The Pedophile Wizards of Hollywood

Article by Leo Lyon Zagami



birds of a feather flock together…


James Franco’s sexuality has been the subject of much speculation, even for himself. The actor/artist/author once conducted an interview between his straight and gay selves. In a New York Magazine interview published in 2016 , the actor elaborated on the subject, describing himself as “a little gay.” However he is also a little bit of a pedophile, as he also tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl from Scotland, visiting New York in 2014. The two crossed paths after she snapped a photo of him following a performance of Of Mice and Men, and tagged it on Instagram. They later engaged in a flirty conversation, in which he asked her to meet up at a hotel. She posted it all to Imgur, and the messages spread like wildfire.




James Franco, who is a good friend of Harvey Weinstein, has also formed a musical side project a few years go, appropriately entitled Daddy, with his fellow Rhode Island School of Design alumnus Tim O’Keefe. In their debut album released last year, entitled, not suprisingly, Let Me Get What I Want, the opening track of the album is called, “I’m a Sword Swallower “. There is also the appearance of another shocking video, made for the Prince Rama Remix, shot by Franco at the Chateau Marmont, and described by O’Keefe as “a short film that explores gender, power play and Hollywood lore in a cinematic psychedelic dream.”



We can easily view the perversion flowing in Daddy’s video’s,  when producer Ted James remixed one of Daddy’s songs, “Love in the Old Days,” where Franco cast none other than Kenneth Anger, a IX° of the Ordo Templi Orientis Illuminati sect, for his music video, presiding over a weird masked bacchanal, based on Anton LaVey’s lycanthropic “Das Tierdrama” ritual, (which was, in turn, based on The Island of Doctor Moreau by HG Wells).




In 2017, the exposure of serial sexual predator and Hollywood Democrat kingpin Harvey Weinstein, raises even more questions on the true nature of the link between pedophilia and and the occult side of Hollywood, and the comments on the video “I’m a Sword Swallower ” seem to grasp the true nature of the Franco’s role:


Shaun Vickers wrote:


Interesting choice to carve the female pedophilia symbol on her arm.


smokeyxTHAbear wrote:


And James Franco directed the making if this video?   Well now… There’s kind of a creepy I can get raped anytime vibe to this song.


In my latest book The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our Society, I explain by showing in detail, the rise of the left wing liberal Satanist’s agenda in society, and its many links to the most deviant sexual practices, and what the infamous Aleister Crowley called “Magick” with a K.


Based on L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels and set 20 years before the events of the original novel, Oz the Great and Powerful, is a 2013 American fantasy adventure film directed by Sam Raimi, starring James Franco, and is a spiritual prequel to the 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film, The Wizard of Oz.


Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz, was a member of the Theosophical Society, an occult organization, and part of the Illuminati network, whose secrets are described in my new book like never before!


Aleister Crowley believed Pan to be the Wizard of Oz, and Pan is for some, the world’s most infamous sex predator, just like Harvey Weinstein and many others in Holle, or Holly-wood (Hel-wood, the “place of magic”), and home of the darkest side of the Illuminati described in my latest book. Crowley also wrote “Liber OZ” (or “Book 77”) just a single page, purporting to declare mankind’s basic and intrinsic rights according to Crowley’s infamous philosophy of Thelema were he states Man has the right to live by his own law.



Aleister Crowley is best known under his monikers of “The Wickedest Man in the World” or “The Beast 666,” (from Aleister Crowley’s Book 4) but his influence goes much deeper, and my new book will help you to understand why.

The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society 

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Leo Zagami’s latest shocking revelations on Infowars

AcoverTheDecline of


Leo reveals for the first time on the WAR ROOOM on Infowars the real role of James Franco as disciple of  Kenneth Anger the current high priest of Satanism in Hollywood as defined in his latest book The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our Society:



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Important members of today’s esoteric and Masonic world like David Griffin and Mark Stavish featured on Leo Zagami’s book The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our Society  made also some shocking revelations in Zagami’s book.



My latest book reveals the decline of Hollywood and much more!


cover The Decline..

Cover of Leo Zagami‘s book by Brad Kwiatek


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Article by Leo Lyon Zagami 


Many of the social problems we are facing today are the outcome of something invisible, and ignored by the majority of people. We are in a magical war, with an invisible network of evil Satanic manipulators, in cahoots with groups like the Jesuits, who have gradually infiltrated all organized religions, the old mystery schools, and Freemasonry, resulting in the materialistic left wing ideology of today. There is also the Islamic take over of the West, that is gradually destroying all Christian values, in their attempt to enslave humanity.


We are faced daily, with a seemingly impossible to grasp reality, as in the recent case of the Las Vegas Massacre, or the Weinstein scandal, which only scratches the surface of their evil game. For this reason, The Decline of the Western Initiatic System, and the rise of Satanism in our society, is a book like no other, where I expose the deep roots of this liberal (Satanic) empire.


