Please Pray for Infowars journalist David Knight who is undergoing heart surgery today


Article by Leo Zagami 


Let us all pray for our friend and brother in Christ, Infowars anchorman David Knight, a truly wonderful person and a brilliant journalist, who I have had the honor to work with for the past few years. David will be undergoing delicate heart surgery in Austin, Texas after suffering a serious heart attack yesterday.

Remember, when using prayers for healing we must go to God in complete faith so that His Holy Spirit can work through us. The late Peter Roche de Coppens, Professor of Sociology, Religious Studies, and Psychology, whose influence in the spiritual field involved important figures of the contemporary medical establishment, wrote an excellent article on the subject of prayer as Science, entitled: The Important use of Prayer in Medical practice. The Science and Art of Prayer or Prayer made conscious, alive and active.

 Here are a couple of passages from the text that can help us to better understand the power of prayer, even beyond our personal religious beliefs:

Prayer is a psycho-spiritual process by which we can consciously through the Mind reconnect to Pneuma and God to know and do His will, (not that of the ego) and to become truly alive and actualize our true and Big Self.

 Both the great scientists of our time, and what the true mystics of all time agree upon: God, Man and the universe are made up of energies and vibrations with infinite specific frequencies. God, the Ultimate Reality, both internally and externally, is Spirit, and the Spirit is made of energy and vibrations that occur as Life. Prayer is the royal road to receiving more energy.

Let us send healing energy to help David, who has been with Infowars tirelessly for the last 7 years, and who I consider one of the best anchormen in US media today. Someone who has “made incredible contributions and incredible work” for the American people who still believes in freedom of expression and truth, as Alex Jones pointed out yesterday in a special broadcast dedicated to David.


I will pray and I look forward to many new shows with my friend David in 2019. May God Bless America and David Knight.


UPDATE 12/31/2019:

Great News David Knight’s heart surgery went well. Thank you for all you prayers and thoughts.







Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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