Illuminati Kingpin Kissinger Warns of the Imminent Possibility That a World War Controlled by AI Could Trigger Nuclear Armageddon!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, mentor to Klaus Schwab, the 

Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, as I explained in detail in Volume 7 of myConfessions, who is still considered one of the key players of the World Order, as he once titled one of his books published in 2014, seems increasingly worried about the growing threat of “another world war” due to the rise of AI.

When Kissinger spoke for the first time at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 1980, he said that “we are in an age of global-interdependence.” This statement was also repeated by the Nobel-prize winning diplomat at Davos 2022, where he emphasized, “how the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could reshape the world as we know it.”[1]

Now Kissinger, who is coming out now with a new book, Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy, wrote inyesterday’s The Spectator inviting for an urgent diplomatic solution:

“I have repeatedly expressed my support for the allied military effort to thwart Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. But the time is approaching to build on the strategic changes which have already been accomplished and to integrate them into a new structure towards achieving peace through negotiation.”

Warning all parts to come to the table before we fall further into a possible war driven by Artificial Intelligence, that could bring unexpected consequences and the end of our civilization:

“As the world’s leaders strive to end the war in which two nuclear powers contest a conventionally armed country, they should also reflect on the impact of this conflict and on a long-term strategy of incipient high–technology and artificial intelligence. Autonomous weapons already exist, capable of defining, assessing, and targeting their own perceived threats and thus in a position to start their own war. Once the line into this realm is crossed and hi-tech becomes standard weaponry – and computers become the principal executors of strategy – the world will find itself in a condition for which as, yet it has no established concept. How can leaders exercise control when computers prescribe strategic instructions on a scale and in a manner that inherently limits and threatens human input? How can civilization be preserved amid such a maelstrom of conflicting information, perceptions, and destructive capabilities?”[2]

Henry Kissinger who co-authored last year with Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher, the book THE AGE OF AI AND OUR HUMAN FUTURE, wrote in the book:

AI increases the inherent risk of preemption and premature use escalating into conflict. A country fearing that its adversary is developing automatic capabilities may seek to preempt it: if the attack succeeds’ there may be no way to know whether it was justified.”[3]

That means we may never know who started it, or why, but we will be left amongst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max scenario, which, as I wrote in Volume 7, will take “place at the end of Tribulation.” So, the threat of “Cyber Satan,” whose plan I outlined in Volume 6.66 is increasing every day and we need to be ready because peace on the war front on Christmas day was possible during World War I, not during World War III.



[3] Henry A Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, Daniel Huttenlocher, The Age of AI: And Our Human Future, p.165.

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