive an award after constructing an Occult Temple for the Age of Lucifer





Article by Leo Zagami


The Jesuits are now openly demonstrating their occult side in preparation for the Vatican driven One World Religionwith a newJesuit temple built in Salamanca (Spain), called the “Chapel of the Encounter” that looks more like an interdimensional portal than a Christian chapel. This empty church illuminated by an ominous red light seems like the perfect symbol of interreligious emptiness in the New Age of Lucifer.

This structure recently received an award as the “Best Religious Environment of 2018” from the interfaith organization established by the Illuminati elite in the 60s called “Faith & Form”,that are based in Washington. The association was founded originally in 1965 under the name Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture (IFRAA today AIA). Its goal is officially to “promote interreligious dialogue in the context of art, architecture and religious literature,” but in reality it is just another tool used by the Satanists to destroy religious beliefs and practices before the advent of the Antichrist.

The Annual Religious Art and Architecture Award, that has been awarded since 1978, celebrated their 40th year anniversary by awarding the infamous Company of Jesus, that as we know it is on top of the pyramid of power working to achieve a One World Religion. The award officially received the support of the Vatican, and as the Spanish website of the Jesuit Order infosj emphasizes, the Capilla del Encuentro(Chapel of Encounter) in Salamanca was awarded the title of “Best Religious Space of the Year 2018.”

According to the Information Center of the Society of Jesus in Spain, “The jury was particularly impressed by the connection between architecture and theology,”but without even a cross or a religious symbol in site, what is the theologic aspect of this monstrosity?

It seems more like the Jesuits are copying the red room of the occult influenced TV series Twin Peaks. The legendary American mystery horror drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that premiered back in 1990.Interestingly enough, the space in question, also known as “the waiting room,” is supposed to be an extradimensional space connected to Glastonbury Grove in Twin Peaks’ Ghostwood National Forest. The red room in Twin Peakshas an almost Satanic feel to it and  represents the so-called “Black Lodge” of a local Native American legend/demon. Many spirits appear to “live” in this red room, most notably one calling itself “the arm”.  This is a strange coincidence as the Jesuits are both the spiritual and occult “arm”of the New World Order  and are the ones dealing on behalf of the elite with the most influential interdimensional demons, often opening such portals using certain rituals.

The new Jesuit chapel that opened last June is the work of Spanish architects Xavier Chérrez and Raquel Cantera, located in the San Ignacio Jesuit Center of the Salamanca, is officially “inspired by the tent of meeting in the book Exodus ” a place of direct contact between Moses and God’s representatives. Moses was in contact with extra-dimensional entities with a well-defined hierarchy, and dominates a multiverse reality. This is a complex subject that I write about in great detail in my new book Invisible Master The Puppeteers Hidden Power. Incredibly enough, the chapel also has what they call “a Q code that can be used to retrieve and share prayers and experiences through a website”.  

This is, of course, the first step of the Jesuits towards fully embracing the upcoming artificial intelligence religion that the Satanic controllers will use in connection with the human microchip implant to establish “the Mark of the Beast”and impose their evil technocratic dictatorship from Silicon Valley that is already in the hands of the Jesuit Pope. Last May, even CNBC reported about “How artificial intelligence is shaping religion in the 21st century”, something the  Jesuits are aware of and control on behalf of Satan’s Legion.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Soros and the Pope are now using Magical Warfare to win the Midterm elections


NPC meme of Witches placing a hex on Trump made by Trumpian magician David Griffin


Article by Leo Zagami


While Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò prepared  a third letter on the Archbishop McCarrick affair, that names key documents which, he says, show that Vatican officials had detailed knowledge of McCarrick’s sexual corruption, the situation in the Vatican is getting more tense every day as the liberal agenda of Pope Francis, who is fighting so-called populism in favor of mass migration and LGBT rights, is pushing people away from the Catholic Church. Most Americans, who were raised Catholic and left the church, after the recent scandals, will never rejoin according to a Pew Research Center survey examining American Catholics and family life.



