SHOCKING: Pope Warns of Nuclear War Risks but the Illuminati and NATO Want Depopulation!!!

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Article by Leo Zagami

For the first time, Pope Francis directly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin during his traditional Sunday address, asking the President of the Russian Federation to stop the “spiral of violence and death,” denouncing the “absurd” risk to humanity of a catastrophic nuclear war, as tensions escalate between NATO and Russia. 

Francis said today:

I deplore strongly the grave situation created in the last days, with further actions contrary to the principles of international law. It, in fact, increases the risk of a nuclear escalation, to the point of fearing uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences on a world level.

The Pope’s message came a few hours after NATO’s Secretary-general Stoltenberg warned of “severe consequences” if Russia uses nuclear weapons.

The pontiff also called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to “be open” to serious peace proposals. He exhorted the international community to “use all diplomatic instruments” to end this “huge tragedy” and “horror.”

However, Zelenskyy’s defiant attitude supported by NATO to continue the war indefinitely until he regains the lost territories significantly increases the likelihood of nuclear war happening, sooner or later, and if you think that’s not happening remember when many experts asserted that Russia would not invade Ukraine, and I warned you otherwise, highlighting the very real risk that Russian President Vladimir Putin could really use nuclear weapons, particularly if Moscow continues to lose the war on the ground thanks to NATO’s constant weapon supply to Ukraine.

And even if researchers at the Princeton Program on Science and Global Security predicted after they created a simulated war that over 90 million people will die as the consequence a nuclear war could have on both countries and the world, NATO, and the makers of the Great Reset don’t care because ultimately their plan is to depopulate mankind. 

The New World Order knows that at some point in late 2022, the eighth- billion human being will enter the world, ushering in a new milestone for humanity. In just 48 years, the world population has doubled in size, jumping from four to eight billion and for this reason, the Illuminati elite want to move forward with the depopulation agenda using nukes and famine on a global scale for the last stage of the Great Reset, as I explained in Volume 7 of my Confessions.

Pope Francis and the Jesuits know very well this is the beginning of the end for Europe and later, the United States, as we move towards the Sino-Russian New World Order. For this reason, the Vatican is looking to renew its secret deal between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist Party that was originally signed in 2018 and is now set to expire in October 2022, after its two-year renewal in 2020 that was strongly criticized by the Bishop of Hong Kong in 2019.

Pope Francis is worried about Russia, but he still seems very interested in the renewal of a diabolic deal with their main ally, China. Adapting and surviving has always been the number one priority of the Vatican, not the souls of their faithful.

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