Soros is Sabotaging and Corrupting Conservatives while Pretending to Attack China, saying 2022 is a Crucial Year for the Future of Humanity

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Article by Leo Zagami

George Soros, a U.S. citizen of Hungarian birth, is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and one of the key figures of the Davos Agenda’s “Great Reset.” Over the past three decades, he has distributed over $32 billionworldwide through his Open Society Foundations to undermine, control, and manipulate entire countries, also participating in several coups. The budget for 2020 for Soros’s geopolitical games was $1.2 billion. When you hear George Soros or Klaus Schwab talking, you can feel the Fourth Reich rising. To learn more about this subject I invite you to read my latest book, CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOL. 7 From the Occult Roots of The Great Reset to the Populist Roots of The Great Reject.

Conservative Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), who lost his position five years ago because of his opposition to Pope Francis’ progressive policies in the Catholic Church, said in an interview to Austria’s, St. Boniface Institute in December 2021, that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused “chaos” and “confusion,” stemming not only from a “lack of knowledge” about the transmissibility and danger of the virus but from the willingness of the super-rich to “seize the opportunity to lure people in.”

Adding that “People, who sit on the throne of their wealth” see an “opportunity to push their agenda,”naming Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Davos Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab, and billionaire George Soros, among those behind this global control scheme.

Soros’ Open Society is active in 120 countries, working through national and regional organizations, and also with opposition political parties to undermine pro-life and pro-family governments, such as those in Poland and Hungary. He has just poured $125 million into a super-PAC that will support Democratic candidates and causes in the 2022 midterms. The purpose of this funding is to create a progressive revolution to change the world through a radical, Socialist, liberal agenda that follows the original plan of the Illuminati Order founded in 1776. Soros, who works with Professor Klaus Schwab, the modern Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati, wants to decriminalize drugs and prostitution, strip gender of its biological basis, eliminate national borders, abolish the traditional family, promote abortion, and indoctrinate children with a liberal ideology. His work is often carried out in the shadows without any public accountability or transparency.

However, something strange happened on January 31, 2022, when Billionaire George Soros participated in a virtual talk with the Hoover Institution, a supposedly conservative American public policy institution and research institution that promotes personal and economic liberty, free enterprise, and limited government, that shows the infiltration of the GOP and the Conservative world by Soros is already underway after having corrupted for years leftist politicians all over the world like Justin Trudeau.

No wonder that on Monday night a vote was held on GOP Senator Bill Eigel’s effort to put together a map that benefitted the Republican Party in the state, the vote was defeated after 14 RINOs (Republican In Name Only), probably financed by Soros, joined with 10 state senate Democrats to turn down a plan that best benefits the Republican Party.

In his talk to the alleged “Conservatives,” George Soros warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping was “the greatest threat that open societies face today,” and said the rise of big tech companies has “sharpened the conflict” between China and the United States. But Soros, seemed unlikely, at best, to be sharing the screen in a Hoover institution virtual event to criticize Communist China, when he invested millions to elect pro-Chinaprogressive district attorneys such as George Gascon in Los Angeles and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco (who is facing a recall election in June).

For this reason, Soros’s remarks, as well as comments made from Hoover, seemed surreal, to say the least, and were a clear attempt to create a fictional antagonism with China that can only serve his own manipulative purposes in both the economic and political field now that the Chinese property sector crisis is intensifying.

Soros started by comparing China’s propaganda goals with the Winter Olympics to Nazi Germany in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which were dominated by Black American Jesse Owens winning four gold medals.

Soros also pointed out that 2022 was a pivotal year for China because ruler Xi Jinping faces numerous key challenges in addition to his public commitment to take back Taiwan, by force if necessary, mentioning the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia as events that will shape our future, making this year crucial for the way we live in years to come.

The increasing belligerence of China, Soros said, could be offset by the United States partnering with other democracies to make it clear that China would pay a heavy price, something that seems pretty rhetorical as most countries today depend of China for their supply chain.  Soros also mentioned Japan, saying it is the most notable country committed to defending Taiwan.  For Soros, Jinping has focused on regaining Chinese Community Party control over the economy and companies that had been allowed to function in the private sector, undoing the work of his predecessor, who George Soros preferred. 

Soros pointed out the obvious statement, that China’s increasing capability in Artificial Intelligence has resulted in a surveillance system that monitors its own people. However, he said that many Chinese didn’t like that (really?) but could not speak out publicly—witness how dissidents and street protests in Hong Kong were subdued. Soros said that Jinping is a hard-core Communist whose heroes are Lenin and Mao Zedong. His policies are based on two words—“total control” forgetting to mention his support for anti-democratic figures in the Western world, like Justin Trudeau, for example, or for Australia, that has imposed measures that have been almost as restrictive and oppressive as the ones taken by Communist China.

But, as I discuss in my latest book (Volume 7,) one of the two adult children of George Soros’ Davos boss, Klaus Schwab, Olivier Schwab, not only is married to a Chinese woman but heads the WEF office in Beijing that works 24-hours-a-day to provide a direct link between the Davos elite and the CCP.

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