Cardinal Pell is going back to Rome next week to help in the Peter’s Pence scandal as predicted by Zagami

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Article by Leo Zagami 


The sudden resignation of Cardinal Angelo Becciu as Prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes due to a financial scandal, is viewed by many as a win orchestrated behind the scenes by Australian Cardinal George Pell, former Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, who is finally going back to Rome next week to sort out this complex economic situation, after being acquitted in April, as I originally predicted back in February 2020, in two separate articles.

On the 17th of February I wrote :  “Pope Francis wants him back in Rome because of an internal problem within the Vatican bank. In a nutshell, the Secretariat of State, the Vatican’s ultra-powerful coordinating agency, has been involved in a huge scandal last year that only Pell seems able to solve, but of course, he wants freedom and to be able to return to Rome in exchange. The problem was triggered by Holy See’s relationship with a disreputable Swiss bank that ended in internal dispute between the Secretariat of State and Vatican financial authorities. At the center of the conflict was originally a multimillion-dollar line of credit used to fund a controversial investment in London property speculation.” (

Two days later I added: “As the last appeal for Cardinal Pell draws closer, his chances of returning to Rome are increasing every day, as the Opus Dei, who have been in control of Vatican finances for the last 15/20 years and have instigated Vatican investigators to raid the office and residence of Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, the now former investment manager of the Vatican Secretariat of State. The raid happened yesterday, to officially seize documents and computer equipment as part of its ongoing probe into the financial scandal involving the purchase of the exclusive London property, that could eventually return Cardinal Pell to Rome, with the blessings of Queen Elisabeth, regardless of his pedophilia crimes that the Vatican will happily dismiss if the money is returned to Peter’s Pence as I pointed out the day before the raid in question on Infowars.”   (

The Vatican obviously convinced Australia’s highest court to ignore the pedophilia charges against  Pell to enable him to go back to Rome, and one week before his return the once influential head of the Vatican’s Saint-making office, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, enemy of Cardinal Pell, was forced on to resign from his post and renounced to his rights as Cardinal on Thursday, amid a series of financial scandals that were exposed in detail one year ago here on

In October 2020 Francis’ Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, Domenico Giani considered close to Cardinal Angelo Becciu was also forced to resign because of his involvement in the same scandal:

“The Holy Father was elected to clean up Vatican finances. He plays a long game and is to be thanked and congratulated on recent developments,” Cardinal Pell said in a statement released yesterday on September 25th. Pell’s sudden statement one week before his return to Rome drew renewed attention to a rift between the two cardinals after an audit of the Vatican’s financial records ordered by the Australian cardinal in 2016 that was later suspended by Cardinal Becciu. Things are moving apparentely fast in the Vatican, it seems they are putting the finances in order before the arrival of Mike Pompeo on Tuesday.

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