Pope Francis Finally Acknowledged He Might Retire on his Way Back from Canada!

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Article by Leo Zagami

On Saturday aboard the Papal plane, Pope Francis finally acknowledged that he can no longer travel like he used to because of his strained knee ligaments, saying his weeklong Canadian pilgrimage was “a bit of a test” that showed he needs to slow down and one day possibly retire confirming what I already told you in June.  

Earlier this month, Pope Francis dismissed reports that he planned to resign in the near future, saying he was on track to visit Canada and hoped to be able to go to Moscow and Kyiv as soon as possible after that, but speaking to reporters while traveling home from northern Nunavut, the 85-year-old Francis confessed that he hadn’t thought about resigning but said  “the door is open” and there was nothing wrong with a pope stepping down confirming what leozagami.com has been telling you for years regarding the possibility that Pope Francis will step down and retire like his predecessor, and he will do it probably this September.

“It’s not strange. It’s not a catastrophe. You can change the pope,” he said while sitting in an airplane wheelchair during a 45-minute news conference.

Francis said that while he hadn’t considered resigning until now, he realizes he must at least slow down.

“I think at my age and with these limitations, I have to save (my energy) to be able to serve the church, or on the contrary, think about the possibility of stepping aside,” he said.

Francis was peppered with questions about the future of his pontificate following the first trip in which he used a wheelchair to get around, but he is still lying about last year’s Vatican report about not having cancer, following his colon surgery. 

The Jesuit pope is dying but that’s top secret at least for the moment.

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