As I wrote in my latest book, a long time before any of the latest Hollywood scandals, Kenneth Anger became “a household name for penning the pop culture masterpiece “Hollywood Babylon” (First Edition 1959), the first book to expose the rampant homosexuality and deviancy in the film industry and a must read for anyone interested in American cultural history.”



Kenneth Anger, James Franco and Brian Butler at L&M Arts. December 13, 2012. 


However, not many people know that Anger is the current High Priest of  Satanism, and the O.T.O. in Hollywood, for many years, and the roots of today’s perversions are well described throughout the book:


“I have been blacklisted in Hollywood after the release of my previous books, and my open support for President Donald J. Trump….”


“but thanks to Infowars and other alternative outlets, we hope to stop them in spreading their evil ideology.”


In this book you will find, interviews with two important US figures of today’s magical world and Freemasonry, two guys that are fighting the decline of the Western Initiatic System.


One is David Griffin, G.H. Frater LVX Ex Septentrionis Imperator, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C. Imperator, and Rosicrucian Mystery School of AΩ. The other is the author and Freemason Mark Stavish, from Wyoming Lodge No. 468, Director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, who published several books worldwide related to Freemasonry, and is often used as an expert consultant for programs on Freemasonry for the History Channel and Animal Planet.



David Griffin 


Griffin makes shocking statements in his interview about the ongoing magical War to defend Trump and humanity:


For centuries, Illuminati slavers have held the upper hand in the magical war for the future of humanity. Why? Because they are willing to use the most evil forms of Magick, including human sacrifice to achieve their aims. It is extremely difficult to overcome the power of such evil Magick, without resorting to evil and becoming contaminated by it oneself. 

Things have changed recently though. At Winter Solstice 2015, we rallied a rag tag magical militia made up of Christian prayer warriors, Magicians, Witches, and Shamans, to synchronize our Magick and prayers at the time of the Winter Solstice, with the common intention to ”bind Daesh” (ISIS) who had been goose-stepping across the Middle East back then, taking slaves completely unchecked.




I am aware, however of a group of Satanists and misguided Wiccans who have been doing monthly ”binding spells” against President Trump and his supporters. If O.T.O. is part of these monthly magical attacks on our Republic and our President, then O.T.O. is indeed a problem, as is their infiltration of academia.



Mark Stavish


Mark Stavish has some very interesting revelations on the latest magical war against President Trump:


I know there are many people attempting to grab headlines about it, but as to their effectiveness, I have little concern. There are however many forms of magic that have little relationship to people dressing up in robes and playing at having occult power. We need only examine the various forms of psychic research undertaken by the United States in the 1970s until the 1990s and the Soviet Union during from the 1920s until its collapse. I am certain that research is still going on, officially or unofficially through think-tanks and other research arms, and not simply with the superpowers. Occultism has long been an unofficial arm of government, we need only look at John Dee and the circles he ran in for confirmation. Gary Lachman wrote a good book on the topic, Politics and the Occult – The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen. There is also some recent material out there about Hillary Clinton and her on-again, off-again relationship with the New Age leaders, and of course, her campaign Chairman and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, John Podesta.   It was facinating to listen to many of the would-be leaders of modern occulitsm either be silent or in denial about the occult significance of the so-called ’spirit cooking’ art of Serbian artist Marina Abramovich to which he was invited to attend by his brother, but declined. Then of course we have the recent statement by Washington socialite Sally Quinn that she used magic to murder people all while claiming the moral high ground against Sarah Palin.



Roger Stone & Owen Shroyer



Read the rest of this interview and much more in my latest book The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our Society, that I will present with all my latest research, on the The War Room Show on INFOWARS with Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone on the 17th of October 2017 @ 5:00 PM CST


 The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society

Paperback on AMAZON from the 17th of October 2017

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16 ottobre 2017: Esce nuovo libro del dott.Elio Zagami




