Tensions rise as the Police stop protesters from distributing pamphlets in front of the Summit on abuses



EXCLUSIVE NEWS Leo Zagami reporting from the Vatican


In the hall of the summit, the stories of harassment and manipulation are heard, while outside the voice of dissent was quietly silenced by the massive police operation to avoid protest in front of the summit in every shape and form. Only two days ago, ahead of the abuse summit, lay people assembled in silent protest in Rome. Amid the banners of the four evangelists and in the holy name of Mary, an international coalition of 100 Catholic laities mobilized in Rome’s historic center on February 19, 2019 to silently “oppose the Vatican’s policy of silence about homosexuality.”  In early February, Arturo Borrelli handcuffed himself to a pole in front of the Vatican in a desperate plea to the Catholic church to take his allegations of sexual abuse by a priest seriously, and in Via Paolo VI today there was an anti-abuse sit-in of Ending Clergy Abuse.

An African woman said: From the age of 15 I had sexual relations with a priest. This lasted 13 years I was forced to abort.” People were obviously shocked by the cleverly orchestrated propaganda, but, in the meantime, I could clearly see after the lunch break, the fat cardinals going back into the summit laughing, and talking about their lavish lunches with their colleagues. These are not Christians, but sons of Satan. They should be in deep shame, but instead most of them don’t seem to care at all about the suffering of the victims of clergy abuse.

Earlier on I met with Michael Voris, the president and founder of Saint Michael’s Media and ChurchMilitant.com. We exchanged  interviews, and analyzed in detail the problems of the Catholic Church today. I think Michael is doing a great job with his project, and it was nice to finally meet him in person.

Later while wandering around in front of the side entrance of the summit, in front of the building of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,  suddenly the Italian police were called by the Vatican security to stop a couple of protesters from AllMyGrace.com that were giving out pamphlets on the summit. I hope they were eventually released after what seemed like a very long interrogation by the Italian and Vatican authorities.



Fortunately I managed to get a copy of the pamphlet from one of the protesters just before the police arrived and I find most of it sharable and true in essence. The Vatican continues to disappoint and alleged torment of the prelates was completely staged and a total farce from what I witnessed with my own eyes. This is simply a well-orchestrated propaganda stunt by the Vatican Jesuits and Father Lombardi SJ, the moderator of the meeting, in charge once again of the press and media for this important event, just like in the old days.

After the testimonies there were two minutes of silence, during which, Jesuit Father Hans Zollner said “you could hear that the people were in tune with what they had just heard”.

I felt like saying to him what a load of rubbish you hypocrite, but I would probably be arrested. Father Federico Lombardi also said he was “very touched” by these dramatic stories, but in reality the Vatican is facing big economic problems because of the scandals and the US Catholic Church is in turmoil after McCarrick was defrocked. Officially they meditated and debated on various aspects relating to the responsibility of the ecclesiastical figures in a “practical and concrete” way. A couple of them recognized me at the entrance and it was like they saw a ghost. Their jaws dropped in disbelief of my being there, as if seeing a relative of the devil.


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