Vatican Finally Opens Investigation on “The Vatican Girl” Case Exposing Pope Saint John Paul II as a Pedophile!

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Finally, after 40 years, my old friend Pietro Orlandi, the brother of missing Vatican citizen Emanuela Orlandi, whose case I explore in detail in both Volumes 3 and 4 of my Confessions, met with Vatican authorities and Alessandro Diddi yesterday for more than eight hours. Diddi is the Vatican’s new promoter of justice nominated last year by the Holy See, a figure we can compare to the state attorney general in the United States.  

In the meeting, the two discussed not only the recent reopening of the investigation by Italian authorities into Emanuela’s disappearance at age 15 in 1983, but Pietro also brought forward some new evidence he gathered in the last few years during his own investigations into the matter.

Pietro, who I interviewed a few times when I lived in Italy, confirmed the alleged “willingness” of the new promoter of justice in moving forward in their supposed investigation into his sister’s case:

“I have to say that I found a lot of willingness coming from Diddi, from the promoter, to provide clarity. “Diddi himself told me that he had a mandate from the secretary (of State) and from Pope Francis to clarify things 100%, to investigate every aspect and not go easy on anyone, from the bottom to the top and this is already a positive thing for me.”

Pietro Orlandi also said that in 40 years no one had ever bothered listening to him as they did during this unprecedented encounter with Vatican authorities. He explained to the Italian journalist how he was able to get the Vatican magistrate to even listen to a recording of a first-hand witness of the events that he obtained earlier and make all his facts known to Vatican authorities. He even handed a list of names of people in high positions in the Vatican, whom he believes may still hide some information about what happened to his sister in 1983. The list includes Cardinals Giovanni Battista Re, Leonardo Sandri, and the then commander of the Vatican security force Domenico Giani, connected to the infamous lodge P2, who Orlandi’s lawyer asked to interview to get some answers on his sister’s case.

In 2018, bones found during groundwork at the Vatican Apostolic Nunciature in Rome sparked a media frenzy suggesting they may belong to Orlandi or to Mirella Gregori, another teenager who disappeared the same year. DNA tests however turned out negative.

A year later, in 2019, the Orlandi family received an anonymous letter saying Emanuela’s body might be hidden among the dead in the Teutonic Cemetery just inside the Vatican walls where a statue of an angel holding a book reads “Requiescat in Pace,” which is Latin for “Rest in Peace.” Two tombs were opened, and nothing was found, not even the bones of two 19th-century princesses supposed to be buried there. They apparently had been moved during restructuring work decades before Orlandi was born.

Last month, Italy’s lower house of parliament finally approved the establishment of a parliamentary commission to investigate the disappearances of both Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori after they were highlighted in the popular Netflix documentary, “Vatican Girl.”

The aim of the commission, said Sen. Carlo Calenda, would be to pressure the Vatican to finally turn over everything it knows about Emanuela Orlandi’s disappearance to Italian law enforcement authorities, saying its longstanding official claim of ignorance was “hardly credible.”  

However, what is shocking the Vatican and the whole of Italy in the last few hours is the possible direct involvement of Pope John Paul II, who was canonized as Pope Saint John Paul II in 2014, which was apparently confirmed by the recording I mentioned above that Pietro handed over to the promoter of Justice Alessandro Diddi, which contains the testimony of a member of the infamous Banda della Magliana, an Italian criminal organization based in Rome connected to the Mossad, the P2 and Operation Gladio,  which is what the recording is about. 

Two alleged pedophiles….

Pietro made some incredible statements on Tuesday evening on Di Martedì, an Italian prime-time news program and political talk show broadcasted by LA7 television, about the recording in question where the witness talks about the fact that Pope John Paul II was regularly bringing young girls in the Vatican, and that“the situation became so unsustainable that the then Secretary of State had to intervene demanding the help of criminals to eliminate them.”

Pietro also said that somebody in the Vatican also told him that “Wojtyla occasionally went out in the evening with two Polish monsignors and certainly didn’t go to bless houses.”

The first of an exclusive groundbreaking interview in 3 parts that I made with Pietro Orlandi in 2015 which was judged too dangerous to bring out when I was still living in Italy is now going to air live in the coming hours on my Youtube channels and it will shock the Vatican and the whole world for its revelatory content that far exceeds any revelations made on the Netflix documentary on Emanuela Orlandi. 

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