Un libro che sconvolgerà il mondo della psicologia operativa, e porterà nuova linfa a quello dell’esoterismo, mostrando al lettore chiavi di accesso inedite a una realtà, e a una consapevolezza, di livello superiore, quella dei mentali, dove se esiste una logica è certamente diversa da quella profana, ordinaria, convenzionale, pur conservando con essa relative somiglianze. L’autore mostra con chiarezza inedita, le regole dei vari livelli di coscienza, e ci insegna l’importanza dell’esserci, e della presenza, per poter giungere eventualmente, dentro l’Esperienza dei cosiddetti mentali; senza però perdere la testa, o farsi necessariamente iniziare in qualche setta, o Scuola Misterica. In fondo entrare nell’Esperienza, oggi, significa anche capire meglio chi è giunto alla consapevolezza, per potersi poi riconoscere e frequentare. La nostra Tradizione Occidentale, e le diverse scuole misteriche, hanno sempre provato a illuminare la società profana con i loro complessi insegnamenti atti anche a riconoscersi tra veri illuminati, ma per l’autore adesso di fronte a una società mentalmente malata, bisogna andare oltre, per offrire a tutti i mezzi necessari per un analisi dei vari livelli, favorirne l’accesso anche ai non iniziati, curare i tanti infortunati (psicotici) rimasti bloccati, indicare mezzi e strumenti per giungere all’ Io superiore, e aiutare, se è il caso, ad entrare nell’Altra realtà, quella che Zagami chiama Mondo Due, che aiuterebbe ad attivare il Maestro che è in noi, visto che non esistono per l’autore, Maestri fuori di noi.


Notizie sull’autore:

Il dott. Elio Zagami (1939-2010) noto analista junghiano e co-fondatore del G.A.P.A. (Gruppo Autonomo di Psicologia Analitica di cui era presidente), nato a Messina, di origini “liparote” e figlio del senatore e saggista Leopoldo Zagami, noto per aver scritto i libri piu’ autorevoli sulla storia delle Isole Eolie, ha esercitato per anni la professione di psicoterapeuta prima in Svizzera con Carl Alfred Meier (1905 – 1995), successore designato di Carl Gustav Jung nella direzione della Clinica di Zürichberg, e poi a Roma. Ma la sua passione principale, oltre a quella per la sua amata isola di Alicudi, era la scrittura. Ricordiamo, tra le sue principali opere letterarie:

Sgurbio (2008), Enolio 91 (Gradi 0), originariamente pubblicato dal Centro Studi Eoliano nel 1997, Le pietre di mulino (1994), e Fumastr (1982).



Dal 16 ottobre 2017  disponibile su Amazon print on demand e Kindle:

Weinstein’s pimp Fabrizio Lombardo’s lawyer threatens the Italian Media

Article by Leo Lyon Zagami 


Italian occult elite pimp Fabrizio Lombardo and Harvey Weinstein

According to the then reporter of the  New York Times Sharon Waxman, who published her own account on The Wrap, the Italian Fabrizio Lombardo ’s “real job was to take care of Weinstein’s women’s needs, among other things.”   

Taxman also writes detailing the role of Fabrizio Lombardo, Weinstein’s Italian pimp:

“I traveled to Rome and tracked down the man who held the plum position of running Miramax Italy. According to multiple accounts, he had no film experience and his real job was to take care of Weinstein’s women needs, among other things.

As head of Miramax Italy in 2003 and 2004, Fabrizio Lombardo was paid $400,000 for less than a year of employment. He was on the payroll of Miramax and thus the Walt Disney Company, which had bought the indie studio in 1993.

I had people on the record telling me Lombardo knew nothing about film, and others citing evenings he organized with Russian escorts.”

Now, in a recent mail published today by the Italian website DAGOSPIA, Fabrizio Lombardo’s lawyer named Bruno della Ragione, threatens his website with a lawsuit for republishing what was originally published in the US media, and defends his client Fabrizio Lombardo, adamantly by saying he worked for important Italian movie industry figures like Benigni and Tornatore, (both heroes of the left wing, like Asia Argento, who was brought to Weinstein by Lombardo):

In Italy, freedom of press is theoretically guaranteed by the Italian Constitution of 1948, but Censorship in Italy has been applied especially during the recent left wing governments, controlled by the Democratic Party and other left wing parties, that are trying to silence the freedom of speech in this country.

I am not afraid of Bruno della Ragione or Mr. Lombardo as all this sick behavior are part of what I have been exposing in my books for years, and it’s time we go one step further and lock them all up.

Leo Zagami who is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican  will be a guest on the War Room Show with Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone on the 17th of October 2017 @ 5:00 PM CST, talking about some of the subjects mentioned in his upcoming book.


 The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society

Paperback on AMAZON from the 17th of October 2017

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Weinstein the elite predator everyone knew about

No wonder Rita Ora and Oprah appeared unwilling to let go of each other as Harvey Weinstein approached them for a chat  back in February  2014, during the Weinstein Company’s post-BAFTA party.



A couple of months later  Rita Ora  linked in the past to the Illuminati-affiliated rapper Jay-Z and his label, Roc Nation made a shocking transformation from red carpet stunner to drug addict in the Southpaw trailer and soon after wrote:

She’s got so many All Seeing Eye pictures that it’s ridiculous”

Meeting Weinstein is for some the beginning of the end.

Leo Zagami who is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican  will be a guest on the War Room Show with Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone on the 17th of October 2017 @ 5:00 PM CST, talking about some of the subjects mentioned in his upcoming book.


