Marxist Anthem ‘Bella Ciao’ sung during Sunday Mass in one of the most beautiful churches in Rome

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Article by Leo Zagami


Earlier this month, Italian members of the new European Commission have been slammed for singing the far-left Marxist song “Bella Ciao” in the European Parliament in Strasbourg but things are even worse this weekend in Rome as the infamous song was sung during a Mass on Sunday evening in the famous Church of St. Louis of the French, a Roman Catholic church in the center of Rome, not far from Piazza Navona. A beautiful church that is known for its art all over the world as it contains a cycle of paintings by the Baroque master Caravaggio on the life of St. Matthew.

The song, which is largely associated with the partisans of Italy during the Second World War and various Marxist groups, was sung by the church choir and the priest that celebrated at the end of mass.

The church, as the name suggests, is connected to the French community since 1480 when the previous church of Santa Maria became the church of Saint Louis of the French. Cardinal Giulio di Giuliano de’ Medici commissioned Jean de Chenevière to build a church for the French community designed by Giacomo della Porta and built by Domenico Fontana between 1518 and 1589, and it was completed with the personal intervention of Catherine de’ Medici, who donated some property in the area. Catherine de’ Medici, the Queen of France, was said by Jean Bodin to have performed the first Black Mass ever based on a story in his 1580 book on witchcraft entitled, De la démonomanie des sorciers.

There is a Satanic connection, but yesterday evening this church is now also known for its progressive liberal stand.“Bella Ciao” was also remixed last year as an EDM song after recent mainstream resurgence. The incident that followed the first national rally in Rome of the left-wing pro-Soros grassroots group calling itself “Sardines” was immediately slammed by Italian League leader Matteo Salvini, former deputy Prime Minister, who wrote on his social media commenting on the video of the event: “This is crazy, singing Bella Ciao in a church on a Sunday evening in Rome, do you think is normal??”

(“Roba da matti, cantare Bella ciao in chiesa una domenica sera a Roma, ma vi pare normale??”)

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Satanism and Communism are taking-over the Catholic Church and this is now becoming more obvious every day. When I was locked up against my will for two weeks in the mental department of  hospital of Subiaco due to my participation in the Italian Pitchfork protests of 2013, Dr. Giuseppe Nicolò, and his colleague, who identified himself in front of my lawyer as a member of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) forced me to listen to “Bella Ciao” every morning and I even have a recording of this unusual and criminal practice. Catholics are invited to protest and take action by contacting the Church of St. Louis of the French at:

Phone: +39 06 688271

Fax: +39 06 68827228





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