Pope Francis wears ‘rainbow’ cross during Youth Synod


In the meantime, the George Soros funded liberal propaganda and their use of distorted media coverage, full of half-truths, deceit, liberal denial, and liberal bias continuously promoted by the MSM to force their liberal political goals and what is left of the Democratic Party is no longer working. Soros and his allies are openly resorting to Black Magic and other diableries inspired by the dark side of the Illuminati to win the midterm elections and sabotage president Trump.



NPC meme of Michael M. Hughes made by Trumpian magician David Griffin


Each month, thousands of anti-Trump left-wing witches and sorcerers  have been casting spells against Donald J. Trump, thanks to the so-called  “Magic for the Resistance” (now also a book) devised by Liberal Freemason and pro-Jesuit Illuminati, Michael M.Hughes, who has recently launched this dramatic appeal against Trump for the midterm elections:

” It is not an exaggeration to say this may be the most critical election of our lifetimes. Every day we witness the juggernaut of Trumpism rolling forward, crushing our democracy and spreading discord, hate, and corruption. The Trump cultists—and let’s face it, his supporters are truly members of a cult of personality, drunk on power, spite, and bigotry—have embraced the most brutish and ugly authoritarianism I have seen in my half-century on this planet. They don’t care that their Dear Leader is the most brazenly corrupt, lying, venal, and treasonous politician ever to hold the highest office. In fact, they celebrate it.”

Today, witches are gathering in Brooklyn for a public hex on newly nominated Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh.  The witches at Catland Books, Brooklyn’s “premiere occult bookshop and spiritual community space,” have announced that they’re also hosting a second ritual to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday, November 3, just before the “Blue Wave ritual”, and yet another event planned by Michael M. Hughes on the 5th of November to supposedly save America from Donald J. Trump.

Strangely enough, a Catholic exorcist operating in California called Father Gary Thomas, announced his plans on Wednesday to hold a mass to protect Brett Kavanaugh from the ritual of the evil witches, but, of course, Father Thomas ignores the fact the Pope fully endorses his Satanic enemies and their evil Black Magical rituals.



Trumpian magician David Griffin


Known pro-Trumpian occultist and Imperator of one of the main branches of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,  David Griffin, replied to the Kavanaugh hexing taking place today in the following way: “This nonsense has nothing at all to do with religion. These are not even real Witches. This is just a sick, twisted, BLACK MAGICK CULT of misguided SJW wannabe witchlets who have no moral compass and think it’s fine to go around hexing people and attacking our Republic just because they don’t get what they want.. Politics is not a realm where, when you lose, you get to turn over the table and get your way by throwing temper tantrums. Get over it already or move to Venezuela. Rules are RULES. Most REAL witches CONDEMN the misuse of Magick by these poor misguided fools for ethical reasons as do I. These are not even real witches. They are just lost girls playing with dolls, dressed up in their mommies’ heels, pretending to be all grown-up.”


The midterm elections are getting closer and the leftists that realize the “Blue Wave” will fail, are now saying the system is rigged. The pro-Soros Huffpost writes, in fact, that the “U.S. political system is institutionally rigged in favor of conservative white voters who drastically diverge from the political values of most Americans. ” Adding without any sense of shame,

 “This is why Kavanaugh was able to be confirmed by the Senate, and it’s the reason filmmaker Michael Moore, who predicted Trump’s victory in 2016, recently warned that Trump could very likely be a two-term president. “

 Only one thing is for sure, Trump will be re-elected in 2020, because Trump supporters are seeing right through the lies and deceipt of the Pope and George Soros, and they must be stopped as they represent the forces of the Antichrist. The Caravan of 3,000 Central American migrants that just crossed into Mexico is a subversive action planned by Soros that will eventually bring millions of dollars to Catholic and Soros NGO’s involved in “saving” them. Evidence of Soros funding of an earlier “spontaneous”migration have been found among the tentacles of support that flow from his Open Society group coffers. The midterm elections on November 6th, 2018 will finally give the US voters their first chance to show their appreciation and positive judgement on Trump, so we all need to get out and vote Republican if you are a US citizen if we want to defeat the New World Order and the Deep State that works for them.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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International Conference for the presentation of Invisible Master The Puppeteers Hidden Power



International Conference & Book presentation

by Leo Lyon Zagami plus special guests

Sunday 10th February 2019,

From 3pm to 8pm

at St Peter’s Church in Clapham, London SW4 6BX


A conference to discuss for a select audience in the wonderful setting of St Peter’s Church in Clapham, London the new book Invisible Masterby Anglo-Italian author Leo Lyon Zagami and his special guest speakers.


