Catholic priest close to Pope Francis investigated by the Italian authorities for illegal immigration

Article by Leo Zagami


Io e il Papa

Pope Francis and Don Mussie Zerai


Don Mussie Zerai is among the supporters of an indiscriminate “invasion” of refugees and illegal immigrants. He is a priest, and a fan of Pope Francis, who in the past, supported the Syrian rebels close to Al-Qaeda, and was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.

The scandal breaks on Italian TV:

Don Zerai, from the Eritrean humanitarian agency Habesha:

based in Rome and founded in 2006, for years has been the benchmark of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. Now he is under investigation for aiding and abetting illegal immigration: his name appears in a criminal investigation in Trapani, (Siciliy) on the NGO’s involved in human trafficking.



Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

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Over the past several decades, the Catholic Church has become an influential voice in matters of politics. Pope Francis has been very vocal about many things but what is most interesting is his globalist views and his critical attitude regarding sovereignty and the leadership of the United States.

His support of Agenda 2030 which are outlined as The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals has created controversy because of the detailed targeting of women and reproductive laws.

Sustainable development goals include the enforcement of contraception and in some cases abortion.

They posit in their bylaws that people under the global law will have “sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights”, however, the devil is in the details and the details include eugenics directives that have been commonly used by United Nation bodies, and by many national governments and international agencies to refer to limits to birth, access to abortion and contraception, including contraception that can have an abortifacient mode of action. The population control and “reproductive rights” movements have always intended that these terms should include abortion, as well as contraception, and they use them consistently in order to achieve zero population growth.


The internet is filled with revelations of how the global elite want to depopulate humanity by 90%. Landmarks such as the Georgia Guidestones are top of the evidence list for proof of this agenda. There is an emerging body of evidence that the Georgia Guidestones are a correct representation of this idea.

With the Vatican increasingly endorsing new “how to live” rules for their followers and society, they have clearly become more political than they’ve been in a long time — they not only are telling people how to live, but they are also hinting at the fact that a few people will have to perish and others will have to remain unborn in order to fulfill this agenda proposed by the United Nations.

In early February of this year, there was a workshop that was jointly sponsored by the pontifical academy of sciences and pontifical academy of social sciences that focused on “Biological Extinction how to save the natural world on which we depend.”

A synopsis of the Pope and the Biological Extinction Panels discussion is that mankind’s last hope of living ‘sustainably’ is to be non-existent, therefore don’t have children. One of the natural methods mentioned by the panel was that of ‘taxes and regulations.’ Surprisingly that’s already in the works at the United Nations.

The audacity of the Catholic Church and the Pope to support such ideology can be understood by the research used to showcase their message. Dr. Paul Ehrlich, one of the key speakers at the symposium supports mass murder.

Ehrlich has defended mass sterilization, sex-selective abortion and infanticide.

Ehrlich, gained celebrity status through the publication of his 1968 doomsday bestseller, The Population Bomb. The book ignited mass hysteria over the future of the world and the earth’s ability to sustain human life. Ehrlich launched a series of frightening predictions that turned out to be spectacularly wrong, creating the myth of unsustainable population growth.




Among his predictions, Ehrlich prophesied that hundreds of millions would starve to death in the 1970s, that already-overpopulated India was doomed, and that odds were fair that “England will not exist in the year 2000.” To allow women to have as many children as they want, Ehrlich has said, is like letting people “throw as much of their garbage into their neighbor’s backyard as they want.”

In his book, Ehrlich concluded that “sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come,” meaning “an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity.”

Remember, he said this in 1968!

In an interview published by The Guardian, Ehrlich, advocated for cutting the world’s population by 6 billion people to bring it down to 1 billion.

“A world population of around a billion would have an overall pro-life effect,” The Guardian indirectly quoted Sanford biologist Paul Ehrlich as saying. “This could be supported for many millennia and sustain many more human lives in the long term compared with our current uncontrolled growth and prospect of sudden collapse.”

Furthermore, Sir Partha Dasgupta, a Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; spoke at the Biological Extinction event and declared that “Biologists are now saying half of all species could be extinct by end of century,” the largest “extinction event” in millions of years will lead to “the eradication of most other life forms.” According to Ehrlich, the ecological catastrophe is man-made, mainly by rich western countries and will only be prevented by the radical social and economic changes needed to save the planet’s biosphere.


