Homosexual drug and prostitution ring run by local priest caused Chilean Cardinal to be sued for cover-up



Article by Leo Zagami


Last summer, Chile’s top Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, of Santiago de Chile, was summoned by a local prosecutor after a letter from a fellow bishop accused him of failing to deal with cases of clerical sex abuse by a network of priests calling themselves “The Family”. They are accused of engaging in abuse, prostitution, and homosexuality, more or less the same things practiced by Charles Manson’s “The Family.”

Now Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati and the archdiocese he leads, are being sued for $500,000 for covering up a case of rape that allegedly took place in a bedroom of its local cathedral. The accused priest was said to have a “practically out of control” homosexual lifestyle and faces allegations of abusing at least one minor. He was suspended from the Ministry in 2016. A 2015 preliminary report from the Church of Santiago established that Father Tito Rivera, the priest in question, had a “habitual homosexual behavior, seriously immoral and practically out of control” that even led to rape. The man heading the preliminary investigation by the Church in 2015, Father Walker Acuña, determined in July of the same year, that the testimony of Rojas was, in fact, “credible,”and that his wasn’t the only complaint against Rivera.

For the main victim, Daniel Rojas, this nightmare began in 2015, when at age 40 and in need of financial help, he went to the cathedral asking for money to buy medicine for his daughter. Instead, according to Rojas, Father Rivera took him upstairs, through a long corridor, into a bedroom, gave him a glass of water, and soon after Rojas said he had no control over his body like he was completely drugged. The criminal complaint was recently published by Chilean media outlet Radio Bio Bio and includes a disgustingly graphic description of what allegedly happened after the priest returned from the bathroom in his underwear and raped Rojas. Now the Archdiocese admits they found the original allegation, filed in 2015, days after it happened, to be credible. At the time, Rojas’s partner didn’t believe him, accusing him of having a gay affair with the priest, and kicked him out of the house. He tried to get psychological help from the Church for what happened but said he had doors closed in his face, with priests accusing him of lying, and ever since has been living on the streets, homeless.

Back in 2016, Rojas’s returned to the cathedral when Ezzati was hearing confessions and told him what was done to him. The cardinal reportedly gave him a hug, told him to pray for Rivera, and had another priest give him the equivalent of $50. One of Rivera’s altar boys, also presented photos and videos of the priest having sex with eight other men, one of them a minor, in the bedrooms located on the second floor of the cathedral.

Another witness, also a priest, said that in 2011 a mother had come forward accusing Rivera of “sexually initiating” her son to homosexuality when he was 16. The Archdiocese of Santiago is in turmoil, as the dark compromises of the Chilean Catholic Church are starting to be exposed.

A dossier on Rivera compiled by the Archdiocese includes not only the allegations made by Rojas, but also several other witness statements, including that of the Dean of the cathedral, Monsignor Juan de la Cruz Suarez, the man picked by Cardinal Ezzati to replace him in reciting the Te Deum last year, after the cardinal decided to step down from the celebration after being summoned by the state prosecutor investigation for allegations of abuse cover-up.

Monsignor De la Cruz Suarez confessed that he “knew that [Rivera] used the bedroom of the second floor to bring young men in,” and that he’d advised the accused priest to “be careful,” and that he was the one who gave Rivera the keys.

Sound like another sordid tale from the Catholic Satanic Church of Pope Francis.




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