TOP SECRET: Prince Andrew Allegedly Kidnaps Two Ukrainian Children but the Truth can only Be Revealed in 2065!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Celebrated Royal historian Andrew Lownie has upset most Brits this week by revealing that all official documents pertaining to Prince Andrew will be kept top secret until 2065.[1] The brother of King Charles III is accused of allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting two Ukrainian children while visiting an exclusive nightclub in Kiev during an official state visit to Volodymyr Zelenskyy on June 4, 2023, led by James Cleverly, who has served as British Foreign Secretary since 2022.  According to data, the minister’s plane landed at an airport in Poland, near the Ukrainian border. The next day, Mr. Cleverly held a meeting with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

James Cleverly appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs on 6 September 2022

These amazing revelations have recently been made by a credible eyewitness named James Obasa, the administrator who oversaw the catering of VIP guests in the Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Center, a VIP club in the center of Kiev. In the video interview given by Obasa on August 28, 2023 to News Ghana, and later picked up by journalist Deborah L. Armstrong, who published it 6 days ago on the American online publishing platform Medium, Obasa is claiming that after the Duke of York picked up the two kids at the club, where they were molested, he was seen “boarding a helicopter in Kiev on June 6th with two Ukrainian children.” According to Obasa who is a Nigerian citizen, the two kids, that were brought to him by somebody wearing a uniform were “terrified and crying.”

James Obasa claimed in his testimony that Prince Andrew was part of the British delegation that visited Kiev in early June without an official role. It is worth mentioning, that the late Queen Elizabeth II formerly stripped Prince Andrew of his public roles following the shameful scandal with Jeffrey Epstein, an American sex offender and financier but this didn’t stop him. As I reveal in my latest book, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft, MI6 and English Freemasonry control The International Order of Saint Stanislas, an international fraternal order born in 2004 after a schism in the Polish Ordo Sancti Stanislai, that controls the Ukrainian armed forces, as testimonies the use of its cross in their coat of arms. 

The Nigerian citizen also mentioned that he and Prince Andrew met face to face “at the Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Center.” Obasa also claims that before the visit he was told that a very important VIP guest would be coming to the club, and he was “very shocked” to see Prince Andrew of England.  He also adds in the interview: “I thought the royal party was over, but just then a guy wearing a uniform entered the room with two little children; a boy and a girl between the ages of 10 and 12.”

The profoundly shocked man, as you can witness in the video interview claims that he brought them some snacks and cakes after being asked by the British Prince to return seeing the kids half “naked and crying” while Prince Andrew was trying to calm them before “He touched them in inappropriate parts.” After a couple of hours, the kids were acting weird as if they had taken drugs, Obasa continued in his allegations. Then, two guys came in. One of them nodded at the prince and then they left together. The other one spoke to the children in Ukrainian for a bit before telling Obasa to get the kids dressed. “I didn’t actually understand what he said, but all I could hear was ‘Disneyland’ and ‘Paris.’ So probably he was asking them if they would like to go there or something, but I can’t really tell.”

Ultimately, James Obasa claims he saw Prince Andrew leaving in the helicopter along with two passengers as well as the two Ukrainian kids. According to what Ghana News reports, the UK delegation departed Ukraine on June 6 and the Dassault 900LX aircraft actually flew to Paris-Orly airport. Perhaps this explains what Obasa heard about “Disneyland” and “Paris.”

Sadly, nobody has reported on this important story from the mainstream media, and probably they will never even mention Andrew was there as the truth about this trip will be kept secret until 2065. After this terrible event, Obasa left his job and returned to Africa in shock fearing for his life.

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