U.S. Citizens Tortured in Rome by the Italian Carabinieri Police to Extort Confession



Article by Leo Zagami


A massive manhunt was launched in Rome for two suspects after an on-duty Carabiniere police officer was stabbed to death in Rome in the evening hours between Thursday and Friday. The 35 year-old Carabiniere Deputy, Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega, not in uniform, was in the process of arresting two men believed to be guilty of theft and extortion, when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed him several times. The situation remains unclear and not all the facts in this case have been fully evaluated due to the usual chaotic approach that follows crimes in Italy.

So let’s analyze the chain of events from the beginning. Deputy Brig. Mario Cerciello Rega was in the process of detaining two men who were attempting to extort 100 euros from a person in exchange for the return of a stolen bag near the Vatican. The two U.S. teenagers, Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth were ripped off earlier that day in a bad drug deal and were trying to recover their money with an improvised extorsion plan before something went wrong during the Carabinieri sting operation that followed.

The Carabinieri spokesman said the Americans bought drugs, but “according to what they say, they weren’t real drugs,” so they sought out the seller to get their money back. Something most people, especially naive tourists will do if ripped off by an Italian or North African crook in the center of Rome. Earlier in the day, the drug dealer reported  to the Carabinieri police that his bag had been stolen, but that there was a phone inside, obviously not telling them he was a drug dealer. The two American suspects answered the phone, and that is when the Carabinieri (in plain clothes) executed a plan to retrieve the bag and catch the two U.S. citizens. Obviously, these tactics didn’t work well for the Caribiniere, and tragedy followed.

Such a small quantity of money suggests that the drugs in question might have been hashish or marijuana, drugs that in California, where the teenagers come from, are 100% legal but it remains a criminal offense to consume cannabis in Italy, and as a result, this lucrative business is in the hands of the Italian and Nigerian Mafia, who launder drug money through the Vatican Bank. In a ruling made on May 2019, the Italian Court of Cassation said that selling derivatives of cannabis sativa – notably oils, resins, buds, and leaves – remains illegal in Italy. Only certain “agricultural” varieties are permitted under a December 2016 law that was designed to help Italian farmers grow industrial hemp, the highest court of appeal said.

The two U.S. citizens were eventually arrested, while Cerciello Rega, who was taken to the hospital, unfortunately died soon afterward due to heavy injuries sustained in the attack. He was stabbed a total of eight times, with one of the blows hitting the heart. Sadly, he leaves behind a widow, married just 43 days ago.

Following the crime at least four people were immediately questioned at the infamous Carabinieri barracksin Via Selci 88,in relation to this case. However, this is not a normal place for questioning suspects but an infamous location known all over Rome for being repeatedly involved in human rights violation and torture since the 70s.  Evidence of the Fascist manners of the Italian police authorities has now surfaced in the form of a photo that shows atleast one of the U.S. citizens blindfolded and handcuffed after transported to the Via Selci barracks.

The image of Christian Gabriel Natale Hjort, an 18-year-old Californian accused of complicity in the murder of Carabiniere Mario Cerciello Rega should embarrass the Italian Police who have been violating human rights and protecting the real criminals for years in this country that looks more like a South American dictatorship.

According to the Corriere della Sera, Giovanni Nistri, Commander General of the Carabinieri, has defined what happened as an “unacceptable episode” adding, “What has happened is very serious, we immediately started an internal investigation to identify those responsible and punish those responsible, informing the judicial authority of any evaluation of any criminal aspects.”

Premier Giuseppe Conte said the officer’s murder was a “deep wound for the State” but what about the human rights of U.S. citizens in Italy, dear Conte?  Only last year, an Italian Carabinieri police officer was convicted of raping a U.S. student and sentenced to four years and eight months in jail, while a second officer was separately ordered to stand trial on charges of raping her friend. My wife, who is a U.S. citizen, suffered the persecution and the criminal ways of the Italian Carabinieri, something she has written extensively about in her autobiography Confessions of an Illuminati Princess.  We recently decided to leave Italy for good because of the repeated harassment by the Italian police. Even if the two Californians committed a crime, the Italian Carabinieri, with their brutal ways reminiscent of Mussolini’s Italian Fascists, have committed a bigger one, so shame on Italy!


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