Trump save us from the libtards and false flags

Article by Leo Lyon Zagami




This picture sums up the present moral decline of the West as Cultural Marxism is clearly evident in the daily manipulation that psychologically wills us to accept this as normal. The increasingly controlled media of the New World Order, and now the giants of Silicon Valley, have begun the final stage of their plan to shut any voice of dissent, before they kickstart another season of lies, murders, and treason on a national and an international level, to bring down their number one enemy, Donald J. Trump.


For the last few months, experts have been warning about the rising risk of a major false flag event to take place in the US just before the mid-term elections. Something manufactured by the left to influence the upcoming vote, possibly blaming a Trump supporting right-wing terror group, or an Iranian one, so they can force Trump into another useless war.


While the Democratic Party is moving mind-controlled fools like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is becoming their libtard idol of the year, the progressive wing, that has taken over the Democratic party, is actually inciting the growing violence across America. At the same time, they are censoring social media and banning people like Alex Jones and Infowars, who could expose this to the masses.


I’ve also been blocked for thirty days on my official Facebook profile for absolutely no reason, if not for the fact I am closely associated with Infowars.  However, in the face of all this censorship, we need to continue the Infowarrior battle with no fear on our side, especially now that they could be planning another 9/11 on US soil. We the people have had enough of the Communist dinosaur Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the demented Communist circus set up by George Soros.


Support now more than ever the Trumpian candidates in the Midterms!




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Facebook ha bloccato anche i profili di Zagami corrispondente italiano di Infowars



Articolo di Leo Lyon Zagami

Come ha giustamente affermato il collega di Infowars Paul Joseph Watson su Twitter “La grande censura è iniziata”. Sicuramente molti di voi sapranno che negli ultimi giorni le maggiori piattaforme di Silicon Valley hanno iniziato una campagna di censura e blocchi ai danni dell’amico Alex Jones e del sito Infowars con cui collaboro da diversi anni.

Facebook ha bloccato nei giorni scorsi tutte le nostre pagine, Apple ha rimosso i podcast, e Youtube ha rimosso centinaia di video, tra cui molti in cui io e Alex mostravamo al nostro publico senza censure le verità indicibili sul Nuovo Ordine Mondiale e il Vaticano che lo governa.

Purtroppo dall’ 11 agosto anche il mio profilo ufficiale Facebook è stato bloccato per ben trenta giorni. 

La tutela della libertà di espressione in uno Stato è simbolo di progresso e democrazia, ma oggi le cose sono cambiate purtroppo per colpa delle sinistre mondialiste e delle loro pensiero unico che non garantisce più la libertà di espressione e vuole imprigionarci tutti in un incubo di orwellliana memoria capace di poter controllare ogni elemento della realtà che ci circonda.

Questi criminali capitanati da figure ambigue e perfide come George Soros e Jacob Rothschild, vogliono governare il mondo imponendo la loro visione sinistrorsa seguendo il modello antidemocratico cinese tanto caro a Henry Kissinger e i suoi amici della Apple che hanno dato il via a questa purga nei confronti di Infowars ora estesa anche alla mia persona e al mio profilo personale su Facebook.

Bravi continuate così idioti e perbenisti della sinistra che supportate i grandi della Silicon Valley e un giorno questa potrebbe essere non solo un guerra virtuale, ma una guerra reale, che si combattera strada per strada in nome della libertà.

La mia ultima riflessione va al fatto che non vi è stato un solo collega giornalista o blogger italiano, che mi abbia chiamato o chiesto di commentare quello che sta accadendo a Infowars. Questo dimostra ancora una volta che giornalisti e i blogger italiani sono tra i più vigliacchi e opportunisti del mondo.

Buon proseguimento nel  mondo della censura e dell’inganno che piace tanto anche in Italia.






Popular Italian journalist Paolo Attivissimo sends a death wish to Alex Jones via Twitter




Paolo Attivissimo at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Italy) 


 Article by Leo Zagami


 “The 9/11 conspiracist Alex Jones is one of those people that if I had a time machine I would like to put him on one of those hijacked planes.”

These are the shocking words posted on Tweeter on the 6thof August 2018, by a well-known Italian left-wing writer and journalist Paolo Attivissimo, who since 2006, is the host of a popular show on Swiss National Radio called Il Disinformatico. He has authored and coauthored many Italian-language books on IT related subjects, and also on the blog Attivissimo is a consultant for Swiss National Radio and TV (RSI), Mediaset and RAI, and speaker on information technology, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and misinformation in the media.


