EXCLUSIVE: How Father Amorth, ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ Was Highjacked by The Jesuits for a Hollywood Horror Movie!

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Article by Leo Zagami

The Pope’s Exorcist starring Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth was released in the United States and Canada two days ago on April 14, 2023. However, in a statement issued last month, the International Association of Exorcists (IAE) whose aim and practices I discuss in detail in Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66: The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, where I also analyze the important role of the late Father Gabriele Amorth, called the title of the film “pretentious” and claimed that it’s a Da Vinci Code-esque conspiratorial plot which poses an “unacceptable doubt” to the public as to who “the real enemy is, the devil or ecclesiastical power,”

Father Amorth, who died in 2016, participated in the last few months of his life to the Netflix documentary The Devil and Father Amorth made by legendary film director of  The Exorcist William Friedkin, helped found the IAE initially as a pressure group within the Vatican, in the early 90s, to oppose the growing ignorance on the subject by the Catholic clergy and the imminent modernization of the Roman ritual of exorcism which was revised by the Vatican in 1999, would be shocked and probably very disappointed by the Hollywood blockbuster The Pope’s Exorcist.

Although it was initially snubbed by Pope John Paul II, since 2014, the IAE has enjoyed the official stamp of approval for its activities, and because of this the Jesuit Order, who were already behind Amorth’s favorite film, The Exorcist, decided to purchase the rights to the life story of Rev. Gabriele Amorth immediately after his death from the Society of St. Paul, also known as the Paulines, the  Catholic clerical religious congregation of Pontifical Right for men that Father Amorth belonged too. The late Pauline priest, known as “the James Bond of exorcists,” was too important for the Jesuits propagandists, active in Hollywood, to let go, so they sent one of their top fourth vow agents, Rev. Edward Siebert SJfor this mission. 

I explained in my latest book, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8: From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset, how the main players in Hollywood are the Sabbatean-Frankists and the Jesuits, and Father Siebert, who teaches film at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in LA is one of their key players today.

Edward Siebert, S.J. who likes to be called Eddie by his students, has several roles at LMU, he is the Rector of the Jesuit community, Senior-Lecturer in the School of Film and Television, and lives as a Resident Minister in Leavey 5 Residence Hall while being the Chaplain for the Student Worker Program. However, in addition, he is also the founder and president of the influential Jesuit propaganda outlet Loyola Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA (www.loyolaproductions.com) which in their words:

 “…has built a reputation over 18 years for telling stories around the globe that inform, inspire, and entertain. Siebert’s extensive experience both in secular and Catholic circles includes everything from newsroom stints at WDIV NBC Detroit, WWL CBS New Orleans, to exclusively chronicling Pope Francis in Rome, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.”[1]

So, on the day of the film release, The Associated Press reported in an overly dramatic fashion how this deal between the Hollywood Jesuits and the Paulines allegedly came into fruition, thanks to an idealistic Jesuit and his entrepreneurial visit to Italy:

 The Rev. Edward Siebert’s journey with “The Pope’s Exorcist,” a film about arguably the most famous exorcist in the Catholic Church, began with an adventuresome visit to Milan about six years ago.

The Jesuit priest recalls sitting at a restaurant sipping wine and mulling the costly airline ticket he had purchased a day earlier. He also worried about the deal he had just closed with the Society of St. Paul to purchase the rights to the life story of the Rev. Gabriele Amorth — the late Pauline priest known as “the James Bond of exorcists.”

Siebert, who teaches film at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and runs the college’s film production company, had no motion picture credits to his name and wondered at the time: “What have I gone and done?”[2]

Most of the media want to ignore the complaints of the International Association of Exorcists towards a film they rightly called “unreliable splatter” so they can push another piece of Jesuit propaganda. Strangely enough, Friedkin’s film The Exorcist, which had some decrying the film as “spiritual pornography” that sensationalized Christianity when it came out in 1973, saw Amorth pleased that it had ignited a conversation about Satan again, but I’m pretty sure this supernatural horror film directed by Julius Avery, starring Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth, will have made him sick to his stomach for its splatter approach.

In the meantime, a Vatican academy is set to investigate ‘mystical phenomena’ around the world including the “weeping” statues of the Virgin Mary, stigmata, and ghost sightings for a new dedicated observatory.

The Pontifical Mariana International Academy (PAMI), which describes itself as a scientific institution of the Holy See, hopes to uncover “around a hundred ongoing phenomena” in Italy alone.[3]  Only a few days ago a woman nicknamed “the Saint” mysteriously vanished from a small lakeside town near Rome where pilgrims had flocked for years to pray before a statue of the Virgin Mary that she claimed shed tears of blood, but after an analysis of the blood it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt the blood came from pigs.

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