Tensions rise in Libya as Macron prepares to unleash chaos on Europe


Article by Leo Zagami


France and Italy haven’t been getting along lately due to the fact that the two European allies are on opposite sides of Libya’s civil war. General Khalifa Haftar’s French-backed offensive earlier this month against the U.N., recognized the unity government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. This just so happened when the United Nations Secretary-General was in town to prepare for a long-delayed peace conference. It demonstrated France’s power to interfere and seize, rather than share power, independently from its European and international allies. The French government secretly arranged the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, destabilizing North Africa in favor of mass immigration, and has been heavily involved from the start.

Ten days ago, the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, made a series of strong accusations against Emmanuel Macron. The member of the Italian political party Forza Italia stressed that the French president is “committing a historical and dramatic mistake” in Libya, but Macron doesn’t care, as undercover French soldiers have been in Libya supporting General Khalifa Haftar’s offensive right from the beginning.

This means the Italian military contingent in Libya of “around 400 units” is now openly fighting against the French supported side, as President Macron wants the few remaining Italian strategic assets out of Libya. At the same time, he wants to close French borders so the terrorists fleeing Lybia will be forced to stay in Italy, to eventually carry out their evil terrorist plans against the Vatican to destroy St Peter’s Basilica, another symbol of European Christianity after Notre Dame.

An online propaganda video released by IS militants in the Philippines on the 25th of August 2017 directly threatened Pope Francis, warning “We will be in Rome, inshallah” and showed photos of Francis and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI being ripped in half. time. The Pope knows the risks and that is the real reason why he resides in the more modest accommodations of the Vatican’s Santa Marta hotel instead of the palatial apartment that is located at the top of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican that could be blown away if there were ever an attack on St.Peter’s Basilica.

Last year, Macron was granted an unusually long meeting with Pope Francis in which they discussed migration issues, and that’s when they planned what is about to unfold in Europe through Libya, defined as the gate-keeperof Africa’s migrant crisis.

Since 2011, successive U.S. administrations have watched Libya’s continuing collapse, believing that the unraveling of the country threatens only Europe, but this is a mistake, it threatens the whole western world. Qaddafi’s fall left much of Libya ungoverned, or controlled by militias, criminal gangs, and mercenaries of the New World Order. ISIS is in Libya preparing as we speak to revenge the fall of the Islamic State by destroying the Vatican and starting a European Civil War. British journalist and political commentator Douglas Murray writes in,The Strange Death of Europe: “Europe is committing suicide – or at least it’s leaders have decided to commit suicide. Whether European people decide to go along with this is, naturally, another matter.”


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