A big shot in the Italian media who presented his work on the subject of fake news in the former governments’ Chamber of Deputies that was lead by left-wing prime minister Paolo Gentiloni, during a lecture conducted with ultra left-wing fanatic Laura Boldrini, the former President of the Chamber and a close collaborator of George Soros,  involved  with various organizations like Amnesty International, ARCI,  Human Rights Watch and others linked to Soros.


So this not-so-veiled threat on Alexs’ life comes from one of Italy’s most influential journalists and disinformants connected to George Soros, who also created the Servizio Antibufala ( hoax busting service) website, visited by millions of visitors and writes or has written articles for La Borsa della Spesa, and Le Scienze (the Italian edition of Scientific American).


The fact that a left-wing journalist working for important state institutions like RAI or Swiss National Radio, can wish somebody like Alex Jones death on Twitter,and not get banned or lose his job, demonstrates once again the injustice we suffer in today’s society controlled by anti-democratic left-wing extremists.


The new Italian populist government has recently attempted to turn things around with the appointment of Marcello Foa as new president of RAI, but the pro-Trump and pro-Russian journalist nominated to run Italy’s State broadcast institution was immediately stopped by left-wing opponents, and RAI continues to remain firmly in the hands of the left-wing enemy.


Jones has been attacked heavily in the Italian media lately, but this Tweet and the ones that followed on Paolo Attivissimo’s wall show once again the typical intolerance of the left.




Paolo Attivissimo video from April 2017 published on the official Italian Chamber of Deputies (Italy)  Youtube channel



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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George Soros, the man behind the purge



Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


According to billionaire investor and pseudo philanthropist George Soros, Facebook and Google had become, “obstacles to innovation”and were to be considered a “menace” to society whose “days are numbered”.  Soros’ ominous warnings were given in January 2018 during the prestigious World Economic Forum, a yearly event in Davos Switzerland, where he also prophecied that, “This may well result in a web of totalitarian control the likes of which not even Aldous Huxley or George Orwell could have imagined.”


Using serious economic and political threats, George Soros  eventually forced the liberal mafia of Silicon Valley into working for him, or risk being completely wiped off the map. As Soros pointed out in Davos, “The power to shape people’s attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies.” Soros and the left wing mondialists want complete control over such companies to purge all opposition starting, of course, with Infowars. That’s why Soros stated that Davos was a good place to announce: “Their days are numbered.” Soros had been in fact bullying and threatening both Google and Facebook, who initially seemed to not want to fully comply with his undemocratic agenda. However, Facebook completely gave up on resisting Soros’ plan after suffering the biggest loss in stock market history at the end of July with a 100 billion dollar loss in market value in just one day, and Google suffered a similar fate when a week earlier they were hit with a record-breaking €4.34bn (£3.87bn) fine from the Soros-controlled European Union, for anti-competitive “illegal practices”. These two events gave Soros complete control over Facebook and Google, that can now be used together with Apple and other internet platforms to wage war against freedom of speech and conservative thought.


To gain Apple’s support, George Soros apparently asked his old time buddy Henry Kissinger to help out. Eventually the orders to kick start the purge of all content contrary to the New World Order in the US and Europe was given at the end of May by George Soros, during a meeting of the European Council on Foreign Relations in Paris, a key organization of the New World Order, that he himself helped found.


In the meantime, Apple says it is monitoring the Infowars app for content violations while George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and Jacob Rothschild are now prepared to use social media as well as mainstream media to manipulate both the midterm elections in the US favoring the Democracts against Trump, and the next elections of the European Parliament that are expected to be at the end of May 2019, and are considered of great importance in stopping the rise of the European populist forces opposing George Soros.






Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Facebook ha rimosso le pagine di InfoWars, Apple diversi podcast su iTunes. Era chiaro che la fandonia delle ‘fake news’ è nata per censurare le voci dei dissidenti che hanno portato Trump alla Casa Bianca (e Salvini al governo ).

E’ in atto, da parte di un manipolo di miliardari parassiti che si è eletto custode della nuova ‘morale’ perbenista – quella del politicamente corretto – una guerra alla libertà di informazione.

