The Blasphemies are piling up in Rome with another insult to Jesus!

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Article by Leo Zagami 


Italy, and Rome, in particular, was once known for the works of Caravaggio, Michelangelo, and Raffaello, beautiful works of art that gave Rome a reputation like no other, but that is no longer the case after the latest stunt by the Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome)  that has specialized in Italian contemporary art from the 1960s-onwards.

The museum is operated by left-wing idiots and has two locations, one in Via Nizza and the other in Testaccio. This weekend, at Via Nizza a blasphemous poster was displayed of Jesus with an erection in front of a child with the words “Ecce homo” and “Erectus” that the artist in question dedicated to the portrait of a pedophile Jesus. This scandalous representation was denounced by the politicians of Fratelli d’Italia, Fabrizio Ghera and Andrea De Priamo, and soon afterward it was removed.


However, Rome is becoming increasingly heretic these days, from the procession of Pachamama to Moloch at the Colosseum to the Communist songs featured in a Sunday mass, and with the still ongoing activities of the pedophile priests, we can see how the Vatican is permitting and even promoting a mockery of the Christian Faith that will not be forgiven by God. For some people, it is hard to imagine that this generation might witness the destruction of Rome under Francis’ heretical pontificate, but his seven-year period of tribulation may end in March of 2020 with a big surprise for the Vatican degenerates and their city of sin.

It was written by St. John the Evangelist over 2,000 years ago in the Apocalypse, the Third Secret and many other prophecies this would happen, but it was not until St. Malachi’s Prophecy of the Popes, that a time for the destruction was given to be at the end of Francis’ period of tribulation, that is coming up next year. Rome’s blasphemy deserves the attention of God and he will make them pay for their sins once and for all!


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