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The project by Cuban creative director/photographer Erik Ravelo and Brazilian director/editor Daniel Ferreira, titled “Los Intocables (The Untouchables) — The Right to Childhood Should Be Protected.”



There is an update concerning the latest scandal to rock the Vatican, which took place just 200 meters away from the House of the Holy Father, at the St. Pius X pre-seminary based inside the Vatican walls, where altar boys were allegedly raped for years. On the 18th of November, Reuters reported that the Vatican: had opened an investigation into reports that a former teenage altar boy, who allegedly repeatedly forced a dormitory mate to have sex with him, went on to become a priest. Adding that a new investigation had been opened following the latest reports, in order to try to shed full light on what really happened.


The Italian media were gradually silenced, as much wider implications were being made known, but there were no new reports on the subject from the international media until the 24th of November 2017, when Associated Press breaks the news, picked up soon after by the  New York TimesWashington PostFOX News  and ABC News


The most shocking of all, was that the sexual violence took place behind the altar of St. Peter, during the Holy Mass, as testimonied by one of the altar boys, but mainstream press did not discuss this.


They preferred focusing on the fact that : Catholic officials in Italy have threatened former altar boys of the pope with criminal defamation charges for having publicly accused an older seminarian of sexual misconduct when they lived together at the youth seminary inside the Vatican gardens.


The pre-seminary in question is the only place where minors reside in the Vatican, and opened its doors in 1956 at the urging of the late Father Giovanni Folci, a suspected pedophile priest of the Diocese of Como, Italy, who is now on his way to Sainthood However, Pecoraro interviewed the Como vicar who handled the investigation, the Rev. Andrea Stabellini, who confessed when he thought the camera wasn’t filming, that he had recommended the investigation continue because he believed there was sufficient evidence offered by the boys. He was overruled. In an interview with AP, Pecoraro stated he had since come to learn that diocesan and other church officials were pressuring Stabellini to recant.


The Italian TV show Le Iene, that originally reported on the scandal, said that they “had received a letter from the diocese of Como warning against proceeding with their story.” The letter, was shown during the broadcast, and cited the outcome of previous church investigations into the matter that found everything that was alleged unfounded.”


Don Folci founded an association of like minded priests committed to promoting vocations to the priesthood, when in reality he was recluting them for a pedophile ring operating inside the Vatican, using altar boys. However, according to a letter dated Nov. 17, which was seen by The Associated Press, a lawyer representing the Don Folci association, Riccardo Rolando Riccardi, wrote to at least one former student, that he was preparing a criminal defamation case in Rome’s tribunal for the alleged crime committed by the divulgation of news to the press about alleged acts of sexual assault that allegedly occurred in the seminary.”


23551036_1941686536048852_4732371839799356583_o Alleged pedophile priest involved in the latest Vatican scandal


Riccardi instructed the ex-student to come in for questioning or face interrogation by Rome prosecutors. This didn’t happen, and the Vatican, desperate for credibility, called for a press conference on the 18th, just a few hours after first breaking the news on this website. Well it turns out the accusations were not so “unfounded“ after all. For the first time, thanks to the efforts of the investigative journalist from Le Iene, the truth has been exposed in the Italian media, but the media in English speaking countries still haven’t touched on the story. We need to share this information and help break the code of silence around the newest scandal to erupt in the Vatican!

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