CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOL. 7 out now: From the Occult roots of the Great Reset to the Populist roots of the Great Reject

   Leo Lyon Zagami

The author’s masterpiece of his Confessions series, this is the first book ever written about the occult roots of the “Great Reset” that the mainstream media wants us to believe is simply an innocent global Covid recovery plan set up by a group of wealthy individuals, while the author proves it to be something different with the help of well researched historic evidence and inside documentation from the lodges of German, Swiss, and Austrian Freemasonry, and the infamous Bavarian Illuminati. 

A dark and sinister conspiracy connected to the rise of the Fourth Reich, camouflaged as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” that connects Communism and the Jesuits to two German professors, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the original Illuminati, and Professor Klaus Schwab, who started the Davos Agenda, founding the World Economic Forum. 

This book is not only a detailed essay to expose their plan to place the world in the hands of Cyber Satan by 2030, but also a practical manual to survive the unfolding Apocalypse with the groundbreaking idea of a “Great Reject.”

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