Lo ripetiamo: le multinazionali sono una minaccia alla democrazia. Il fatto che poche corporations come Facebook Google Apple controllino praticamente tutta la diffusione di notizie su internet pone un gravissimo problema di censura.

Perché non c’è alcun controllo democratico. Sono degli amministratori delegati generalmente con idee di sinistra – omofili, xenofili e desiderosi di importare masse di schiavi lowcost – che decidono cosa può essere o non essere sulle loro piattaforme.

Questo può andare bene per un blog, non per piattaforme che, di fatto, monopolizzano internet.

Quindi vanno regolate. E gli va imposto di non censurare in base alle idee. Qualunque idee.

Apple and Facebook clamped down on content by Alex Jones Monday, with the former pulling five of his podcasts and the latter removing four pages controlled by him.

Apple confirmed on Monday that it had removed five out of six podcasts, which includes Jones “The Alex Jones Show” as well as a number of other InfoWars audio streams.

InfoWars è uno dei maggiori siti di notizie indipendenti americani di idee ‘trumpiste’. Ed è oggetto di un attacco senza precedenti da parte delle multinazionali. Probabilmente un attacco che avrà delle conseguenze e farà decidere a Trump di intervenire.

L’elezione di Trump ha sconvolto gli equilibri e terrorizzato il deep state, per questo vogliono addomesticare la rete.

Vogliono fare terra bruciata intorno a Trump. E a Salvini in Italia. I populisti devono intervenire e regolare le multinazionali del web: devono imporre a queste corporazioni con utili superiori agli Stati, di rispettare le leggi. Non di farle.

Facebook, Google e Apple si trovano nella situazione di fatto di potere decidere cosa può essere o non essere sulla rete. Di fatto sono degli Stati. E’ come se un parlamento emanasse una legge che proibisce ad un sito internet di esistere: solo che, almeno, il parlamento è eletto.

Interviene anche WikiLeaks:

Schermata 2018-08-06 alle 19.03.26


Facebook e Apple sono una minaccia alla nostra libertà. Vogliono imporre – alcuni ultramiliardari vogliono imporre – senza essere eletti, quello che può o non può essere detto.

In Cina è il partito comunista a censurare le idee, nel resto del mondo ‘libero’ sono Facebook-Google-Apple. Intollerabile.

E’ tempo che i governi populisti respingano l’attacco alla libertà di internet.









United Grand Lodge of England leaves regularity to embrace gender policy



Article by Leo Zagami


Just over three hundred years ago, the Premier Grand Lodge of England, the first Masonic Grand Lodge in the world (known as United Grand Lodge of England or UGLE since 1813), was founded in London to govern Freemasonry in 1717. They are still considered by most Freemasons the Vatican of Freemasonry, the ones who set masonic regularity standards for the rest of the world. Just like the Vatican, they seem to have completely lost their mind over the gender policy issue, promoted in recent years by the New World Order.


In 2006, under fierce criticism, Pope Francis stated that Catholics must discern difficult situations of sexual morality on a case-by-case basis, even when presented with a person who is considering, or has had gender reassignment surgery. But even liberal Pope Francis has not yet approved of gender reassignment for his Catholic hierarchy of priests and nuns. Who knows, maybe that’s the next  thing on his list of heresies?


In the shocking new guidelines issued last week by the United Grand Lodge of England for Gender Reassignment Policy, women and men who have undergone gender reassignment surgery can now join Masonic Lodges without having any discrimination problems, and will  be supported in the process. The strangest thing to come out of this new set of guidelines issued by the UGLE, is that women who have not undergone reassignment surgery will continue to be exempt from joining regular Freemasonry, but if they commit themselves to a sex change and become a man, they will eventually be able to fully join the Craft. The United Grand Lodge of England is encouraged to treat such cases with “utmost compassion and sensitivity” adding,“that the individual is supported throughout the process.”

In my opinion, the title used by the Daily Mail: “Freemasons break tradition as they allow women to join the brotherhood (but only if they were born male)”  is also deliberately misleading.


Let’s not forget that a solar cult like Freemasonry cannot become a lunar one because of a sex change or political correctness, as it will completely lose its original identity and create many problems, even in the present rituals adopted for initiation by the UGLE. For example, the reason why the left breast is exposed during the first degree initiation is to ensure the candidate is indeed a male, and not a female trying to infiltrate Freemasonry.


