In San Francisco Gay bathhouses can open but not places of worship

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Article by Leo Zagami


On June 18, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued a mandate requiring people to wear face coverings whenever indoors, causing businesses to uphold the mandate or risk losing their business licenses. Many in the libtard state felt this mandatory mask requirement was a horrific government overreach.

However, as San Francisco Weekly reported, “Gay bathhouses could have an easier time returning to San Francisco, after the board of supervisors approved an ordinance that would ease restrictions for adult sex venues on July 21 with a unanimous vote.”

So places of worship and indoor businesses are prohibited all over California but San Francisco supervisors authorizes the opening of gay bath houses? The insanity continues in libtard California….




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4 thoughts to “In San Francisco Gay bathhouses can open but not places of worship”

  1. Keep up the incredible work Leo. I bought one of your books yesterday.
    I looked on youtube and your channel is still there but very old posts. Did they re-instate you?
    Hope you can start posting there again.

    I am almost finished my book on those Satanic Death Cult Pedophiles. We cannot let up on them we have to keep hammering them.

    Thank you for being you, I really appreciate it.


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