In his new groundbreaking book, Zagami finally reveals long hidden information behind the Alien/UFO phenomenon with extreme clarity, discussing in the process the prophets, initiates and magicians who have guided us throughout the millenia. He unveils the truth about where we come from, and the reasons behind the political and religious choices we have made during our long march through civilization.

Who are the Unknown Superiors … the Secret Chiefs … the Invisible Masters who have guided Freemasonry and other secret societies?

Zagami helps us gain access to these secrets, and presents an opportunity to understand the hidden alien reality that surrounds us, and its true implications for humanity. In the months and years to come, information unveiled in this revolutionary work will become increasingly evident. We are proud to present this book in the UK with an entire conference fueled by the most brilliant and unconventional minds around.


The shocking revelations in Invisible Master unveil links between beings with supernatural powers and secret traditions practiced for thousands of years within the Mystery Schools, that will be analyzed and afterward there will be a special Q&A with the audience. We are ready to lift the veil on the unknown for a better future for humanity, come join us to learn the secrets of the Invisible Master  The Puppeteers Hidden Power.



International Conference

for the presentation of Invisible Master

The Puppeteers Hidden Power at St Peter’s Church, Prescott Place, Clapham, London SW4 Tel: 020 7622 6285


Sacha Stone


Simon Hinton

Simon Hinton is a writer, entrepreneur, esoteric researcher and internationally renowned healer based in Central London. He is the outer head of a magical Order The Temple of Flow dedicated to creating global peace. Simon received an unusual awakening after visiting the Great Pyramid in Egypt in 1987.  Since this time he has experienced thousands of extra ordinary psychic experience and alien contact… some he claims good and others not so good. In this talk related to Zagami’s latest book Simon will attempt to interpret these experiences from an initiated perspective and explain why the return of Angelic beings such as the reincarnated Cathars, long subjugated by the ‘Curse of Rome’, gives humanity great hope as we herald in the Golden Age prophesied by the Hopi Indians.



Jason Liosatos

Jason Liosatos is the author of The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, and host of his show ‘Outside the Box’, he is also an artist, and passionate speaker reminding us that we stand at an evolutionary crossroads, a new epoch, where we are all midwives, artists, sculptors, and gifted shamans,  who must now remember, and use, the tremendous power we all possess to birth and manifest a whole new reality of sanity, love, happiness,  beauty, and joy into being, a reality which is barely imaginable to us in our current state of manipulation, suppression and slavery. We are great magicians who can manipulate matter, events, and outcomes via directed thought and consciousness to manifest a new reality into being. We are the authors and artists of a whole new way of living and being on our planet. We are being urgently called to realize that it is ourselves, each one of us, who have the miraculous power which will restore sanity and light to our dislocated planet and lives, and the lives of those not yet born who are relying on us to ensure their freedom and happiness. It is now our obligation, to use our power and gifts to disarm the darker forces who are manifesting suppression, slavery, and holding humanity hostage.



And last but not least Moderator  Paul Obertelli

Paul Obertelli is a musician and podcaster from London UK. He spent most of his earlier years writing and producing music, releasing records in the USA, UK, and Poland, most notably with the late 90s rock band “Flight 16”. In 2016, he turned his sites on acting while playing “The Duke” in Paul Wilson and Tim Ferguson’s Shakespeare Tonight at the Camden and Edinburgh Fringe. Paul has also studied Occultism and Paganism, practicing as a Wiccan Priest, a Gnostic, and today is a practitioner of Asatru, one of the ancient native faiths of the European peoples. Since 2014, he has mostly set his sights on political activism and commentary and is the founder and main host of the “THA Talks” podcast, an alternative talk show project that covers subjects on the occult, conspiracy, alternative news and political activism. The show prides itself on the principles of freedom of speech, and has recently started to publish articles addressing news and social issues within the west and around the globe.


