The Italian Media announce that the pope’s resignation is imminent


Pope Francis laughs outside St. Peter’s Basilica during the April 1, 2015 general audience. Credit: Bohumil Petrik / CNA.



Article by Leo Zagami


The Vatican is allegedly preparing to elect a new Pope in the coming weeks, and Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, still alive and kicking, seem to be pulling the strings. On November 6, 2018, the Italian website Dagospia launched this alleged media bomb about Pope Bergoglio, reconfirming once again what I have personally written, and announced on Infowars for years. This pope will not end his mandate in Rome,  but he will resign and retire to Argentina very soon, to live his remaining years on earth in peace and isolation.

For some weeks now, it has been rumored in Roman elite circles close to the Illuminati academy, that Pope Francis is seriously considering leaving his pontificate. The recent discovery of the bones at the Vatican embassy in Rome has increased this possibility, as well as all the scandals that are piling up as we speak, almost daily.

Yesterday, for example, the Catholic Church in Guam announced plans to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in an attempt to cope with the scores of sexual abuse claims against clergy in this distant U.S. territory. In the meantime, similar scandals are being investigated all over the U.S., possibly bringing many more Catholic dioceses to bankruptcy in the near future.

The latest news about Pope Francis’ upcoming resignation was disseminated by Dagospia, the well-known web portal directed by Italian media celebrity Roberto D’Agostino, and to my knowledge, it’s believed to be 100% accurate by Vatican experts. That’s why it was later picked up and published in paper form by the Italian newspaper, Libero. The singularity of this article and the relative information on it,   points out Cardinal Scola as the possible choice made by the present Conclave, the College of Cardinals, usually convened in Rome to elect the new Pope. His Eminence Angelo Scola Cardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan was appointed  Archbishop of Milan by Pope Benedict XVI on 28 June 2011.

He has served as Patriarch of Venice from 2002 to 2011, and was later elevated to the rank of cardinal in 2003, but the most important thing about him is that Scola was appointed to his present role by Ratzinger, who still seems to play a role behind the scenes. This confirms what Vatican expert and member of The Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester Pope, Cav.Fortunato Luciano Sciandra, told me a little over a week ago in regards to a secret plot to remove Pope Francis instigated by Cardinal Bertone and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,  who is becoming increasingly frail, but at the same time is at peace with the prospect of death, and for this reason doesn’t fear the possibility of being poisoned for opposing the heresy and the decline of the Church instigated by the Jesuit Pope, increasingly under the scrutiny of the more traditionalist factions of the Church.


Reinforcing the current suspicions about this almost certain resignation of Pope Francis in the coming weeks, is also the recent statements made by Cardinal Camillo Ruini issued to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. However, the latter denied the existence of a conspiracy driven by the hand of the traditionalist Cardinals demanding Pope Benedict XVI’s support in compromising the papacy of Bergoglio. But, of course, Ruini will never admit such conspiracy ever existed because he is actually indicated as being part of it.  In the meantime, the growing opposition to Pope Francis became apparent in the last  Synod on Young People, where the Pope found an increasingly hostile environment to his liberal mondialist views.

The Vatican is now in turmoil, but the Jesuits will not give up their control of the Holy See so easily, and news of another liberal Pope being groomed in Africa by the Company of Jesus to replace Pope Francis is also another strong possibility if Pope Benedict XVI’s plot to go back to tradition fails. One thing is for sure, this Pope will resign and you heard it here first!






Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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