The FBI Issued a Warning Against a Satanist Extortion Cult Targeting Children Online that I Exposed in Volume 5!

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Article by Leo Zagami

          The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued an official warning on September 12th, 2023, stating that a newly discovered pedophilic, Satanist extortion cult is targeting children online. However, I have been exposing and denouncing the very same cult for years, and I have also talked extensively about them in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society, which I originally published in 2018. It seemed I was the only journalist and researcher at the time who had the courage to expose these evildoers and their sick ideology.

       The FBI said in their recent public notice that the cult also uses a variety of internet platforms to find new victims, including Roblox, Discord, Twitch, Soundcloud, and Telegram, and also takes on many names, including 676, 764, CVLT, Court, Kaskar, Harm Nation, Leak Society, and H3ll, but “continuously evolve and form subgroups under different monikers.” A typical camouflage technique pioneered by Adam Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati, whose transformative ways, and manipulative games I explore further in my latest book, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft.

          As The Guardian reports:

           “Documents and sources familiar with 764 indicate the group is an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a violent, subversive amalgam of esoteric Hitler worship, Satanism, and Wiccan tenets that American authorities recognize as a terrorist ideology and that has been connected with murders and attempted terrorist attacks in countries including the U.S., Britain, Germany, Canada, and Russia,” 

          In Volume 5 of my Confessions, I explained in detail the evil nature and origins of the O9A:

         They are called The Order of Nine Angles (ONA; O9A), not to be confused with angels, they are a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occult Illuminati group based in the United Kingdom, with affiliated groups in various parts of the globe. They claim to have been established in the 1960s and rose to public recognition in the early 1980s. Describing their approach as “Traditional Satanism,” it has been academically identified as also exhibiting Hermetic and Neo-Pagan elements in its beliefs (something typical of most Illuminati sects). According to the Order’s own account, it was established in the Welsh Marches of Western England during the late 1960s, by a woman who had previously been involved in a secretive pre-Christian tradition. This account also states that in 1973, a man named Anton Long was initiated into the group, subsequently becoming its Grand Master. Several academic commentators who studied the ONA, express the view that the name “Anton Long” is probably the pseudonym of the British Neo-Nazi activist David Myatt, although Myatt has denied that this is the case. From the late 1970s onward, Long authored several books and articles propagating the Order’s ideas, and in 1988, they began production of their own journal, Fenrir.[1]

         Also denouncing that they are actively involved in human sacrifice:

The ONA’s writings condone and encourage human sacrifice, referring to their victims as opfers.The ONA outlines their views on human sacrifice in a number of documents: A Gift for the Prince – A Guide to Human Sacrifice, Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice II, Victims – A Sinister Exposé, and Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers.[2]

         The group’s perverse ideology and their active involvement in this Satanist extortion ring was discovered and gradually uncovered after police in New York arrested a 23-year-old named Angel Almeida in November 2021 on gun charges and began investigating his social media posts. Items found in his apartment included books pertaining to the Order of Nine Angles, and a flag bearing the insignia of an American O9A offshoot, the Tempel ov Blood. You can still find Amazon links to the now unpublished books of the Tempel ov Blood like Liber 333 which was inspired by Aleister Crowley, and False Prophet, the official journal of the Tempel ov Blood (also recently unpublished by Amazon).

         The publication False Prophet is described in the following way on Amazon:

        “Now in its Fourth Edition, this authorized Tempel ov Blood publication sanctioned for the public contains sinister essays, sinister fiction, and informative columns from the TOB as well as contributors with the intention of exhorting, inspiring, and providing practical, contemporary content for those dedicated to undergoing the harsh alchemical change process and enacting real-world evil.”

         Angel Almeida was also in possession of an O9A “blood covenant,” which The Guardian reports featured “a blood-smeared drawing of a hooded figure with glowing red eyes surrounded with sigils for four O9A deities and the caption Vindex, Nythra, Satan, and Abatu. At the bottom of the page is an oath: ‘A covenant signed in blood. May the DEVIL walk with you always – SATANAE MANIBUS’ (“by Satan’s Hand” in Latin). Similar indicia have been found in possession of O9A-influenced killers in Britain and Canada.”

         The same report from The Guardian states:

          “Sources with knowledge of investigations into 764 indicate the group has a network of a couple of thousand participants and hundreds of highly active members who generate and disseminate the bulk of the child pornography and gore videos found in the group’s channels on Telegram, Discord, and more obscure platforms like Matrix,” 

       According to the FBI notice, the groups target minors between the ages of 8 and 17 years old, especially LGBTQ+ youth, racial minorities, and those who struggle with a variety of mental health issues, such as depression and suicidal ideation.

Angel Almeida

          However, as I wrote in Volume 5, the O9A states, at least in their official publications, that children should never be victims of human sacrifice, which is a change from Crowley’s view that, male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.

This does not mean these scumbags will not abuse children and use them for their evil practices and infamous extortion plans.

“The groups use extortion and blackmail tactics, such as threatening to SWAT or DOX the minor victims, if they do not comply with the groups’ requests, manipulate and extort minors into producing CSAM and videos depicting animal cruelty and self-harm,” the FBI warned. “Self-harm activity includes cutting, stabbing, or fansigning. Members of the groups threaten to share sexually explicit videos or photos of the minor victims with their family, friends, and/or post to the internet. The groups control their victims through extreme fear and many members have an end-goal of forcing the minors they extort into committing suicide on live-stream for their own entertainment or their own sense of fame.”

According to authorities, prospective members are required to upload disturbing videos of their victims to gain access to the group while other members continue to do it to “gain notoriety and rise in status.” The cult is linked to high-profile crimes all over the world, including a German teenager accused of murdering his foster family in Romania, and a U.S. soldier that has been accused of plotting an attack on his own unit by sending information to the O9A in 2020.[3]

 So, the FBI is now urging people who believe that they may have been victims of the said group to contact them at the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at and if you want to discover all the secrets of this perverse and evil cult whose supernatural belief system goes beyond anything normally associated with right-wing extremism get Volume 5of my Confessions.

[1]         Leo Lyon Zagami, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society, p. 41.

[2]         Ibid., p. 42


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