Whistleblower Found Dead after accusing close friend of Pope Francis, of Human Trafficking

bedette acusa a Gustavo vera de pedofilia y trafico sexual

Article by Leo Zagami 


A model and media personality from Argentina who tried to expose a “pedophile ring”has been found dead four days ago in a house in Buenos Aires.Playboy model Natacha Jaitt, also a “VIP” prostitute, died from an apparent drug overdose.She announced last year in a TV interview that she was paid by an intelligence agency to spy on a list of powerful Argentinians, starting with Bergoglio’s close friend, Gustavo Vera. After following and filming him for a year she understood he was a pedophile, running a vast pedophile network, in addition to abusing his role in an anti-sex trafficking organization to further his own sex trafficking enterprise.  This is the video where the late Jaitt makes her shocking claims public for the first time, on a tv show hosted by actress Mirtha Legrand:

Key time segments in the video interview are listed below:

4:13 – 7:07: Jaitt directly states that Gustavo Vera is a pedophile and runs a trafficking network. And that he uses his organization La Alameda to shut down his competition.

8:49 – 9:51: Jaitt recounts how Bergoglio saved pedophile priest Grassi and relocated him to a new area where he had access to vulnerable children.


Did you know that [Gustavo Vera] is a pedophile? That he is a trafficker?”Jaitt asked a panelist on the show. “Did you know that he gets brothels shut down and then he keeps them for himself illegally? Did you know that I carried out a study and that I have video records of prostitutes talking about it … ?”

The autopsy showed she suffered multiple organ failure with no signs of violence  Last year, the Big Brother star claimed she had evidence of a VIP pedophile ring operating in Argentina connected to Pope Francis.

Church Militant reports that Natacha Jaitt died two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, .

After her appearance on Mirtha Legrand’s talk show and the resulting controversy over her accusations against Vera, Jaitt tweeted, “Notice: I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens: I wasn’t me. Save this tweet.”

Local news sources have said Ms. Jaitt died after a stroke caused by a combination of cocaine, LSD, and champagne, with cocaine residue found in her nose. It has also been reported that there were no signs of violence at the scene. However, suspicions have been raised after three witnesses reportedly fled the scene prior to the arrival of police officers. Ms. Jaitt’s brother and her lawyer are both reportedly said to suspect foul play. Ms. Jaitt, who leaves behind two children, had reportedly received recent death threats. Ms. Jaitt’s brother, Ulais Jaitt, has claimed his sister did not take drugs on the advice of doctors who had warned her against mixing them with her medication. Although the former Spanish Big Brother contestant had been open about her drug use in the past, she had reportedly been clean for a while at the time of her death.  As reported by the Buenos Aires Times, police officers are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding Ms. Jaitt’s death, and are running checks on five individuals who were with her in the hours leading up to her death.  Her mysterious death is prompting family members to demand an investigation into what they suspect to be murder, but I am pretty sure the powerful pedophile ring that killed her will get away with it.This story demonstrates  once again the evil behind the “False Prophet” Bergoglio.



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  1. My own mother, 91 years old, murdered, in New York State. The police lied about it. Said she died of natural causes, no foul play. The medical examiner performed no autopsy, no toxcology.. Only later I found money, keys, radio, clock and her lower denture missing. I discovered a bulge in her throat,from a cadaver photograph, indicating the presence of that denture….Any of us who are inconvenient are in danger of direct murder by the state.

  2. Why are ALL these people around the table trying to stop her from telling her story?
    It’s true.. The person that they are referring to, this Borgoglio is really Pope Francis!
    It’s also true that the Pope is involved in pedophilia!

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