UFO Craze Grows as the Possibility of a New Pandemic and a Nuclear Confrontation is Increasing in the Illuminati Game!

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Article by Leo Zagami

“As Mystery Objects Get Shot Down, U.S. Sets Up New Task Force on UFOs” the title today of The Wall Street Journal, not your average UFO magazine, while Associated Press also warns that: “Online posts mentioning extraterrestrials increased by nearly 300% since the first balloon was identified.” 

On Sunday Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX even joked about it tweeting: 

“Don’t worry, just some of my friends of mine stopping by.” 

And now in a sudden narrative shift, the Pentagon admits today that the mystery objects are “probably” private craft not tied to spying.  Didn’t they know that after they shot down the first one over Alaska?

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said today: 

“Given what we’ve been able to ascertain thus far, the intelligence community’s considering, again, as a leading explanation, that these could just be balloons tied to some commercial or benign purpose.”

He also underscored that no individual or entity has yet come forward to identify themselves as owners or operators of the objects. However, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says the hysteria over UFOs being shot down over America and Canada was created as a specific distraction from Seymour Hersh’s story about the U.S. being responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

In the meantime, global authorities are suddenly concerned that the bird flu might start spreading widely among humans, and mainstream media are now filled with extremely alarming stories about the disease.  Just a few days ago, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization made headlines all over the globe when he ominously warned that “we must prepare” for the possibility of a bird flu pandemic among humans. And as the death rate for bird flu in humans can be around 50 percent depending on the strain, the panic that would ensue if it were to start spreading widely will be much bigger than the COVID pandemic that paralyzed the planet for a couple of years, even though the death rate was very low. The never-ending pandemics are part of the plan, just as possible nuclear conflicts, as I pointed out in this recent article based on the release of the WHO document, National stockpiles for radiological and nuclear emergencies: policy advice:

After all, the elite wants Europe to become a nuclear wasteland for the arrival of the Antichrist:

However, when we start talking about the imminent threat of nuclear war, we always see a lot of UFO activity in the skies. As I wrote many years ago in Volume 2 of my Confessions, there is an alarming pattern of UFOS regularly appearing near U.S. Air Force bases that house nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered U.S. warships. Something even the History channel recently picked up on:

The now legendary Roswell incident which I discussed in detail in Volume 4 of my Confessions, centers on the recovery, in 1947, of what the military authorities officially described as a military balloon after The Roswell Daily Record, initially announced the “capture” of a “flying saucer.” So even if according to the White House, who also said there is “no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.” There is still a lot of speculation, especially in knowing how the president’s spokesperson regularly lies to us.

Especially after the head of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) said during a Sunday press briefing at the Pentagon that the Pentagon can’t rule out that a spate of unidentified objects shot out of the sky over the past week might be extraterrestrial in nature.  “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything,” told U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck, who oversees NORAD. 

This was enough to trigger the wildest conspiracy theorists but let me remind you that whatever “truth is out there,” it is a demonic truth, and the Illuminati elite will use it to control our lives further, as suggested by the Illuminati a card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in the 90s, inspired by the 1975 book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea which I discuss in my latest book, Volume 8,         From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset.

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