This scaremongering ideology is derived directly from eugenics plans and directives; so why is the Catholic Church supporting this? Better yet why is the Pope urging families to limit the amount of children? Using such ideology rampantly showcases the blasphemy within the Catholic Church and further proves that there is a cathedra occulta or hidden chair that has now infiltrated the Vatican.

The radical ideology being pushed by the Extinction panel, the Pope, the United Nations, educators, and prominent scientists, foretells what is to come upon the following generations, severe population control. What could quite possibly start as regulations and taxes could quickly escalate into the sterilization of billions of people.

No institution in the world today has a deeper or richer experience dealing with population control than the Catholic Church. Throughout its 2000 year history the Church has made the regulation of human life on the planet, both in terms of quality and quantity, its holy grail.

The Church has been at the center of this struggle to civilize man and to keep the peace. To succeed, it realized early on that regulating life is key to social engineering.

The continuity of the Church over centuries has given it the perspective necessary to uncover long-term trends and to trace social disruptions through their long chains of cause and effect all the way down to their original sources, which on a society-wide level is unrestrained population growth.

Population growth outstrips food production and resources leading to hardship, hardship leads to war, war leads to mass death of men, mass death of men leads to women without husbands, women without husbands leads to desperation, desperation leads to prostitution, prostitution leads to temptation, temptation leads to weakening of the family, a weakening of the family leads to social instability, social instability leads to conflict, conflict leads to waste of resources, waste of resources leads to hardship, hardship leads to war. And so the vicious cycle once entered is almost impossible to escape.

In the agendas of world economic and environmental sustainability your economic burden on society cannot be tolerated during unprecedented economic times. The growing population of elderly individuals will be an incredible burden on a faltering system. Some governmental think tanks see younger generations pursuing euthanasia policies as an option. While we are asked to recycle waste, there are those who wish to recycle or remove Human life for world sustainability.

Al Gore’s message of sustainability has once again shown up in theaters as his inconvenient sequel got rave reviews from biased critics, but the box office tallies are showing that people are waking up to these sustainability agendas which include population control and the culling of the population.


Gore has repeatedly echoed eugenics and depopulation views about Africa.

He has stated that overpopulation is the problem there. Gore concludes that overpopulation is putting great strains on their natural resources and threatening the integrity of their ecological systems, He may be correct, however when using terms of overpopulation, zero population growth, and demanding population decrease worldwide in order to stave off a convoluted global warming agenda you have to see what the bottom line is with regards to global sustainability.

It is similar to Hitler’s proposed “sifting of human material” in which genocide is used to eliminate the carbon footprints of what the elite see as bottom feeders.

In Gore’s book “Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human spirit” he advocated population reduction of 2 billion people.

Al Gore sees Pope Francis as a powerful voice in the sustainability movement.

Gore recently appeared on a CNN town hall meeting with Father John S. Ruash and said “I’m a Protestant, but I’ll tell you, because of Pope Francis, I really could become a Catholic. He is really an amazing spiritual leader.”

The newly-contrived sustainability policies provided by the United Nations, supported by the Pope and the Vatican, will provide never ending problems that will be solved in a heavy handed matter that will mean the surrender of your property, your lively hood, and your ability to live comfortably.

It is vital that you realize and prepare for more manufactured crises to justify the meddling of the United Nations in world affairs.

They will need to be pinpointed and carried out for maximum impact in order to create a climate of fear and absolute urgency to maintain a fear based consensus that will demand a solution as easy and as fast as possible, agreed upon by a frightened world who demands knee jerk solutions where freedoms are decimated and enslavement is employed by consent.

People out of fear tend to think that if an authority like the Pope speaking ex cathedra that a new policy is for their own good it must be. We are now standing against the wrong things and empty causes because psychologically the world is falling into voluntary entrapment where it appears we are asking for protection from the villains who have created the world’s problems.

So I believe it is now terrifying to see a Pope and a think tank within the Vatican siding or participating in secret eugenics directives in line with the United Nation’s Global Sustainability charter where coordinating global genocide appears to be the UN’s primary objective.




Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

We ”may be” living the end times of the apocalypse, says Cardinal Burke

Article by Leo Zagami




After Donald Trump told Kim Jong-un to expect “fire and fury”, if he continues to threaten the United States, North Korea sent a warning overnight that it might attack the US airbase on Guam. Yes, Kim Jong-un’s demented regime responded that it was “carefully examining” a plan to create an “enveloping fire” around the US territory of Guam, and Anderson air force base – located 2,100 miles away (3,400km) from North Korea. The People’s Army (KPA) said it would use its medium- to long-range Hwasong-12 missile to “contain” the base, unless the US ceased its “reckless military provocation”.


In the meantime, U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, in a speech July 22nd 2017, at the “Church Teachers Forum” in Louisville, said that, in his opinion, the times we are living “realistically seem to be apocalyptic.” Burke, one of the Church’s leading canon law experts, outlined how evils now commonly accepted in the West’s “ravaged” culture have now managed to infiltrate the Church, passing from the shepherds to the sheep. The American Cardinal Raymond Burke, seen as a leading traditionalist, always critical of Pope Francis, is linked to Trump’s mastermind Steve Bannon, also stated that the, “Confusion, division, and error” within the Catholic Church coming from “shepherds” even at the highest levels, indicate that we “may be” in the end times, something I have written in my book, Pope Francis: The last Pope? Burke is definitly spot on when he stated during his Kentucky speech , “We are living in the most troubled times in the world, and also in the Church.” Unfortunately, the liberal-biased media, and other mercenaries of the Soros/Pope Francis New World Order, will not report the words of Cardinal Burke, and continue to attack President Donald J. Trump, on a daily basis, on all his initiatives.


We must listen to the important words of Cardinal Burke, who said that evil has now managed to infiltrate the Church, passing from the shepherds to the sheep, and that the evil is the same one that is controlling and manipulating both the Democratic Party and also those Republican mercenaries of the NWO, like John McCain.


Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

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Jesuit General says the devil doesn’t exist!

Article by Leo Zagami


“My dear brethren, do not ever forget, when you hear the progress of lights praised, that the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”  




Father Arturo Sosa SJ and Pope Francis Photo from:


Father Arturo Sosa SJ, 31st General of the Society of Jesus, and the first non-European general of the Jesuits, has shocked the Catholic world in a recent interview to El Mundo, the second largest printed daily newspaper in Spain:


Arturo Sosa (Caracas, 1948), is someone who seems to be a reflection of the Pontiff, one the black Pope (Father Sosa), and the other the white Pope (Francis). They are not only the two most powerful figures in Catholicism today, but also two of the most influential people in the diabolic Jesuit led New World Order. Sosa is not only Latin American like Bergoglio, but also just as progressive, who says the devil is only a symbol of evil.


Sosa made this surprising statement on the figure of the devil:


“From my perspective, evil is part of the Ministry of liberty. If the human being is free, he can choose between good and evil. We Christians believe to be made in the image in the likeness of God, so God is free, but God always chooses to do good because it is all goodness. We created symbolic figures, like the devil, to express the evil. The social conditioning also represents this figure, there are people who act this way because there is an environment where it is very difficult to do the opposite. “


The Bible shows that Satan does exist, and has great power, but for the Black Pope he is just a convenient figment of our imagination.



Of course, not everyone agrees…



Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican


New Revelations on demonic possession from Leo’s wife:


An Intelligence Professional confirms the pedophile elite are trying to overthrow Trump

Article by Leo Zagami


On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Christopher Wray as the new FBI director of the Trump Era. An Italian source within the Intelligence Community, explained that this could mean that Wray could finally take over with the direction of the FBI, where inquiries about the infamous pedophile network, the Clinton Foundation, and global transnational style corruption,  have been blocked for months, if not years. This is driven by the Liberal elite, and people like George Soros, who are secretly financing and promoting, the “silent coup against President Trump.


In particular, investigations into the first two strands – pedophilia and the Clinton Foundation – seem to present developments that could promise epocal changes. Last Jannuary 2017, Michael Moore stated to the press that, “The US is in the middle of a coup” and that “the US state is being overthrown by Mr Trump, and the people he has appointed to govern alongside him.”


