The Vatican will soon host the Most Important Summit in Recent History


Article by Leo Zagami


When Pope Francis announced in September an upcoming summit in February 2019 to discuss the clerical sexual abuse scandals in the Church, the event was almost ignored by most Vatican analysts. But things have changed. Shortly afterward, the Vatican invoked the importance of this summit last November, instructing the U.S. bishops to stand down and wait until February 2019 for any decisions on the pedophile crisis.

I spoke with the most well-informed analysts in the Vatican and it seems they are now treating the summit in February as the most important in recent history. So let’s wait and see what kind of action, or rather what kind of inaction and cover-up the pedophile mafia comes up with in an attempt to placate the masses, eager for concrete answers and changes rather than more bullshit from the usual suspects.

Krysten Winter-Green, Catherine Bonnet, and Marie Collins, are three former members of Pope Francis’ commission on clergy sexual abuse who are also anxious to hear if the Vatican summit on child protection will reevaluate the structure of the group in order to make it more effective in pursuing policy reforms. The former papal advisors emphasized the need for the commission to reassert its independence from the Vatican’s bureaucracy, to oversee implementation of its own recommendations, and to meet regularly with Bergoglio.

Francis Sullivan, who led the Australian church’s response for the 2013-2017 national inquiry into institutional responses to child abuse, said the “first thing”the bishops at the summit should do is “put in place a truly independent commission,” adding the February 2019 summit should be a time for concrete action. “The pope should, on day one, lay on the table his outline of a plan of action and they should debate that,” said Sullivan, who added,“You’ve only got people there for three days. It can’t be seen as a talk-fest.”

Marie Collins, one of the three previously cited used similar language. “It can’t be just another talking shop, you know; it has to has to produce something concrete at the end,” she said. “It’s way past the time of simply having discussions and talking about future plans.” Asked if she was hopeful the summit would make important changesKathleen McChesney, a former FBI executive assistant director who left the agency in 2002 to lead the U.S. bishops’ new child protection office, said she felt “neutral” on that question.

The Pope has entrusted for the organization of the event to four of his most loyal and controversial figures,Cardinal Blase Cupich, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna, and Jesuit Fr. Hans Zollner, a current member of the papal commission and president of the Center for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University.  Cardinal Blase Cupich, in particular, was the onesaying last summer that the pope is concerned with more important issues than pedophilia.

“The pope knows we have a bigger agenda. We have to speak about the environment, about the poor, we have to reach out to people who are marginalized in society. We cannot be distracted at this moment.”

Blase Cupich, the ninth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago, who declared the above during an interview with WGN-T  will “be distracted” aspart of the organizing committee that announced in a December 18th note that the meeting would address three broad areas of “responsibility, accountability, and transparency” in regards to the pedophilia problem.

However, the presence of Jesuit Hans Zollner on the organizing committee for the summit may point to one question raised by Collins and Winter-Green on  whether or not the group has shifted away from its original construction as a policy change body to an educational one, or possibly to a complete disinfo operation created to not change a thing.

In the meantime, several outside experts with long histories in confronting clergy abuse echoed their concerns to the author of this article, over how geniune this Synod and what their true intentions are, including my friends at Church Militant.

Last, but not least, an anonymous source in the Vatican even advanced a bizarre but plausible theory that should make Ratzinger quite nervous. The source told me that Pope Benedict XVI will die in close proximity to the event in February 2019 so that the bishops, cardinals, and clergy would already be present, and therefor there would be no additional funeral costs for the Vatican to fly anyone to Rome.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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  1. “Blase” = Indifferente, scettico (per tedio o anche per semplice snobismo).

    What could be more important than stopping outright one more case of the destruction of a child’s soul
    by priests under the control of Satan . These predators of the weakest must be thrown out of the church
    – never to minister again .
    Climate change started when Adam was cast out of the garden. Does this Pope and Cupich think that God cant control the climate . These priests are really unbelievers and evolutionists – new agers like Tielhard
    Du Chardin – ” having a form of religion but not believing on the one who saved them”

    The environment is just for cover to hide real sin . We have the CO2 confessional and a separate box
    for other sins . We need much more CO2 to green the planet as in the past .

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