The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics vol. 6.66

                                 FEBRUARY 2019   NEW BOOK BY LEO LYON ZAGAMI

Leo Zagamy Confessions 666

                                     CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOL. 6.66

“Nobody is more accurate than Leo Zagami!”

 ~ Alex Jones, 2019


From Rome, the home of exorcism comes the latest shocking book from the most controversial Vatican insider of all time.

Zagami reveals to the world for the first time with new compelling evidence, the sabotage of the Catholic Church and the most sinister plot ever-devised by Cyber Satan and his Legion to enslave humanity through the use of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, with the help of the Vatican Jesuits and the upcoming One World Religion.

You will read how the Second Vatican Council has literally opened the Gates of Hell, the links between the film The Exorcist, 2001 Space Odyssey and the United Nations and their evil push for Transhumanism, and an in depth look into the secrets behind the Black Mass and Exorcism.

Not for the faint of heart, this latest book by Zagami is sure to open your eyes to the future Cyberhell that awaits us all.


                                                                       Table of contents vol. 6.66


Introduction by the Author

Chapter One

Satan prefers the Catholic Church these days

The mission of Volume 6

The reason why there are more Satanists in the Catholic Clergy than in the Church of Satan

The end of the Church and the rise of modern Satanism

Nuns, Priests, and Celibacy gave birth to the Black Mass


Chapter Two

We are the people of the Apocalypse

Cardinal Pell: Satan’s Little Helper

New scandals for the Church reveal the End-times are imminent

Vatican –Muslim Satanic alliance serving the A.I.

The reasons why Pope Francis is “Perfectly Possessed”

The Fall of the Vatican and the denial of the existence of hell


Chapter Three

Beastly Signs

Mark of the Beast

The Vatican and Hollywood Unite in Satanic Meditation

Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Vatican’s hidden agenda

The Exorcist, the Jesuits, and the Second Coming of Christ

The Jesuits direct supervision of The Exorcist

Teilhard and the Jesuit influenced New World Order



Chapter Four

The Decline of the NWO and the establishment of a One World Religion

Global Compact, Knights of Malta and the Kalergi plan

The end of the EU and the rise of the dragon

Pope Francis and illegal immigration was built to destabilize the West

Pope Francis and One World Religion Unveiled

Annunaki, the demonic allies of the Vatican

Why UFO disclosure has been avoided in the Trump era


Chapter Five

The Age of Change and Artificial Illusion

Why are abductions in decline and exorcisms on the rise?

LaVey, Donkey Kong and the origins of evil in video games

Video games, Virtual Reality, and Satanism

The Antichrist will Control Humans Through the Web

Artificial Intelligence and Satan’s Robotic Agenda

Satanic Sex robots were inspired and prophecied by the founder of the Church of Satan


Chapter Six

Satan Rising

Anno Satanae I


How Paris became the headquarters of the global Satanic takeover

Child Sacrifice is now practiced in the open by Satanists

A Satanic Timeline of events

The Black Mass By Rev. Montague Summers

The Black Mass Within Vatican Walls

Exorcisms by phone while the Pope fights Gnosticism

George Soros, the demon behind the Jesuit Pope

Legion is in the air you can feel the demons everywhere

Lucifer recommended for parole

Satanism is a False Prophet that raped 300 women and is loved by Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton


Chapter Seven

Secrets of The Rite of Exorcism                                   

Understanding the four stages of demonic possession              

Meaning and Importance of the Exorcism Rite                    

Explaining the 1999 Exorcism revision to the layman                  

The Major Rite of Exorcism and the 21 untouched instructions

Demonic possession or mental illness?



Brief extract from the books introduction:

I was born in Italy, and raised in the 70s and 80s, when Theosophy was available to a whole new audience of spiritual tourists, often experimenting with the wonders of the New Age Movement with drugs and psychedelia. In 1966, four years before my birth, the Church of Satan was established in windy San Francisco by a bunch of Crowleyan Theosophists preparing for the advent of the dark side of the Age of Aquarius and the rise of Lucifer. One of them in particular, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino (b.1946) from Psychological Operations, U.S. Army (Ret.) is still an active figure of the Theosophical Society.

There is a passage in The Secret Doctrine, that is only a few lines on page 389 of Vol. 2, where Illuminati guru Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) explains her own vision of evil and the devil. I find it quite revealing because it shows the necessity for evil in the Illuminati elite of today that follow her teachings: There is no Devil, no Evil, outside mankind to produce a Devil. “Evil is a necessity in, and one of the supporters of the manifested universe. It is a necessity for progress and evolution, as night is necessary for the production of Day, and Death for that of Life — that man may live forever.”

In 1875, the founder of the Theosophical Society that was established at the roots of the New Agephenomena and Modern Satanism, presents an illustration of a flower that is bathed during the day in the scorching heat of the sun, but eventually needs night for the life of the plant to prosper, just as evil is considered by the “illuminated” elite, as a  necessity for human beings trapped in the materialistic stage of existence. In my latest book, I want to focus on my most difficult experiences in dealing with demonology and exorcism.

Leo Zagami has written over a dozen books, including the best seller Pope Francis: The Last Pope?, released in the US by CCC Publishing. He lives in Rome, Italy with his wife Christy, who runs Cursum perficio publishinghouse.His trilogy, and other books, were also bestsellers in Italy and Japan a few years earlier.  This book as Volume 5 have been written entirely in the English language, and not translated from Italian.


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