Ratzinger’s Superficial Apology Is Not Enough for the Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse of Children

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Article by Leo Zagami

Former Pope Benedict XVI finally asked for forgiveness last Tuesday over his handling of clergy sex abuse cases after the publication of the Munich Church abuse report, but that’s not enough, as victims lamented a lost opportunity for healing. Let’s remember, former Pope Benedict XVI failed to act many times, not only during his time as Archbishop of Munich and Freising but also later, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

However, Pope Benedict XVI apologized for the handling of sexual abuse cases but still denied any wrongdoing, and while Benedict XVI’s recent apology and plea for forgiveness have been praised and defended by collaborators, such as the infamous Jesuit “Master of propaganda” Father Federico Lombardi, who served as spokesman while Pope Benedict was in office, and Cardinal Sean O’Malley, head of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, survivors are less pleased about his apology.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) in a statement following the publication of Benedict’s response also weighed, in, saying, “To us, Benedict’s letter is admitting to one thing to cover-up a thousand.”

“It is the same pattern of abuse, institutional knowledge, and concealment,” they said, calling his apology “faint, especially to a victim population that could care less what Pope Emeritus has to say.”

SNAP argued that Benedict, in his apology, was simply repeating words “that have fallen on deaf ears for decades.”

It is no surprise, they said, that Benedict’s legal team attempted to “recreate a narrative in their favor.”

SNAP, whose activities I have written extensively about in my book “Pope Francis: The Last Pope” that denounced some of the cases exposed in the Munich Report, argued that the apology was done to protect the Church’s “deteriorating image and financial flow to the hierarchy,” insisting that true apologies are followed by genuine acts of reparation, which is “a concept the church does not seem to be able to grasp.”

They criticized Benedict for failing to “do the simple thing and offer full accounting and apology” despite evidence of his mishandling in the Munich report, saying the opportunity the report provided for true accountability “has been squandered.”

“The rot of clergy sexual abuse of children, sadly, runs throughout the Catholic church, to every country, and we now have incontrovertible evidence, all the way to the top,” they said.

In addition to SNAP, several others survivor organizations and individuals working with abuse survivors have voiced disappointment in Benedict’s response, saying his failure to admit wrongdoing falls short of what’s needed for the Church to truly move forward.

The Eckiger Tisch group representing clerical abuse survivors in Germany said Benedict’s response was yet another example of the Catholic Church’s “permanent relativizing on matters of abuse – wrongdoing, and mistakes took place, but no one takes concrete responsibility.”

Benedict, the group said, “can’t bring himself to simply state that he is sorry not to have done more to protect the children entrusted to his church.”

Matthias Katsch, a spokesman for the group, told the DPA news agency that Benedict only apologized for making a mistake in the information he provided to investigators in one case, but “He should actually apologize for the whole process because he is partly responsible for the fact that this priest was able to endanger children in the diocese for decades.”

“That’s the real scandal,” Katsch said, saying that to only admit what can no longer be disputed has become a pattern in the church, and “It really makes you feel like you can’t believe them.”

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