Leo Zagami’s new book out on the 16th of October on Amazon



The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our society 

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Praised as a top expert on the Vatican and Secret Societies by important figures of todays war against Satanism and the New World Order, such as Alex Jones, Zagami is now regarded in the US and around the world, as a househould name in the fight against the Occult elite, after the publication of his books in the English language demonstrated to the world, the accuracy of his predictions.


This time however, Zagami goes one step further, and explains for the first time in detail, how this network of Secret Societies, that include Freemasonry, and various Illuminati groups and orders, born out of the Western Initiatic System, were gradually corrupt by evil forces and black magic, that facilitated in turn, the rise of modern Satanism, and atheism, and the decline of our Society.


Zagami shows in depth the secret traditions, and techniques, used by the so-called ”Iluminati”, to achieve this, which range from telepathy to sexual magick, and helps us understand the real crisis in Freemasonry and the Illuminati, that pushed the birth of a One World Communistic Government, and the implementation of a One World Religion, using the unusual alliance between Marxism and Islam, both linked to Satanism.



Leo Zagami has written over a dozen books, including the best selling trilogy, Confessions of an Illuminati, released in the US by CCC Publishing. He lives in Rome, Italy with his wife Christy, who runs Cursum perficio publishing house. His trilogy, and other books, were also bestsellers in Italy and Japan a few years earlier. This book is unique from the others, as it is written entirely in the English language, and not translated from Italian.