Beyonce’s Satanic Theatre Promotes Gender-Neutral Toilets Signs!

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Article by Leo Zagami

As I wrote in my latest book,

Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8:

In recent years, every Beyoncé project has become an integral part of a larger project of a political and social nature, in which they follow one another without interruption, criticism, and praise because it is part of Satan’s theater.

 The wannabe “Queen of the Illuminati,” has a central role in “Satan’s theater,” which is like a royal status within the corrupt entertainment world of today controlled by the Satanic Illuminati.

The singer, performing in front of a Pride flag disguised as the screen used when networks aren’t broadcasting as a backdrop , is now starting a new controversy on behalf of her Illuminati controllers and their Jesuit and Sabbatian overlords. She will be labeling restrooms at venues she stops at for her “Renaissance World Tour” as “gender-neutral.”

The tour began on May 10 in one of the most Satanic countries in the world, Sweden, which I exposed in Volume 2.  Her libtard fans were quick to post about the signs duct taped over the normal men’s/women’s signs for the bathrooms.

Music magazine NME reports, “It can be expected that these signs will appear at all of Beyoncé’s upcoming performances, which will span through Europe, before hitting the UK and then eventually moving into the United States.”

The tour will stop in multiple states with bathroom laws, including Florida. This is not the first time that the singer has expressed support for transgenderism, but she might get in trouble in Europe. In Italy, for example, there is a legislative decree from 2008 that clearly requires by law a separate restroom for men and women. 

Metro Weekly noted, “Beyoncé took to her official website in 2016 to show support for those opposing non-inclusive laws in North Carolina that mandated individuals to use bathrooms according to their biological sex. Her most recent album Renaissance pulls its inspiration directly from not just the LGBTQ community but from the art created by black trans women years ago. Its dance and disco influence directly connect to that bit of history, and she even thanked the queer community as she accepted a Grammy – the trophy that helped her become the most-awarded artist ever, no less.”

Women and children are at risk in gender-neutral toilets that could become rape centers worldwide if this is allowed. 

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