Gay Drama Explodes in the Vatican as Pope Francis prepares to defrock Archbishop McCarrick




Article by Leo Zagami

Archbishop Theodore McCarrick will reportedly be laicized today if finally found guilty of sexually abusing minors. Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrel, controls the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life and for this reason, there is total chaos in the Vatican today as Farrel is forced to move against his friend and lover.

This is the same Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who one year ago, barred several speakers set to address an annual women’s event inside the Vatican over concerns about LGBT positions, prompting organizers to find another venue.

All good Vatican hypocrites believe in preaching their values but never practicing them. This is the Vatican, a place of perverts and pedophiles that practice Satanism and celebrate The Black Mass with human sacrifices.

If McCarrick is laicized, the Church will no longer be responsible for providing him with housing, medical care, or any other financial benefits. He will not be permitted to celebrate Mass or any other sacraments, except in situations he is unlikely to encounter, such as being with a person in danger of death. It is not yet known whether McCarrick will leave the Kansas friary where he has been living a life of prayer and penance, though he is reported to have some financial means at his disposal, and is likely entitled civilly to a Church pension.



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  1. Good evening,
    Mr. Zagami,

    Could you confirm rumors in America.

    Catholic Church admits 90% clergy are homosexuals and 1/3 are involved in human trafficking.


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