Well, that was of course a lie, because the liberal media and left wing intellectuals, like Michael Moore, have been working with Soros , the Clinton Foundation and Pope Francis, to feed people with lies, and it should be considered treason.


So, what will happen? If what is emerging comes true, it can be assumed that the global network of pedophiles will be dismantled, with scandals across the globe. That is, hitting in particular the global elites, often devoted to such deviations. Deep State Operatives are attempting A Coup D’Etat of Donald Trump, because they fear this.


In general, the traitors run the serious risk of being prosecuted once Trump manages to expose those who have organized this Coup d’Etat for months, with the support of Obama, financed by George Soros . An Intell source for Scenari, who signs himself as Mitt Dolcino, stated, “You know, the US military hardly forgives betrayal, and are not tender, especially with the servants of the State that have soiled themselves by betrayal. I see a terrible future for Comey, former FBI Chief .”

Source for Mitt Dolcino’s statements:



Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican



Article by Leo Zagami

PANews -

Anthony Scaramucci briefing the media during his brief spell as White House communications director (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


Nomen (est) omen in Latin means “the name is a sign”. A name is supposed to suggest certain traits of personality (if you talk about a person) or behavior. I’m not sure how to explain this any clearer, but Scaramucci in Italian is a derivative of “Scaramuccia”. Scaramuccia in Italian, means “skirmish”, a Battle of short duration, and minimum influence, on the final outcome of war. So no big deal Anthony Scaramucci, whose name was definitely a sign of things to come, is out as White House communications director, after only 11 days on the job – and just hours after former General John Kelly took over as President Donald Trump’s new Chief of Staff.


Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

Chaos overnight at a club in Germany, turbulent times realized

Article by Leo Zagami


Sunday, July 30, 2017, tragedy struck once again in Northern Europe, as a man opened fire around 04:30 (01:30 GMT) in a nightclub in Germany, killing one person. The shooting comes just after a stabbing attack from an Islamist in Hamburg left two people killed and six injured. So once again, Angela Merkel’s demented immigration policies are jeopardizing the security and health of the German people, who seem totally brainwashed by liberal media, and EU propaganda.

The gunman, who according to reports from Bild newspaper, was an Iraqi national, and was known to police, who was shot, and later died in the hospital. That was after he killed two, and seriously injured three, at the packed nightclub in the city of Konstanz – close to the Swiss border.




This scene unfortunately reminded me of an incident that happened in Germany, a few months ago, while I was DJing in a club in Berlin, as some of you may know, aside from journalism, my other passion is music, where I am known as Leo Young (


I would like to include the following extract from my wife’s recent book, Confessions of an Illuminati Princess, to help you understand the extent of what is happening in Germany these days.


Small extract from Confessions of an Illuminati Princess, by Christy Zagami:


We made our way to the DJ booth, and were warmly greeted by the other DJ’s. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I put my heavy record bag down, and Leo prepared for his set. The room we were playing in was underground, which just added to the whole industrial effect. This is going to be an experience, I thought to myself, as I fiddled with the video camera on my phone.

An hour went by, as I filmed Leo’s first set to post on Youtube and Facebook. I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around me, or the man that kept trying to speak German in my ear. I continued to ignore him, but I could see that Leo noticed, and was becoming distracted and agitated. I muttered, “I don’t speak German, sorry”. He then asked “Where are you from?” I said “America,” and that is when I looked up for the first time to see that I was face to face with a Muslim man.   He was about 24 years old, shorter than me, and he was smoking a joint. I was startled at that point, as his smile faded, and his face became very dark.


“America? I spit on America.” And to my amazement, he actually spit on the floor in front of me. He then said, “You know where I am from?” “Morocco”, he proudly stated, before I could answer. At that point he pulled up the sleeve of his colorful sweater, and with his lighter, he illuminated his forearm, so I could see the tattoo of a bird with spread wings, and a red star . I had no idea what this meant, but it couldn’t be good. Sweater guy looked at me with disgust, and then he stormed off! I stood there in shock, as I watched him disappear into the red smoke of the club. Where was he going, to get bombs? I thought to myself. Oh god, why did I have to tell him I am American? How stupid can I be? My worst fears were realized in that brief moment of exchange. I started to sweat, and looked over at Leo, who was concentrating intently on his DJ set. Once he started playing, it was impossible to get his attention. I scanned the room and spotted one of the organizers out on the dance floor, and quickly went over to her, pulling her to the side so I could tell her what happened. She also noticed the guy I described, and told me he gave her the creeps. I asked what we should do? Since he didn’t threaten me in any way, there was nothing more she could do, we would have to wait and see what happened.


