Russia Sends a Team of Biological Warfare Military Experts to Italy as Matteo Salvini Claims COVID-19 is a Bioweapon

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Article by Leo Zagami


The Russian anti-coronavirus mission arrived in Italy a couple of days ago, led by a well-known general of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation, who, earlier today, is moving a unit of military doctors and military vehicles specialized in Biological Warfare (BW) from the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops (NBC Protection Troops),to the Lombardy region, where cities like Bergamo, which are at the center of the present coronavirus crisis in Italy, are located. A deal was made on Tuesday by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Italian Army. On the same day, the Russian authorities acknowledged that a low number of coronavirus cases in their own country could only be the result of insufficient screening, and warned the Russians that the nation must brace for the worst.

The Russian’s arrived with a team of 52 doctors from their old ally, Cuba, who also specialize in Bioweapons. The threat of U.S. biological warfare against Cuba made the late Fidel Castro build one of the most impressive defensive biological warfare programs in the world. The Russian military arrived in force in Italy to fight the virus with nine Ilyushin cargo planes, 160 doctors and specialists, tons of material and today vehicles were seen moving along the Italian highways reminiscent of a foreign occupation force. Special Russian aircraft and military vehicles arrived from the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) divisions. The symbol of the mission was initially two hearts with the colors of the flag of the Russian Federation and of the Italian Republic with the phrase “from Russia with love,”but things have changed.

Today the same vehicles were seen on the Italian roads parading the Russian flag almost in a sign of defiance towards NATO. The unprecedented arrival of the Russian army in Italy is taking place asexercise Defender-Europe 20 and U.S. personnel and their equipment have ceased operations since March 13th due to health concerns connected to the threat of the Chinese virus.

Officially, the Russian intervention in Italy, a key NATO ally, was agreed between Italian Premier and Jesuit agent, Giuseppe Conte, and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin to help the Russian understand COVID-19 better, but Russian military explained that there is more to it than that: “It is a substantial help, which serves also the Russians need to study the virus and prepare for an emergency in their home.” Russian military undertakes more CBRN training as a whole than the U.S. military and its NATO allies and might be more prepared for this kind of unlikely scenario.

In addition to larger drills involving the CBRN troops, there are weekly drills in most combat units in Russia, which involve the use of CBRN protective equipment and the completion of tasks with it on. Gas masks are also carried regularly regardless of the situation to train the troops. Training drills with full-body rubber suits also occur very often, as well as practice decontamination washes of armored vehicles involved in such missions, like what we have seen in Italy. Larger scale CBRN exercises are also common for the Russian Army, with a quite significant one occurring only last year in August 2019. Comparatively, most NATO soldiers only train occasionally with CBRN equipment, and the enemy knew of this weakness from the start and it’s exploiting it. U.S. troops were grounded before they even began Defender Europe, which was supposed to be the third-largest military exercise on the continent since the Cold War, but the service’s chief told Defense Newsin a March 18th interview that important lessons have already been learned.

The Italian newspaper La Stampa confirmed my worse fears this morning in an article by Jacobo Iacoboni, who claimed that “Many members of Italy’s Armed Forces are extremely worried about the Russian military presence in Italy fearing a Russian occupation.”

Militari di Mosca acquartierati nella foresteria dell’esercito …

Adding that “Italy is becoming a mixed Italian-Russian front, of intelligence and study on the Bacteriological War.”

In the meantime Russian ally Matteo Salvini, who served as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior until last summer, and is now the leader of the opposition, is asking Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio, to immediately make an official statement in parliament about the possibility that COVID-19 might be a dangerous bioweapon from China.

This happened after the appearance online of a short documentary originally broadcast by Italian RAI, in November 2015 on its most prestigious science program called Leonardo,that exposed the great danger of these experiments five years ago, showing in detail the making of this new coronavirus bioweapon in a lab in China using bats and mouses, the original source of the coronavirus. The result of this diabolical mix with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), fits perfectly with the symptoms we now find in the infamous Chinese virus. During the Italian documentary, they clearly state that the U.S. had stopped such experiments in 2014 because they were too dangerous, but the Chinese, who were working with it in their most advanced stages, refused to comply with the opposition of the international academic community.

We now have the final evidence of a crime against humanity by Communist China, but unfortunately, we may be too late to bring them to justice as World War III unfolds in front of our eyes each day.


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