With the new Gender Reassignment Policy, such practice will indeed become a problem in the coming months, and will inevitably generate a change within the ritual that could push many Freemasons into leaving the UGLE, or other Obediences that follow this change, considered by many, a unprecedended step towards Masonic irregularity. The Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723 is in fact clear on this point: “The persons admitted Members of a Lodge must be good an true Men, free-born, and of mature and discreet Age, no Bondmen no Women, no immoral or scandalous men, but of good Report.”


Remember, that Anderson’s Constitution is the basis of Modern Freemasonry and its foundation of operation. A variety of stories and irregularities exist about its legitimacy and its foundation, yet, it remains an early canon of Masonic History. For some background, this excerpt from wikipedia offers some insight into its history.


Last February, I traveled to London, with my wife, Christy, to attend her initiation into Freemasonry. It was not a regular lodge of course, but 70% of its members were regular Freemasons from the UGLE, working in clandestinity because women are still not accepted in their Obedience. I have always respected this choice, but I completely reject the foolish Gender Reassignment Policy by the UGLE that clearly shows political correctness has gone way too far. I would prefer real women in lodges than this left-wing hypocrisy. Check it out for yourself:







Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Christy Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati Princess:

Nuns, the latest victims of sexual depravity in the Church



Article by Leo Zagami


It has been called “the last taboo”of the Roman Catholic Church; nuns sexually abused by priests and bishops. One nun recently stated to the Associated press, “It opened a great wound inside of me”adding, “I pretended it didn’t happen.” Unfortunately, this is another big problem that the Roman Catholic Church has tried to bury.  In 2001, my friend, Philip Willan, a journalist who lives in Rome, revealed in The Guardian that, “Roman Catholic priests and bishops in several parts of the world have been exploiting their religious authority to obtain sexual favors from nuns, in some cases resorting to rape and subsequently obliging the victims to seek an abortion. Reports of widespread sexual abuse were compiled by two senior nuns between 1994 and 1998 and passed to the Vatican, reported by La Repubblica and the Italian Roman Catholic news agency Adista.”


Unfortunately justice didn’t prevail after Willan’s shocking article, but after decades of silence, the Associated Press now reports that a growing number of nuns from all over the world are finally coming forward with reports of sexual abuse by the Catholic hierarchy. The Associated Press admits that the Vatican has been aware of the problem for a long time, but has done nothing to stop it.


Yesterday, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Theodore McCarrick, from the College of Cardinals, after a series of sexual misconduct allegations. The new erupting scandals involving nuns is yet another for the Vatican, that is already struggling with the daily pedophilia scandals surfacing across the globe almost daily.


The cases of sexually abused nuns that are emerging involve the continents of Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, showing that the problem is global, especiallyin Third World countries where it seems like another form of sexual slavery, thanks to the status of second class citizens that is given to women in the Catholic church. However, some nuns are now making their voices heard, showing that it’s not only children that fall victim to sexual abuse when there is an imbalance of power in a relationship, something we have often noticed in the past in sectarian realities.


The Catholic nuns are beginning to publicly denounce years of inaction by church leaders, even though major studies on the problem in Africa were reported to the Vatican in the 1990s. The problem was completely ignored by Pope John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger, the powerful Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in charge of the Catholic doctrine, during that time.


Wearing her religious habit and grasping a rosary in her hand, a nun revealed to the Associated Press, that back in the year 2000, a priest that was taking her confession sexually assaulted her in the middle of the sacrament. This was not the only assault, and a subsequent approach by another priest a year later finally led her to stop going to confession with a  priest other than her spiritual father, who lives in another country. The extent of sistematic abuse against nuns from around the world is yet unclear, however, this week, about a half a dozen sisters from a small religious congregation in Chile came out with their stories of abuse on national TV, and how their superiors did absolutely nothing to stop it.


A nun in India recently presented a formal complaint to the police accusing a bishop of rape, which would have been unthinkable only a year ago. New cases in Africa have emerged periodically; in 2013, for example, a well-known priest in Uganda wrote a message to his superiors that referred to a number of “priests romantically involved with religious sisters,”which he was promptly suspended for by the Church until he apologized, in May of this year.