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Prescott Place is just off Clapham High Street, immediately behind the Two Brewers public house.  The Methodist Church and Sainsbury’s are located on the opposite side of the high street.


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Illuminati Witches are organizing a ritual to curse Kavanaugh


Article by Leo Zagami


Since 2017, a detailed document explaining how to cast a spell that would bind Trump to all who abet him has been circulating the web in both private and public witchcraft groups, and even those who don’t regularly practice were invited to use magic to stop  President Trump. The Illuminati network of secret societies sponsored by George Soros have been organizing marches, petitions, and demonstrations against Donald Trump in fear of reprisal for their dark activities that include human trafficking, sexual slavery, and pedophilia.

Orders and groups like the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Temple of Set, created by liberal California and corrupt and manipulative Freemasons like Michael M. Hughes, have been leading the movement. Hughes is a Freemason and a member of The Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, officially a Christian Rosicrucian organization, unfortunately, infiltrated and controlled by Satanist these days.

A large group of witches is meeting in Brooklyn this month to place a curse on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and upon all rapists and the patriarchy which emboldens, rewards and protects them.” In the meantime, the disinfo agents of the system, like Gary Lachman, are accusing Trump himself of using the Occult. The author, a founding member of the rock band Blondie, published a book last May entitled,  “Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump.”

However, the truth is now in front of everyone. The darkest side of the Occult is openly working against Trump with the Illuminati witches that are “embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised.”This is what  the website states that is advertising the October 20, 2018 event, as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him.”

Incredibly enough 1,000 people have said they will attend this demented sold-out event, which will also be live-streamed on social media for all the liberal witches and the Illuminati sorcerers that control these Satanic idiots. A quarter of the proceeds will be donated to abortion giant Planned Parenthood, organizers stated. Satanists have, in fact, emerged in recent years as strong advocates of Planned Parenthood. This happened for example in Missouri a year ago, where The Satanic Temple openly intervened in support of Planned Parenthood. Definitely an unexpected advocate in what some consider to be restrictive abortion laws.

Dakota Bracciale, a “queer, non-binary witch” living in Brooklyn, who is spearheading the event, told the Huff Post that witches use hexes as a radical act of resistance against oppressors. “Witchcraft has been used throughout history as a tool and ally for people on the fringes of society who will not ever really get justice through the powers that be,”Ms. Bracciale said. “So they have to exact their own justice.”

Bracciale claimed that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was proof that survivors of sexual assault often do not get justice by going through the courts, but witchcraft can offer the means of “exacting justice that would otherwise be denied to you.”

Hexes are “not something you do lightly,” Bracciale said, “but it is something you have in your arsenal or toolbox.” Bracciale distinguished a hex from a “binding”spell, which prevents someone from doing something and limits his ability to act. A hex, she said, is a more direct attack that engages its target in a supernatural fist fight, something that shows how the dark side of the Illuminati wants to actively engage in Black Magic to stop Trump and Kavanaugh.

Remember, Black magic traditionally refers to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes and this is definitely a selfish purpose inspired by malevolent and Satanic minds who have decided to sabotage democracy and destroy the sovereignty of the USA. Ultimately, they will fail, because the will of the people is not on their side and positive forces will drive culture forward, both visibly and behind the scenes, against these shameless and cowardly acts set up by the dark side of the Illuminati and their secret societies.

UPDATE Thursday, October 18, 2018: The witches at Catland Books, Brooklyn’s “premiere occult bookshop and spiritual community space,” have announced that they’re hosting a second ritual to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The second ritual to hex Kavanaugh will take place on Saturday, November 3.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Pope knew of the infamous Gay Orgy



Article by Leo Zagami


In July 2017, I revealed the name of Msgr. Luigi Capozzi, who was arrested after the Vatican police raided a wild gay orgy fueled with cocaine in the Palace of the Holy Office.  This breaking news was transmitted during an interview on Infowars with Alex Jones, where I also revealed the face of the alleged priest for the first time. Capozzi was the secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a close collaborator of Pope Francis. The scandal spread around the world in the days following our sensational breaking news.

