Video of Jesuit Pawn Dalai Lama Asking a Child to Suck his Tongue but Twitter Censors it to Protect him!

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Article by Leo Zagami

The 14th Dalai Lama was financially supported by the CIA between the late 1950s and the mid-1970s, receiving $180,000 a year in what has been described as a long anti-Chinese covert operation. The funds were paid to him personally, although he used most of them for Tibetan government-in-exile activities such as funding foreign offices to lobby for international support against Communist China. However, it always makes my stomach turn when I see Hollywood celebrities and politicians fawn over the Dalai Lama because there is a hidden side to all false religions and that’s true of today’s Tibetan Buddhism as well as Roman Catholicism. 

The simple-minded and the naive will usually be easily swayed by the rich and famous as I point out in Volume 8 of my Confessions, putting their faith in various gurus and this so-called “Holy man,” but remember, the Dalai Lama is just like them, an empty vacuous fraud, and another pedophile. as proven by a recent video that is creating shockwaves around the world in which the Dalai Lama is filmed asking a young boy to “kiss him and then suck his tongue”:

Incredibly enough, in the video later shown on Sky News, the Buddhist monk could be seen sticking his tongue out as he asked provocatively way the innocent-looking child to suck it. 

Sky News host Andrew Bolt commented on the video rightly saying:

 “Would any Catholic leader survive if they’d done what the Dalai Lama does here?”

Sharing the same video, Twitter user Joost Broekers, who was later suspended after he wrote, “So the Dalai Lama is kissing an Indian boy at a Buddhist event and even tries to touch his tongue. He says, “suck my tongue.” Now, why would he do that?”

The video immediately evoked angry reactions at Elon Musk, who hypocritically calls himself “a free speech absolutist” after he suspended Joost Broekers’ account for not upholding his demented Twitter rules:

One user wrote on Twitter, “These people are sick.” Another wrote, “Pedophilia club.” One user cited a Wikipedia article to write, “One of the rituals necessary for a future Dalai Lama to attain “enlightenment” involves molesting and raping 10–16-year-old girls several times in all sorts of unnatural ways. No, I’m not making this up.”

“In terms of pedophilia, Dalai Lama is indeed the guru of the Biden family. Dalai commits crimes against children from Lhasa and India and Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, together with many other Democrats, are committing crimes against the American kids,” wrote another user.

Most of the comments above can be still found on Twitter from the reactions sparked to the now defunct tweet posted by the suspended account of Joost Broekers who has been permanently removed by Twitter which is not a free speech social network still in the hands of the CIA:

Following the backlash from the video circulating all over the internet, regardless of Elon Musk’s censorship, the Dalai Lama was forced to issue an official pathetic apology for this disgusting act of pedophilia that has finally exposed his real self to the outside world:

And is sad to see that Twitter is still a tool of the Deep State which protects pedophiles regardless of Elon Musk’s shenanigans and ambiguous behavior which I have discussed profusely in Volumes 6.66, 7, and 8 of my Confessions. The Dalai Lama is simply another tool of the Jesuits that infiltrated Tibetan Lamaism over 3 centuries ago since the arrival in Tibet of Ippolito Desideri or Hippolyte Desideri (1684 -1733) who was an Italian Jesuit missionary and traveler and the most famous of the early European missionaries to visit Tibet. But Desideri, who was the first documented European to have successfully studied and understood Tibetan language and culture went well beyond studying the local culture, and after settling down initially in Lasha, laid the foundations of the future influence of the Jesuits on Tibetan Buddhism.

No wonder the 14th Dalai Lama in various interviews stated a few years ago that the Tibetan tradition of the incarnation system could end after him, just as Father Ippolito Desideri wanted after he arrived in Tibet when he taught Christian doctrines and attempted to refute the Buddhist concepts of rebirth (which he referred to as “metempsychosis”) and ‘Emptiness’ (Wylie: stong pa nyid; Sanskrit: śunyatā). 

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