The Vatican has remained silent on what measures have been taken to assess the extent of the problem at a global level, or to punish the guilty, explaining that, “It is up to the local Church leaders to sanction the priests who sexually abuse nuns.”Last June, the French newspaper Le Parisienrevealed a potential “huge scandal”for the Catholic Church, summarizing some of the cases involved to include; “a nun raped by a monk in a monastery, a nun who was the victim of a priest in the confessional room,”and “a nun who was sexually assaulted by another sister of her own congregation.”


In a great majority of cases, the nuns remain silent, and if they eventually recount their ordeal, it’s only because they have left the church. The phenomenon is considered to be“much wider”than previously imagined, explained Francois Devaux president of the French association La Parole Liberee, pointing a finger at those “priests who abuse their position of spiritual authority to take sexual advantage of others.”





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Not even an exorcism could save the Vatican now




Article by Leo Lyon Zagami

Yesterday, Don Paolo Glaentzer, a 70-year-old priest from the Province of Florence, was arrested during the aggravated sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl. A man spotted the suspicious car containing the priest and the little girl, who was half naked, while he was driving in the parking lot of a supermarket in the town of Calenzano, and immediately asked for help from people nearby.

Don Paolo Glaentzer was nearly lynched by an angry mob, which was eventually stopped by the Italian police with great difficulty.

“The little girl had her pants and  shirt pulled down and we blocked the priest”said one of the people who intervened to stop the priest just before the arrival of the Carabinieri Corps and the police.  This sick pervert priest, who is now under house arrest, admitted during the interrogation that it was not the first time he had sexual encounters with this girl, who  incredibly he accuses of taking the initiative.



Don Paolo Glaentzer during his arrest


Meanwhile, the main Catholic weekly magazine in Italy called Famiglia Cristiana, has compared the populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to Satan, because of his uncompromising stance over immigration. “Go Back Salving”, the influential magazine announces on its front cover. It is a clear reference to VADE RETRO SATANA , “Go Back Satan”, a Medieval Catholic formula for the exorcism of possessed persons, recorded in a 1415 manuscript and found in the Benedictine Metten Abbey in Bavaria; its origin is traditionally associated with the Benedictines.

However, the magazine wrote “Nothing personal or ideological, it’s just the gospel,” going on to quote numerous Italian bishops highly critical of Salvini’s move to block the arrival of immigrants from the country’s ports.

In the meantime, Salvini, who is still in good spirits, joked, “They are comparing me to Satan? I don’t deserve that.”







Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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New scandals for the Church reveal the End-times are imminent



Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


After the mass resignation of the Chilean bishops that I wrote about earlier this year, today the Chilean national prosecutor has enrolled 158 members of the Catholic Church in the register of suspects for committing or covering-up sexual abuse against minors and adults.


This is a real catastrophe for the Vatican, obscuring the Catholic church once again, in the eyes of the world. Among the suspects of this massive child abuse case in Chile (either as protagonists or accomplices)  are a large number of bishops, priests and lay people connected to the Church, and these cases go back almost 60 years.The Chilean magistrates have, in fact, opened 144 lines of investigations on cases from 1960 until today, with 266 victims involved.  Of these victims, 178 were children or teenagers and 31 were adults. “The overwhelming majority of the reported facts correspond to sexual crimes committed by priests, parish priests or people associated with schools”, the prosecutor’s office in Chile wrote today. The age of victims was not established in 57 other cases.


The avalanche of sex abuse and cover-up cases that have recently fallen on Chile’s Catholic Church pushed Pope Francis earlier this year to publicly denounce a “culture of abuse and cover-ups”after he himself ignored the crimes of his clergy for years, originating from a country that Bergoglio knows particularly well, as it is a neighboring country to his Argentina.


The sex scandal in Chile is especially damaging to the Pope as it has revealed that he lied about knowing the extent of the damage, even denying that he had been sent a letter from victims begging him for help. You may recall that Pope Francis met with one of the victims afterward, and told him that it was “OK to be gay” which sparked global backlash.


Once again, this demonstrates that when Pope Benedict stepped down from the papacy in 2013, it was not a random event. He had covered up the dramatic situation in the Catholic Church for years, irremediably  compromised by economic scandals and rampant pedophilia,  involving a much larger number of clergy around the world than previously thought.


