Italian deputy PM Matteo Salvini criticizes the open invocation of Satan on Italian TV



Article by Leo Zagami


Matteo Salving, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy,  is worried about the problem of Satanic sects in Italy after the invocation of Satan on National Italian TV (RAI). A post  from two days ago from Salvini cites also the advice of known exorcist don Aldo Buonaiuto.



The open invocation made to Satan on RAI talked about yesterday on The Alex Jones Show seems to have shocked most Italian Catholics.

The incredible Satanic stunt was made last week, by Virginia Raffaele, one of the presenters at the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo, the most popular Italian song contest of the year.

This demonstrates that Italy is now completely in the hands of Satanists that are not fearing any repercussions from the Pope  and are now starting to publicly worship Satan on TV.

In the meantime, it is reported that the Italian Ministry of Education has invited professors of all faculties from the official platform Miur Sofia, to participate in courses of exorcism.


                                                    This is the TV passage in question



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  1. The Pope needs to leave the weather in Gods hands and lead the fight against satan who certainly exists
    even though some Jesuits have abolished the devil and his billions of demonic hordes .

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