 The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society

Paperback on AMAZON from the 17th of October 2017

Also available for Kindle books:


Zagami’s new book talks about the decline of our society

Praised as a top expert on the Vatican and Secret Societies by important figures of todays war against Satanism and the New World Order, such as Alex Jones, Zagami is now regarded in the US and around the world, as a househould name in the fight against the Occult elite, after the publication of his books in the English language demonstrated to the world, the accuracy of his predictions.


This time however, Zagami goes one step further with The Decline of the Western Initatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society out on AMAZON the 17th of October 2017, and explains for the first time in detail, how this network of Secret Societies, that include Freemasonry, and various Illuminati groups and orders, born out of the Western Initiatic System, were gradually corrupt by evil forces and black magic, that facilitated in turn, the rise of modern Satanism, and atheism, and the decline of our Society.




Zagami shows in depth the secret traditions, and techniques, used by the so-called ”Iluminati”, to achieve this, which range from telepathy to sexual magick, and helps us understand the real crisis in Freemasonry and the Illuminati, that pushed the birth of a One World Communistic Government, and the implementation of a One World Religion, using the unusual alliance between Marxism and Islam, both linked to Satanism.

Leo Zagami who is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican  will be a guest on the War Room Show with Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone on the 17th of October 2017 @ 5:00 PM CST, talking about some of the subjects mentioned in his upcoming book.



 The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the Rise of Satanism in our society

Paperback on AMAZON from the 17th of October 2017

Also available for Kindle books:


LA SINISTRA: Perversione e Libertà

David Rossi, capo della Comunicazione di Monte dei Paschi di Siena, è precipitato da una finestra della sede della banca a Rocca Salimbeni, nel capoluogo toscano, la sera del 6 marzo 2013 e io come sapete non ho mai creduto alla tesi del “suicidio” del povero David Rossi, questo è uno stralcio tratto dall’edizione italiana del mio libro Papa Francesco: L’ultimo Papa? :

Rossi venne convenientemente “suicidato” da killer di una certa Massoneria legata al sistema bancario e al PD. Come ha scritto Rita Pennarola un anno esatto dopo l’assassinio su La voce delle voci : C’è  stata la mano “illuminata” dei massoni toscani, dietro il volo di 30 metri a testa in giù del capo comunicazione Mps, Davide Rossi  (cit. p. 93)


ita set 2016:promo


Ora il programma TV Le Iene ha risvegliato il caso David Rossi legato al Monte dei Paschi con una rivelazione choc fatta dall’ex sindaco Pierluigi Piccini:  Non si è suicidato, vi dico perché.




E a questo punto, anche qui vengono a galla le solite storie di festini a luci rosse e droga tipiche dell’élite ma anche il legame con i servizi. Alla domanda: Una questione che uno dovrebbe riuscire a risolvere per rilanciare il dubbio sulla veridicità del suicidio è: chi ti può volere morto? Ok, non mi sono suicidato, quindi quale sarebbe il movente? In che modo io mi sono messo in un casino?

La prima risposta è piuttosto chiara e ci mostra tutti gli elementi del caso:

c’è un’altra storia parallela… un avvocato romano mi ha detto “Ma perché vi rigirate tanto i c****oni?”. E io: “Ma scusa perché? Era un’amica mia, dove il marito era nei servizi…”. Ma, guarda, dice: “Devi indagare su alcune ville fra l’aretino e il mare… e i festini che facevano lì. Perché la magistratura potrebbe anche avere abbuiato tutto perché scoppia una bomba morale”. Non so se mi sono spiegato? Questo filone non è stato mai preso.

E nella risposta successiva Piccini si pone alcune domande che confermano ulteriormente  il solito modus operandi di una certa Sinistra frutto della peggiore ipocrisia:

Chi andava in queste feste? Chi ci andava? Ci andavano anche i magistrati senesi ad esempio? Mah. Ci andava qualche personaggio nazionale? Mah. La cocaina era… gira a fiumi in questa città.

Eccoci quindi ancora una volta a parlare dell’ipocrisia delle Sinistre che per anni hanno rotto le palle a Berlusconi, e adesso a Trump, quando loro  come mostra anche il caso Weinstein, sono i più grandi ipocriti e perversi della storia. Guardatevi allo specchio vermi della Sinistra e sputatevi in faccia, visto che gli unici a farvi concorrenza sono i vostri amici preti con cui avete siglato una “Santa Alleanza” grazie a Papa Imbroglio, scusate Bergoglio.



Sintonizzatevi nei prossimi giorni ne parlerò su INFOWARS nel nuovo programma WAR ROOM condotto da Roger Stone  consulente e stratega politico di Donald J. Trump.

watch-war-room-thumb Su