Anti-Semitism- The Dark Agenda of the Jesuit Pope


Article by Leo Zagami


Pope Francis said earlier today that he was worried about growing anti-Semitism during an audience in the Vatican with a delegation from the Jewish American Committee that went to visit him.”A source of great concern to me is the spread, in many places, of a climate of wickedness and fury, in which an excessive and depraved hatred is taking root,” the Pope said.

He then added, “I think especially of the outbreak of anti-Semitic attacks in various countries.”

But Pope Francis doesn’t mention the main reason for the rise of anti-Semitism is the very invasion of Islamic immigrants that he has actively encouraged with his words and actions since he began his Pontificate. Many Muslim migrants are, in fact, arriving from countries where “anti-Semitism is part of the rationale of the state,” as Abraham Lehrer, Vice-President of Germany’s foremost Jewish organization declared in November of last year, after Lehrer called on the authorities to issue special classes for Muslim immigrants to help stop the expanding spread of anti-Semitism in Germany that hasn’t been this bad since the time of the Nazi’s.

In 2018, nearly 90 percent of European Jews felt that anti-Semitism increased in their home countries over the past five years, and almost 30% said they have been harassed at least once in the past year. This was revealed by a major European Union report published only four months ago, in December 2018. The poll was carried out in 12 European Union member states and was the largest ever of its kind carried out worldwide. No true actions to stop the disturbing phenomena were taken anywhere, just empty promises and words like the ones given by the Pope. Bergoglio deliberately ignores the Islamic problem in the West, and said instead to the Jewish delegation: Today I wish to reiterate that it is necessary to be vigilant about such a phenomenon.”

Aside from encouraging the very perpetrators of this phenomenon, being the majority of today’s Muslims, what are you doing to stop this, Pope Francis? He instead said to his Jewish visitors, that interreligious dialogue was an important tool in the fight against hatred and anti- Semitism.  “Jews and Christians share a rich spiritual heritage, which allows us to do much good together,”  Pope Francis said, adding,

“At a time when the West is exposed to a depersonalizing secularism, it falls to believers to seek out each other and to cooperate in making divine love more visible for humanity; and to carry out concrete gestures of closeness to counter the growth of indifference.”

Pope Francis likes to impress us with nice words and concepts but doesn’t tackle the real problem involving the rise of anti-Semitism, being the uncontrolled spread of Islam in the West. Pope Francis is too busy uniting with his Muslim brothers and sisters, in prayer to Almighty God, “All Merciful.”He is slowly shaping his upcoming “One World Religion,” with the help of the Muslim world and the creation of “Chrislam.”

The New York Times reported last year that Gunther Jikeli, a German historian at Indiana University conducted a meticulous study of Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe and in 16 surveys conducted over the past 12 years in Europe, Anti-Semitism is significantly higher among Muslims than among non-Muslims, Mr. Jikeli wrote.  “There is a kind of norm of anti-Semitism, of viewing Jews negatively,” he said in an interview. Muslim leaders in France expressed outrage over these accusations. They dismissed them and argued instead that the “new anti-Semitism” catchphrase wrongly places broad-brush blame on the country’s Muslims at a time when anti-Muslim bigotry is rising in France and elsewhere in Europe, but the evidence suggests something very different.

The reported acts of violence against France’s 500,000 Jews, has, in fact, increased dramatically between 2016 and 2018, and more than 50,000 have moved to Israel since 2000, compared with about 25,000 French Jews who left between 1982 and 2000. Tens of thousands of others have left the peripheries of Paris and Lyon, where Muslim populations are on the rise and have retrenched in neighborhoods with larger Jewish populations, but Pope Francis doesn’t say a word about it, showing his true anti-Semitic agenda.

We should remember that anti-Zionism – the opposition to a Jewish-majority state in Palestine, is not always anti-Semitism, but many anti-Zionists do cross the line increasingly into anti-Semitism, unfortunately, and it also happens in the so-called “Truth movement.” The criticism is, of course, for Israel, not the Jewish people, but backing Islamic Palestine these days can’t be the solution, because Islam is simply the Trojan Horse of the Vatican, and the Jesuits control all the Islamic factions. At the same time, Jesuits work hand in hand with Labor Zionism, the Satanic faction of the Jewish community, and the Rothschilds. Of course, the Jesuits control most of Freemasonry and banking thanks to their alliance to certain elements of the Jewish community, like the Rothschilds, but that doesn’t justify any form of anti-Semitism that can only help further the dark agenda of the Vatican Jesuits and Pope Francis “The False Prophet, ” the real enemy of humanity, together with the future Antichrist.




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