Now it seems that Cardinal Coccopalmerio himself was present at the drug-based gay party, a high-level Vatican source with direct knowledge of the events, who must remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, confirmed to LifeSiteNews, and that the Pope himself was aware of the presence of Coccopalmerio at the disgraceful party.

Always remember Infowars for tomorrow’s news today, as we were first to break the story of the gay orgy in the Vatican back in the summer of 2017.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Pope Francis and the false resignation of Cardinal Wuerl

Pope Francis (R) laughs with Cardinal Donald Wuerl after arriving to visit St. Patrick's church in Washington DC, September 24, 2015. REUTERS/Erik S Lesser/Pool
Pope Francis (R) laughs with Cardinal Donald Wuerl after arriving to visit St. Patrick’s church in Washington DC, September 24, 2015. REUTERS/Erik S Lesser/Pool


Article by Leo Zagami


Today, Pope Francis officially accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington D.C., calling Wuerl a “model bishop”.

No, it’s not a joke, instead of making an example of Cardinal Wuerl, who has covered up the sexual abuse crimes of at least 32 of his priests, the Pope continues to protect and publicly endorse him.

The Pope even cited Cardinal Wuerl’s “nobility”and announced that the 77-year-old prelate would stay on as the archdiocese’s caretaker until the appointment of his successor.

The Pope accepted the resignation of Wuerl only as a propaganda stunt for the mainstream media, while in reality he will continue to live in Washington and is expected to keep his position of great influence, including advising the Pope on the appointment of bishops. This proves once again the ongoing cover-up of sexual abuse that is destroying the Catholic church, by this truly evil Pope.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The End Times are manifesting worldwide as the Vatican collapses


Article by Leo Lyon Zagami



“Perhaps we have arrived at the End Times,”

Those are the prophetic words stated one year ago by Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of Pope Francis’ main opposers. Prophetic signs have indeed manifested almost weekly, all over the world. Devastating earthquakes, killing hundreds, in places including Indonesia, where a second earthquake hit on Friday, September 28th. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck six miles from the country’s coast and triggered a tsunami – a huge wave which hit the coastline. Across the west coast of the United States, wildfires rage. The California wildfires are a series of wildfires that have burned constantly across the state of California during the whole of 2018. A total of 6,814 fires burned an area of 1,508,915 acres (6,106.36 km2), according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the National Interagency Fire Center, as of October 7, 2018.

There are also the  growing political tensions which could lead, at any moment, to a series of civil wars in the US and Europe, and possibly a World War with China.

In regards to the signs of the End Times, in Ezekiel end-of-days prophecy, he foresees the Dead Sea flourishing with life – something that was considered to be impossible due to its high salt content. A few days ago, it was reported that Israeli photojournalist Noam Bedein had photographed sightings of marine life in small sinkholes around the Dead Sea, as well as clear signs of vegetation growing. Mr Bedein, who works for the Dead Sea Revival Project, to preserve the Sea and other Israeli “water treasures” said the fish prove the water is “anything but dead.” Photos released by the Dead Sea Revival Project show, in fact, tiny fish swimming in water reportedly from the Dead Sea, revealing another important sign of the incoming End Times.

We also see the birth of the Red Heifer, in September 2018, as a result of the Temple Institute’s Red Heifer program. An entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service and marking the final stage of redemption for the Jewish people. One week after its birth, the newborn red heifer was certified by a board of rabbis as fulfilling all the Biblical requirements. The rabbis emphasized that the heifer could, at any time, acquire a blemish rendering it unsuitable so they will be inspecting the calf periodically to verify its condition, but this is another verifiable sign of the End Times.

The ongoing war in the Vatican is demonstrating to the world the true colors of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope. The Vatican’s prefect for the Congregation for Bishops,Cardinal Marc Ouellet, released a letter yesterday morning refuting charges that Pope Francis lifted sanctions against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and stated that charges made by a former Vatican ambassador are an “unjustified attack”on the Pope, and, “cannot come from the Spirit of God.”

