German public TV launches a videogame called CORONA WORLD and Asterix prophesied the Coronavirus

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Article by Leo Zagami



Due to the increase in time spent playing video games during the Chinese virus pandemic worldwide,  German public TV has just launched on their “FUNK” online platform a new video game in the style of old school Super Mario Brothers, called CORONA WORLD.

Produced with ta payer’s money, it endorses violence against the so-called COVID denialist, and even towards children that seems more like a social experiment than satire.

You can earn points by exposing a runner who might have been infected during a party the night before, or you can jump on little children because they might be silent carriers of the virus and you can even attack your neighbor for simply offering you some water during the lockdown.

Of course, you need to spare the obedient citizens who applaud with their masks from the window, or have written with graffiti on their wall “Thank you Merkel!”

Sounds more and like old school East Germany or even Nazi Germany. Aziz Bozkurt Chairman of the Migration and Diversity for theSPD, that was the largest Marxist party in Europehas been calling on Twitter for people who refuse to conform to the insane “New Normal” ideology to be deported.

In the meantime, there is a new buzz on the internet about a character called Coronavirus from a 2017 comic book called  Asterix and the Chariot Race.

In the book, by the new Asterix artist-writer duo Didier Conrad and Jean-Yves Ferri, the popular ancient Gaulish characters Asterix and Obelix enter an international race in which their main rival for first prize is a masked driver called Coronavirus.

The hilarious thing about the figure called Coronavirus, who has the same name present in both the French original and the English version, is that the winner of choice for the Roman leader is Julius Caesar, who puts enormous pressure on the organizers to let him win for the honor of Rome.




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