At the moment, what is even bigger than the child molestations by the Catholic Church, are the years of coverups by the Vatican. Certainly decades of abuse could not have existed without Vatican officials knowing about it.


In the meantime, McCarrick, the 88-year-old retired archbishop of Washington, was ultimately kicked out, when Francis ordered him on June 20th to be removed from public ministry. The sanction was issued pending a full investigation into a “credible” allegation that he fondled a teenager more than 40 years ago in New York City. The Catholic dioceses of Newark and Metuchen, N.J., revealed that they had received three complaints of misconduct by Cardinal McCarrick against adults and had settled two of them.


In October 2013, McCormick gave a speech at Villanova entitled, “Who is Pope Francis.” During the talk, McCarrick shared a conversation that he had with the newly elected Pope Francis. McCarrick told the audience that he had a very serious cardiac incident while he was at the Vatican during the 2013 Conclave. When he returned from the hospital to the seminary where he was staying, his phone rang and it was the newly elected Pope Francis on the line, inquiring about McCarrick’s health. McCarrick relayed his conversation with Pope Francis: “I told the Pope that I guess the Lord still has some work for me to do.”The Pope responded to McCarrick by saying, “But on the other hand, maybe the Devil did not have your accommodations ready.”

Now we know the Pope was not joking as McCarrick is truly a Satanist and a pedophile who deserves hell. The 40-year movement to legalize sexual interaction with children is growing more and more. People are publicly advocating without shame that: “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster;” and, “pedophilia can be justified by sexual orientation” and is something that clearly shows the rise of the demonic side inside the Church and in the world of politics, especially left-wing politics in favor of liberalizing pedophilia. Remember Jesus warned his disciples, “It would be better for you if a millstone where hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea than for you to cause one of these little ones to stumble” (Luke 17: 2).


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Eventually Pope Francis accepted the resignation of former Cardinal McCormick from the College of Cardinals on July 28, 2018, after a series of sexual misconduct allegations.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The Catholic friar who enslaves refugees for sex

internet - oasi 7 padre antonio zanotti -

Father Antonio Zanetti and members of the Oasis 7 community



Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


First, he was forced to become the lover of a Capuchin friar, and later he was threatened and beaten by the friar because he decided to escape from this nightmare. This is the accusation that a young refugee made against Father Antonio Zanotti, founder of the host community for refugees and minors in difficulty called Oasis 7,now at the center of a new scandal for the Catholic Church.


The victim, who is in fear of his life, has been transferred by the police to a protected place. He has lived in this community based in Bergamo in Northern Italy for over four years now, as Fiorenza Sarzanini writes in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Evidence in support of these accusations are present in pornographic videos and photos that have been sent to the Vatican authorities as well as the Italian ones, along with a complaint for sexual violence.


“A terrible experience for which I also tried to take my life,”says the young refugee, who finally decided to come out in the open and ask for help, but this is apparently not an isolated case, two other young people have deposited their testimony at the legal office of Bernardini De Pace in Via Ipponio 2, in Rome,  and are ready to speak with the Italian prosecutors and the ecclesiastical authorities as soon as possible to address this case of sexual slavery by a Capuchin friar who still serves as an ordained priest.


The lawyers of the victims called for an urgent intervention, “…especially taking into account that many young people in need are still involved in this community and because we want to know where all the money that Father Zanotti has comes from and why nobody as asked him how he is using it. ”


As reported by Corriere della Sera,  In 2014, the boy in question arrived at the Oasis 7 community and he states in the complaint that, “In the first months, I felt welcomed by the friar and the community, but I immediately noticed the excessive luxury in which Father Zanotti used to live, very far from the Franciscan customs. I worked for about a year in exchange for only food and lodging, despite Father Zanotti promising me a regular job within a short time in the Renewal cooperative of Antegnate in the province of Bergamo, but after about 3 months from my entry to Oasis 7 the friar began to approach me sexually, first with hugs, then inviting me to drink in his room, although it was not my desire to have sexual relations with the friar, I could not resist Father Zanotti advances as he began to give me expensive gifts, whatever I asked for I could buy. If I said yes to his requests, he will leave me some money “.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time a refugee claims to have been used as a sexual slave by a representative of the Catholic Church, but the details rarely make it to the press. With all eyes on Father Zanotti, let’s see how this case unfolds.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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