Vladimir Zelensky tries to sell his Villa in Tuscany for 4.5 million Euros but in the Meantime, Rents it to a Russian 

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Article by Leo Zagami

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has rented his luxury villa in Tuscany to a Russian woman for the month of August, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported last Tuesday. In fact, according to official documents cited by the paper, the woman who stayed in his luxury villa in the VIP town of Versilia was born in the former Soviet Union. Soon after reports started circulating about this embarrassing situation in the international media, we discovered that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had been trying to get rid of this luxurious villa, based in one of the most expensive resorts in Italy, Forte dei Marmi, for the last 4 years. In 2021, a source from an Italian real estate agency told Ukrainian journalists that the house was put up for sale for 4.5 million euros.

“For the last three years, the estate, which is located just 400 meters from the sea, has been rented for 12 thousand euros per month. Now it is rented by a U.S. citizen with his family. They have been living there since July, but should leave in early October.”, – said the agency.

The resort, Forte dei Marmi, was chosen in the last 15 years by the Russian and Ukrainian elite and nicknamed “Beach Courchevel”.  The realtor in charge of the villa denied the embarrassing report but did not provide any evidence, citing privacy rules to the Italian journalist Matteo Barzini, who filmed a video outside the villa on August 18 where you can clearly listen to a person speaking Russian. 


The Ukrainian authorities have not commented on the matter. Il Tirreno did confirm that the woman holidayed at the villa in August, hosted friends at the villa’s pool, went to the beach and rented bicycles. It appears that the rental company looking after Mr. Zelensky’s property to lift themselves out of the embarrassing situation is now insisting that “no rental contracts have been signed with citizens of the Russian Federation,” but of course this could have happened due to the fact the lady who was staying at the villa with her husband currently lives in London.

In a bizarre twist, the newspaper revealed that the rental company was forced to appear before the local police to show them that the contract was not signed by any citizens of the Russian Federation. The spokesman of the Lucca police headquarters told the paper that renting the Ukrainian president’s villa to a Russian national has “no criminal relevance” to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the war farce must go on. While the rest of us get poorer and poorer, they richer get richer.

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