The Attack on Christianity Continues in Muslim-dominated France because of Liberal Freemasonry

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Article by Leo Zagami

In the last few years, attacks on churches are becoming the norm in France. Imagine that at least two churches a day are reported to be vandalized in what used to be a Catholic country. 

Churches are being burned, demolished, and abandoned, and their adherents are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by leftist-controlled Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Priests are under constant threat. At what point will France’s Progressive Freemasonry and open-border politicians be held responsible?

Freemasonry was born in an almost purely Christian society with its ceremonial and rituals heavily influenced by Christian culture and Western esoteric beliefs, but French Freemasonry was also the first to reject the obligatory belief in God in the 1870s, and in recent years they have paradoxically strengthened their alliance with the Muslim community. 

While in theory, the Islamic belief that Freemasonry works against their religion should prohibit them from affiliating with the brotherhood, there is a secret alliance going on between Islam and the Grand Orient of France, which counts among its members, Emmanuel Macron. 

Proof of this secret alliance between Islam and Freemasonry is found in the glorious cohort of eminent figures revered by French Freemasonry in what is considered the most prestigious Masonic Temple in France.

Here you can find a portrait of Emir Abdelkader, an Algerian Islamic scholar, Sufi, and Freemason who unexpectedly found himself leading an unsuccessful military campaign against the French colonial invasion of Algiers in the early 19th century, inspired by the short-lived reign of the highly contested King Charles X, who wanted to revive the monarchy by divine right in France, and opposed the constitutional monarchy imposed by the Freemasons of the Grand Orient of France and the Illuminati. Emir Abdelkader was exiled to Damascus, Syria, after his defeat, and will become an active Freemason close to the French intellectual circles who were increasingly atheistic, but the Emire didn’t mind.

The portrait of this once pious Muslim, who became in the late part of his life an active Freemason of the Grand Orient of France, gradually betraying his Muslim faith, is hung today in all its majesty on the forecourt of their main Temple dedicated to Arthur Groussier, considered the holy of holies of the Grand Orient of France (also known as GODF), located in the 9th arrondissement at 16, rue Cadet in Paris. 

What links, did the Emir establish with the most influential French obedience?                 Well, in 2019, the French researcher Thierry Zarkone attempted to answer this question and to dissipate what he calls the “Abdelkader mystery,” and wrote a book available only in French entitled Le mystère Abd el-Kader, la franc-maçonnerie, la France et l’islam(Editions du Cerf, 2019, 352 pages).

In the book in question we find superabundant proof of Emir Abdelkader’s Masonic initiation on June 18, 1864, in Alexandria, in the lodge “The Pyramids of Egypt” which was directly under the patronage of the Grand Orient of France. The archives of this Masonic Obedience finally provided to Zarkone’s readers the evidence needed to finally nail down the origins of the secret alliance between the Muslim community and French Freemasonry, which will sadly, if not stopped, destroy Christianity in France, and destabilize the whole of Europe.

 Of course, Zarkone, explains that the Grand Orient de France, the oldest and largest of several Freemasonic organizations based in France, was still working under the belief in God when Emir Abdelkader was initiated, a practice they abandoned in the 1870s, shortly after he was initiated. In 1877, at the instigation of the Protestant pastor Frédéric Desmons, the Grand Orient of France would allow those who had no belief in a supreme being to be admitted, giving birth to the monstrosities of liberal Freemasonry which sadly affected Russia and inspired its revolution against Nicholas II, now known in the Russian Orthodox Church as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer.

Now, the Grand Orient of France, which once supported Vladimir Lenin, supports the war against Russia, as well as the war against Christianity which is being carried out in France as we speak. On Sunday morning, July 9, 2023, the 12th-century St. Georges Church in Descartes, a town in central France, caught fire. The roof was destroyed, and the bell tower collapsed. The church had been the last place of Catholic worship in the town. French media said the roof was ignited “probably due to a storm.”

Two days earlier, on July 7, the historic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in the town of Drosnay in northeastern France burnt to the ground.

The famous 16th-century church, which was originally built beside a castle moat, was noted for its large double-sided roof which covered the scope of its structure. The cause of the fire is being reported as “unknown.”

On July 1, in Marseille, rioters vandalized an evangelical church, destroying the prayer room and leaving doors and windows broken and shattered. The vandals graffitied these words on the walls: “The last prophet is Mohamed” and “Jesus is not God.”

Attacks are not limited to physical structures. On the night of June 29, 2023, Fr. Francis Pelle, 79, was beaten and reportedly stripped and left unconscious on the streets of Saint-Étienne in eastern-central France. The assailants stole his wallet and cell phone. Pelle was reportedly out walking to check on the safety of nuns at a nearby convent.

Please pray for France now that you know the truth behind the unfolding of this diabolical plan set up by the Grand Orient of France.

I’m sure the Emir Abdelkader, once a religious man and a pioneer of what we now call  “human rights,” especially in regard to his Christian opponents, would have hated this situation, but sadly his heirs in Islam and his “Brothers” in Freemasonry are now actively working to destroy Christianity and its churches in France, and we need to stop them because once Europe is fallen America is next. 

God Save America as France is falling….

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