Fortunately for us, the outcome of this experience was positive, but unfortunately this was not the case for the poor victims of the Grey nightclub in Kostanz.


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Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican



Judgement Day for Cardinal Pell

Article by Leo Zagami

On Sunday, the 23rd of July, Pope Francis addressed those gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus, saying, “We are all sinners”. Three days later, Pell was greeted by chaos, when he arrived to court escorted by police, who was greeted by a large group of protesters gathered before the Tribunal, calling for justice and shouting: “You’re never too old to be arrested for pedophilia!” and, “Thanks to Parliament for having believed in the survivors!”

The Vatican is putting increasing pressure on the media, by beginning a massive disinfo operation. Many have come forward from liberal circles, such as former minister and former Australian Ambassador in Italy, Amanda Vanston, who hopes that the Royal Commission on child abuse is in search of the truth, not a blood sacrifice to appease the screaming crowd. There is also Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister, and a Catholic, who described longtime friend, Cardinal Pell, as “a very good man.”

93aee870139042c89209dfbd373049fa-kYSG-U43350145328198ekC-1224x916@Corriere-Web-Sezioni-593x443Cardinal George Pell (Ap/Gelinau)

You can see Pell’s arrogance, as Media surrounded him and his legal team, to include top criminal barrister, Robert Richter QC, as he approached the court entrance today.

Cardinal Pell did not speak during the six-minute hearing.

“For the avoidance of doubt and because of the interest, might I indicate, that Cardinal Pell pleads not guilty to all charges, and will maintain his presumed innocence that he has,” Mr Richter told the court.

Pell was granted leave by the Pope, to return to Australia from the Vatican, for his day in court, but behind closed doors, he is pressuring the Australian Gorvernment to end what he believes is just waste of precious time. The pedophile mafia operating at the highest echelons of the New World Order, wants Cardinal Pell out of the spotlight, and will do whatever possible to make that happen.


Protesters wear masks and hold placards as they await the arrival of Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in Australia CREDIT:REUTERS

Last year, the Australian media reported on interviews with two men, now in their 40s, who said they were touched inappropriately at Eureka swimming pool in the late 1970s, when Cardinal Pell was a senior priest in the city of Melbourne. “He would play games like throw the kids out of the water,” Lyndon Monument, a former student claimed, to the channel ABC.

“You know, his hand touching your genitals and stuff on the outside of your bathers or shorts. And then that slowly became hand down the front of the pants or your bathers or whatever you call them.”

Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

Tomorrow the Church will face its demons

Article by Leo Zagami


The Vatican is awaiting with trepidation,  what could be the beginning of the end of the Catholic Church in Australia, and what might become the trial of the century. Cardinal George Pell is due to appear in court tomorrow, in the Victoria state capital of Melbourne, on what Victoria Police described as multiple counts of “historical sexual assault offenses” — meaning crimes that generally occurred years ago.

Pell is the most senior Vatican cleric to ever be charged in the Roman Catholic Church for sexual abuse, as no sitting Vatican official has ever faced a criminal indictment for sexual abuse. When police announced the charges last month, Pell vowed to fight the allegations, saying: “The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorent to me” but we all know the lies of George Pell.

The two men who made abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell say they are “over the moon” about the decision to lay charges. But their lawyer stated to the Herald Sun, they were not confident the case would be successful. It is up to us, the alternative media to build pressure around this very important case. So please dear readers, share this information on your social media accounts, before the largest disinfo operation in history, could send it into oblivion

Clergy sexual abuse survivor Andrew Collins stated that the fact that Cardinal George Pell had finally been charged, was something he never thought he would hear as “Cardinal Pell … is one of the most powerful men on the earth,”.


Well if Cardinal Pell falls, it’s only a matter of time before the Vatican pedophile network goes down with him, so let’s pray for this very important day for the future of humanity, the 26th of July 2017.


Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican