Apocalypse Unfolding: Even a Member of the Rockefeller Family Becomes a Prepper in the Rocky Mountains! 

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Article by Leo Zagami

As you know, Volume 7 of my Confessions: From the Occult Roots of the Great Reset to the Populist Roots of The Great Reject, is not only a detailed essay to expose the secret plan of the New World Order to place the world in the hands of Cyber Satan by 2030 but also a practical manual to survive the unfolding Apocalypse with the groundbreaking idea of a “Great Reject.”

For this reason, I explained how:

 “…some of us have decided to join what is being called ‘The American Redoubt,’ a rather unique political migration movement first proposed in 2011 by a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, survivalist novelist, and known blogger, James Wesley Rawles, which designates Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming along with parts of Oregon and Washington, as a haven for conservative Christians in these unprecedented times. James Wesley Rawles chose a specific area of North America for ‘The American Redoubt,’ mainly due to its low population density and lack of natural hazards. ‘The American Redoubt’ lies in the rural high country of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and eastern Washington and Oregon.”

I also explained how “many Americans these days” are feeling “trapped in blue states” which don’t reflect their values or their ideas, “Mainly because freedom-loving patriots, are increasingly worried about their future, and they seem to have a clear idea of the dangerous times in front of us, and how we should immediately leave the cities, and relocate as soon as possible to smaller rural communities.”

Yesterday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) decided to mark President’s Day by proposing that red states break off from the United States of America. “We need a national divorce,” Greene declared on Twitter. “We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

This is happening, as I wrote in Volume 7, because the Leftists have marginalized our values, demonized our lifestyle, and classified us almost as second-class citizens.  I wrote in Volume 4 that it is difficult to avoid, “what seems to be an imminent civil war.” In fact, I’ve been talking publicly and writing about the possibility of secession and withdrawal of one or more red states from the Union for several years, pointing to the years 2024/25 as the turning point.

Today, even James Pogue from Variety seems to confirm all this, indicating that “EVERYONE’S BRACING FOR APOCALYPSE” and for this reason: “Preppers, techies, hippies, and yuppies are converging on the American West, the safest place to “exit” a society gone haywire.”  

Adding that “our basic political battle lines” are in fact, “shifting from left-right divisions toward a rebellion against globalization, against the notion that the massive market- and tech-driven change that we’ve been living through really represents progress.”

This indicates that people are finally waking up on all fronts regardless of their politics, finally lifting the veil of illusion over the unlikely possibility of “draining the swamp” in Washington D.C. on one side or “building back better” on the other, as its all propaganda anyway as the world is pushed more and more on the verge of a nuclear war:

As WEF in Davos confirmed this year they are Using Hollywood, and they want a One World Religion just as predicted by Volumes 7 and 8 of my Confessions:

Now even a descendant of the Rockefeller Catharine O’Neill, whose family once owned the Northern Rockies, whose great-great-grandfather was none other than John D. Rockefeller, who once worked in Trump’s State Department has joined the “Great Reject” rather than the Great Reset, living in a modest little house outside of Casper, Wyoming, a couple of hours outside Jackson, at the north end of the Laramie Mountains range of the central Rocky Mountains,

where she had her first child with a home appraiser she’d met after moving there. Like Variety writes: “She isn’t hiding out exactly, but, like many Americans these days, she has a sense that things are cracking up.” 

Like many other rich kids, John D. Rockefeller’s great-great-grand daughter, who once lived in Washington D.C., is rebelling from the establishment she originally belonged to, realizing like many others the imminent catastrophe we are heading to after the last presidential election: 

“I was with my friends, and I was like, ‘Well, we’re kind of fucked,’” she said. “And they’re like, ‘Well, let’s choose a red state to go take over.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I have a place in Wyoming we can go.’”

The Variety journalist asked O’Neill if it must feel strange to desire a life like that, being a Rockefeller and all, and her answer is: “There’s a part of the Bible that talks about how people that were born with a lot have a lot of responsibility.”

This is not always a good thing as these wealthy and well-connected preppers are often very confused politically and ideologically, however their back-to-the-land movement is moving west that’s for sure. Young tech executives and crypto investors are even creating secretive groups to help people “exit” this increasing liberal, tech-dominated society, soon in the hands of Cyber Satan.  And there are grander plans, for whole secessionist movements using crypto and decentralized autonomous organizations to build whole mini societies, just as I predicted in Volume 7 a “practical manual” on how to survive the Apocalypse unfolding and much much more.

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