Zagami’s Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9 is Finally Out!

Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft

Leo Lyon Zagami

A world-renowned authority on the occult side of the Vatican and the real Illuminati, Zagami is exposing for the first time, with the help of confidential documents and qualified sources, the secret plan of the elite for the establishment of a New Golden Age, built with the help of an alien AI aka Cyber Satan to enslave mankind and turn the elite into gods by 2030, before the inevitable divine retribution.

This extraordinary journey, divided into seven imaginary steps, will lead you bit by bit, like no one has done before, into the untold secrets of this increasingly dystopian reality the author branded: “New World Disorder.”

The author goes on to unveil in this book the Illuminati’s involvement with Transhumanism, their quest for immortality, the Codex Alimentarius and insect witchcraft, the shocking reality of cultured meat, and most of all, what Freemasonry and the Illuminati have been teaching in secret about Jesus, and the Gnostic heresies that will produce the Quantum Prince of Darkness that will enslave humanity.

Table of contents

Introduction by the Author   


Chapter One

Alchemy and Transhumanism in an Illuminati Document

Reaching the Omega Point 

Moore’s Law and the Quest for Immortality 

They are already calling us the “Useless Class.” 

The Governance of Cyber Satan and the Philosophers Kings  

Contemporary Illuminati & Transcendental Transhumanism 

In Search of Gnosis: From Alchemy to Transhumanism 

The Gnostic Communist Trap Behind Transhumanism 

Chapter Two                                                                                                                                                          

Secret Societies, Masons, and Satanists Behind the Ukrainian War                                           


The Advent of the AI Disinformation Era                                              

Cyber Satan Preaches at a Church in Germany                                                                                              

Climbing the Mountain of Lies Towards Reality                                                                                                      

The Secret Societies that Build the Ukrainian Identity                                                                                              

Inside the Incredible Secrets of Russian Freemasonry                                                                                             

The Ukrainian Occult War Against Russia                                                                                                                

Satan Loves Ukraine                                                                                                                                                  

Pope Francis and his Satanic Church Support Ukraine 

Chapter Three

Koduko and Insect Witchcraft in the Codex Alimentarius  

You Are What You Eat          

The Secrets of Koduko and Insect Magic                                                                                                                    

Insects and the Curse in the Codex Alimentarius                                                                                                    

The United Nation of Satan and the Theosophical Society  

Today’s Politicians are Just Useful Idiots  

Chapter Four

How the Illuminati Sold Their Souls to the Devil to Rule the World 

The Faustian Bargain Behind the Digital Revolution

All Roads to The Devil Lead to Germany and France                                                                                            

How You Conjure Satan and his Buddies 

Walpurgisnacht the Night of the Witches and the Illuminati                                                                                   

King Charles III the German King of the Great Reset

Ukraine Cyber Satan’s First Digital Prison 

Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic 

Chapter Five

Jesus in the Secret Teachings of the Illuminati and the Freemasons 

Jesus Through the Eyes of Adam Weishaupt, Albert Pike, and John Yarker 

Adam Weishaupt

The Secret Teachings of The Order of the Illuminati on Jesus 

Illuminati and Freemasons Falsely Claim They Are Preserving True Christianity 

Albert Pike

 Jesus According to Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike 

The Essenes were not Gnostics as Pike Claims 

Spiritism, the Rise of Neo-Gnosticism and more on the Essenes                                                                           

The Controversial 18° of the A.A.S.R.  

Jesus in the Age of Reason and Religious Relativism 

Additional Gnostic Heresies in Pike’s Masonic Teachings                                                                        

Freemasonry Relaunches Gnosticism and the Lies of the Johannite Church 

John Yarker 

Arcane Jesus and Yarker’s Gnostic Believes 

Jesus “The Man” and Other Lies on the Alleged Essene Gnostics and the Mysterious Ben Pantera 

From the Cerenthians to Crowley and the Practice of Simony 

Chapter Six

Cyber Satan’s Alien Origins and the Frightening Answer to the Fermi Paradox 

Reverse Engineering and the Alien Threat are Real. 

The Truth about Operation Trojan Horse and the Fermi Paradox 

Cyber Satan and the Alien Threat 

More Alien References from the Occult World 

Paracelsus and the Elementals 

Communist UFOs, Posadism, and the New Age of Deception

Erev Rav and the Evil Roots of Neo-Gnostic Communism

Gnosticism and the Soviet Philosophy that Ruined Russia 

Communism and the Sabbatean Heresy Behind Cyber Satan 

Chapter Seven

How to Survive Cyber Satan and His Alien Invasion Without Fear 

The Restoration of the Old Atlantean World Order 

In Search of a Lost Golden Age and an Ideal World 

Plato was not an Ancient Karl Marx 

Divine Retribution and the End of the Golden Age 

Why we are Ruled by the Number Seven 

Necromancy and the Elixir of Life in The Age of AI 

Sorcery: The main reason for the End of the Golden Age  

The Quantum Prince of Darkness