Many Illegal Immigrants Entering the U.S. are Possessed by the Devil as Exorcist Warns the Cult of ‘St. Death’ Worships Satan

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Article by Leo Zagami

A prominent exorcist in Mexico is warning about the many dangers surrounding the cult of Santa Muerte “Saint Death,” now deemed Satanic by many in the Catholic Church. The so-called saint is a favorite of Mexican and Central American drug traffickers who are known to leave the severed heads of their enemies at their improvised shrines, which feature wax effigies and votive candles emblazoned with the skeletal image of “Saint Death” aka Santa Muerte. Dressed in a flowing white robe and often wielding both a scythe and a globe, Santa Muerte, is a scary cross between the Grim Reaper and the Virgin of Guadeloupe, Mexico’s patron saint, and is the main Saint which emerges from the “narco saints,” worshipped by drug traffickers who pray to them for protection, riches, and the silence necessary to mask their sinister underworld dealings, which are, in fact, Satan’s dealings. 

         “The narcos and the gangs all believe in the power of prayer,” said Robert Almonte, a Texas-based security consultant and former deputy chief of the El Paso Police Department who specialized in narcotics. “They believe that the saints will protect them no matter what they do, and that’s dangerous because it emboldens the traffickers who truly believe they can get away with murder and still go to heaven.” But that’s a lie these ignorant people don’t realize until it is too late, as Santa Muerte is not really a Saint, but rather part of Satan’s Legion’s recruiting program.

         The pseudo-religious movement with estimates of up to 12 million devotees only in Mexico, is now growing inside and outside the cartels, amongst many of the illegal immigrants crossing our country’s border every day since the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House, as the U.S. American law enforcement officials, struggling under the recent wave of illegal migrant crossings, are documenting the increase of altars to the macabre saint.[1]  U.S. Customs and Border Protection has released more than 2.3 million migrants into the United States at the southern border under the Joe Biden “Jesuit” administration, allowing in the vast majority of migrant families and some adult groups, according to a new report issued by the Office of Homeland Security Statistics, and among them include a growing number of Santa Muerte devotees which we should categorize as Satanists.

         Father Andrés Esteban López Ruiz, a member of the College of Exorcists of the Primatial Archdiocese of Mexico, has recently warned about the risks of the cult of Santa Muerte, pointing out that those who practice it “implicitly or explicitly worship Satan, risking submitting themselves to him and experiencing his extraordinary action.” In an article published on the website of the International Association of Exorcists, which I have spoken extensively about in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 6.66, the priest noted that the “proliferation of this cult has led to a significant increase in the extraordinary action of the devil,” which can include demonic possession. This means many of the illegal immigrants crossing our border today are literally part of Satan’s Legion.

         López said that Mexican exorcists have confirmed “numerous cases of oppression, obsession, and demonic possession linked to the practice and growing spread of the cult of Santa Muerte.” According to the priest, this cult, far from being a “pre-Hispanic phenomenon, dates to the early 1960s and gained notoriety in 1965. In that year, he noted, it was promoted in the Tepito market in Mexico City, a place “known for smuggling and illegal activities.” In addition, the priest said it had a “significant development” in Catemaco, a town in the state of Veracruz that has “an ancient tradition of witchcraft, shamanism, and occultism.”

The Santa Muerte cult is a “Mexican version of Satanic worship,” he pointed out, which fuses elements of “Brazilian quimbanda, Cuban Santeria, pre-Hispanic cultures, and occult Satanism.”[2]

         In response to the growing influence of the Santa Muerte cult, the Catholic Church, guided by its commitment to preserving the faith and protecting the flock from spiritual dangers, has intensified its pastoral effort, but at the same time, the Jesuits and Pope Francis are part of the problem, as they constantly encourage illegal immigration both here in America and in Europe, where we notice a similar problem with the use of African Vodun by the various Nigerian mafias. In the meantime, as I pointed out in my most recent book, Volume 9 of my Confessions, we are transforming our modern cities into digital prisons for the “Smart World” of the future, “that might become a gold cage for some people, but not for their souls, which will be taken over immediately and ruled by Satan’s Legion if you join his AI trap.” This means Satan and his Legion are pushing the growing illegal immigration not only to destroy the Western world but to become part of this diabolic project that uses the Santa Muerte cult, to Satanically program and possess the immigrants. I wrote in Volume 7 about the rise of Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with Ahriman, the evil Lord of Darkness and Chaos, and the source of human confusion, disappointment, and strife, which is manifesting through AI as we speak, but remember, in the initial phase of the AI/Cyber Satan takeover which will still require humans to operate the system by these possessed people ready to obey Satan through cults like Santa Muerte.                  



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