The Vatican announces Jesuit Take-Over of the Vatican Bank and Pedophile Pell can now retire in peace

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Article by Leo Zagami

Yesterday Pope Francis appointed Spanish Jesuit Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, who is considered very close to the General of the Jesuits, Arturo Sosa, as prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, following the fall from grace of Cardinal George Pell. From Merida, Spain, Guerrero, 60, will begin his term as prefect in January 2020. Pope Francis established the Secretariat for Economy in 2014 as part of an alleged financial reform of the Vatican that ended with the exposure of Cardinal Pell, a well-known pedophile who seems to have been placed there to ultimately be removed once the Jesuits were ready to take over the show.

Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves SJ will oversee all the financial aspects of both the Roman Curia and the Vatican City State administration, including a review of financial reports. This is the first time the Jesuits have such a position of control of the Vatican finances. The position of prefect of the Economy Secretariat has been empty since Feb. 26, when Pell was confirmed to no longer hold the position via a tweet from Alessandro Gisotti, then-interim Holy See Press Office Director.

Cardinal Pell, who is still in a prison in the Australian state of Victoria following his 2018 conviction on five counts of sexual abuse, was the first prefect of the Secretariat for Economy. The cardinal took a leave of absence as prefect starting in June 2017, when he returned to Australia to face trial for sex abuse of minors. Pell’s five-year-term as prefect was to have expired in February 2019 anyway, but his resignation was not noted in the Vatican’s daily news bulletin so it is believed his term lapsed and was not renewed, and to not upset him he was not removed from office.

Guerrero, who has been a Jesuit since 1979, has a degree in economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as degrees in Theology and Philosophy. Ordained a priest in 1992, Guerrero has been in Rome serving in the positions of General Counselor and Delegate of the Superior General for the interprovincial houses and works of the Jesuits since 2017. From 2014-2017, he was the treasurer and project coordinator of the Jesuits in Mozambique.

In typical Jesuit fashion, Fr. Guerrero lied about his expected call to take-over the Vatican finances on behalf of the Jesuits.  Guerrero said in an interview with Vatican News published on November 14:  “This call was something completely unexpected. Initially, it filled me with anxiety, and I felt quite numb. But I welcome it with humility, with confidence in the Lord and in the team that is already working in the Secretariat for the Economy. I will collaborate in the service of this mission by offering the best of myself.”

 According to inside sources, Father Arturo Sosa was consulted on the matter at a meeting with members of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Society of Jesus that took place in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall on November 7, 2019. During the meeting of more than 200 Jesuits and lay men and women “companions,” Pope Francis said: “The Society of Jesus, from the beginning, was called to the service of the poor, a vocation that St. Ignatius incorporated into the Formula of 1550. “That original Ignatian tradition has come down to our days,” the Pope told them on the penultimate day of their celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Secretariat for Social Justice and Ecology. But there is nothing about the poor in the latest financial scandals that have involved the Vatican Bank and Peter’s Pence. Fr. Guerrero, the new Jesuit in charge of the Vatican finances, speaks Italian, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish,  and has asked Pope Francis to not require a future ordination as bishop so that after his term as prefect he can return to normal religious life. Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves SJ is simply a tool of the Black Pope Arturo Sosa and he even admitted that:

“I come to this task from outside the Vatican Curia, and I will be entering a new world,” the Jesuit said. “I thank the Holy Father for allowing me to carry out this mission as a Jesuit, so that I can continue to remain a Jesuit when this service ends.”

 The Jesuit take-over of the Vatican is now 100% complete as George Pell’s last-chance appeal was allowed by the High Court and he will soon retire in peace and be allowed to molest more children as he has renounced his position of power.


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