“Your current position seems to me incomprehensible and extremely reprehensible, not only because of the confusion that sows in the people of God, but because your public accusations seriously damage the reputation of the Successors of the Apostles,” wrote Cardinal Marc Ouellett, in an October 7th letter addressed to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who has been increasingly isolated by Pope Francis and the pedophile mafia that are destroying the Church.

Is there any doubt these are the End Times we are living?




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Pope welcomes Communist bishop to the Synod


Article by Leo Zagami


BREAKING NEWS- Pope Francis opened a month-long worldwide meeting of Catholic bishops today, and the first session of the Synod began this afternoon. General sessions are expected to continue for about two weeks, after which time the members will meet in small groups divided by language.  Those taking part in this Vatican charade include 50 cardinals, 145 bishops and archbishops, 37 auxiliary bishops, and ten priests and brothers from religious orders.

Francis said today at the opening of the event that the bishops “should seek to enter into communion with the diverse situations that the People of God experience.” The October Synod is, in fact, also influenced by the arrival in Rome of two Chinese bishops, —one once excommunicated and nominated by the Chinese Communist party —to join in the Synod. Under the recent deal with Communist China, Pope Francis recognized the legitimacy of seven bishops appointed by the Chinese government.  These bishops were Communist and ex-communicated, therefore not selected by the Vatican, but that makes no difference to the Jesuit Pope.

The two Chinese bishops are participating for the first time in history since the Synod process in 1967, thanks to the recent “provisional agreement” between the Vatican and Communist China that ended a decades-long dispute over the appointment of Catholic bishops, in one of the leading countries of the New World Order. During his homily, Francis mentioned the two bishops – Joseph Guo Jincai of Chengde and John Baptist Yang Xiao-ting of Yan’an, and said, “the communion of the entire episcopate with the Successor of Peter is yet more visible thanks to their presence”.

This statement is truly incredible as St.Peter was never a Communist, and well-informed sources are suggesting that Joseph Guo Jincai is actually an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party, and it would not be surprising if the Chinese Ministry of State Security, like the former Soviet KGB, had agents posing as priests at the top of their own hierarchy. He has been proven over and over again to be a willing accomplice to the Chinese Communist Party’s longstanding desire to create a schismatic church in China that answers not to Rome, but Beijing.  This, after all, was the reason the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association was set up in 1957.

On November 20th, 2010, the Chinese Communist Party broke its tacit agreement with the Vatican to ordain bishops without papal approval. The outrage occurred in the county town of Pingquan in northern Hebei province, where Father Joseph Guo Jincai was installed as a Communist approved Bishop. Attempting to give a semblance of legitimacy to the illicit proceedings, the Chinese government went to great lengths in order to assemble as many bishops as possible to conduct this sham ordination for the state-run Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association now accepted by Pope Francis.  Days before the event, a number of North Chinese bishops in communion with the uncompromising Pope Benedict XVI, were placed under house arrest, then taken by armed guards to the Pingquan church.

The ordination took place under strong security, with dozens of police blocking the building and denying entrance to reporters, stated the Associated Press. At least three of the bishops had been sequestered by the government for several days to pressure them to participate. Eight bishops in the end were forced to lay their hands on Father Guo during the sham ordination arranged by the Chinese Communist Party, reported at the time by the Asian church news agency UCA News, with mental reservations one can only imagine! Others, like Bishop John Liu Jinghe of Tangshan, refused to attend despite the pressure, and was removed from his post by the government as a result. With regard to the episcopal ordination of the Reverend Joseph Guo Jincai, Ratzinger received the news with deep regret at the time, because the above-mentioned episcopal ordination was conferred without the apostolic mandate and, therefore, constitutes a painful wound upon ecclesial communion and a grave violation of Catholic discipline (cf. Letter of Benedict XVI to the Church in China, 2007, n. 9).

Today, Pope Francis welcomed for the first time in history, a Communist nominated bishop with no legitimate Apostolic succession in the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church in Rome, giving us another sign of his Satanic rule that ignores the legitimacy of the true episcopal lineage. From now on, bishops of the Catholic Church can also trace their episcopal lineage to the Chinese Communist Party.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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