Smart Streetlights Unleash Orwellian Nightmare in Southern California

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Article by Leo Zagami


Some residents of San Diego, California are demanding the removal of 4,000 “Smart Streetlights” which they claim are an invasion of privacy. The devices use sensor nodes to gather a range of information, such as weather and parking counts, but also uses facial recognition technology to count pedestrians.

No wonder, George Orwell’s “1984,”  published seventy years  ago, has enjoyed a massive spike in sales in recent years. The San Diego City Council approved the installation of the Smart StreetLights in December 2016. Officially, according to the council’s website, the smart devices “Will help optimize traffic and parking, plus enhance public safety, environmental awareness and overall livability for San Diego residents” defending themselves by stating that “The anonymous data collected by the sensor nodes can be used to develop applications and systems that benefit the City and the community.”

What began as a cost-savings effort to replace high energy use streetlights with more efficient LED lights, later developed into the world’s largest smart city sensor platform and the system is transforming the city’s existing street lighting infrastructure into a connected digital prison which will inevitably lead to further privacy abuse and control of the population.

They even admit that, “These intelligent sensors, or CityIQ nodes, can see, hear and feel the heartbeat of a city. The node connects city officials and citizens to real-time data, allowing for endless applications.”

 We can just imagine the “endless applications”inflicted on the prevailing libtard population of Southern California that should wake up and take action against this increasing nightmare before it is too late. However, multiple community organizations are finally calling for a halt on the use of the smart streetlights and for more oversight to be put in place on the Orwellian style devices.

“For every 1,000th person in San Diego, there are almost two and a half cameras watching,” said Geneviéve JonesCalifornia native who has served as a public defender since 2006 –Wright added “What is very concerning and troubling is that these cameras were installed and are being used all over this city without any oversight.”

 Unfortunately, the ominous predictions made by Orwell in his novel on a dystopian surveillance state where every word is monitored, unacceptable speech is deleted, history is rewritten or deleted altogether, and individuals can become “unpersons” for holding views disliked by those in power, is becoming the norm rather than the exception especially for Democrat-run states and cities. In the upcoming future, with the use of smart toilets even our human waste will be constantly monitored to see how much we consume, and how much they should tax us. With the excuse of analyzing human waste in real-time, to generate true improvements for a person’s health care they will be able to control us even more. The technological possibilities of surveillance and data collection and storage surely surpass what Orwell even imagined, so we need to pray for President Donald J. Trump a man of God in great danger these days as the disciples of Cyber Satan are on the offensive with their impeachment and other diableries.


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