Vatican Jesuit Propaganda Made In China

Article by Leo Zagami



As I reported a few days ago, in the past few weeks there has been a growing number of disturbing reports on the destruction or desecration of Evangelical Churches, “underground” Catholic churches and shrines throughout China.The Vatican has decided to step up their efforts by discussing an abandoned factory in China that is now becoming a church, but its all propaganda.Last year, the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China have signed an unprecedented historic agreement regarding the methods of appointing Catholic bishops in the country. The announcement of this unholy accord, which affected millions of Chinese Catholics, aroused interest and a variety of reactions worldwide.

In early March 2019, I reported the words of former Hong Kong bishop, Cardinal Joseph Zen, who was strongly critical of the recent Vatican deal and stated with great disappointment: “The incredible thing is the invitation to trust the government! Is information on recent oppression measures missing from our superiors in the Vatican?”

Even the Superior General of the Jesuits, Arturo Sosa, the infamous “Black Pope,”openly endorsed the deal with China, last month in Rome, at the presentation of a book published by the Italian Jesuits dedicated to the new relationship between the Catholic Church and China.

However, in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s Guangdong Province, they are offering citizens money in exchange for information on “illegal religious groups” as the Communist Party of China continues to crack down on all forms of religious activity, including the remains of the “underground” Catholic Church, not aligned with the recent deals made between the Jesuits and China.

But the Vatican Jesuit media is now reporting that in a remote village in the diocese of Baoding, China both “official” and “underground” Catholics, who were once divided, are coming together to convert an abandoned factory into a place of prayer, liturgies, and sacramental celebrations. Masters in the use of theatrics and propaganda, the Jesuits want us to believe that the reconciliation of hearts between brothers and sisters who have been divided for decades is now happening, and it’s going great. In reality, real Catholics from the underground Church are being arrested and persecuted!



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