Collapse of the Western initiatic system leads to Hollywood Babylon

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The recent Hollywood sex cases in are all part of a satanic conspiracy which has lead to a collapse of the decline of the Western Initiate System, and the rise of Satanism, according to an Italian writer.

Leo Lyon, who is based in Rome, has attracted the support of noted occultists David Griffin and Mark Stavish with his views and thinks his new book  The Decline of the Western Initiatic System and the rise of Satanism in our Society will hit the spot.

Apparently, Zagami is the expert on the Vatican and Secret Societies by the likes of Alex Jones. He claims the network of Secret Societies, which include Freemasonry, and various Illuminati groups and orders which were born out of the Western Initiatic System were gradually corrupted by evil forces and black magic and helped the rise of modern Satanism, and atheism, and the decline of our Society.

The book claims that the “so-called Illuminati” use techniques ranging from telepathy to sexual magick which pushed the birth of a One World Communistic Government, and the implementation of a One World Religion, using the unusual alliance between Marxism and Islam, both linked to Satanism.

Zagami said before any of the latest Hollywood scandals, Kenneth Anger became “a household name for penning the pop culture masterpiece “Hollywood Babylon” the first book to expose “the rampant homosexuality and deviancy in the film industry.”

Zagami thinks that many of the social problems we are facing today are the outcome of something invisible, and ignored by most people.

“We are in a magical war, with an invisible network of evil Satanic manipulators, in cahoots with groups like the Jesuits, who have gradually infiltrated all organized religions, the old mystery schools, and Freemasonry, resulting in the materialistic left-wing ideology of today.

He added that the West was also being taken over by Islam which was gradually destroying all Christian values, in their attempt to enslave humanity.

His book includes interviews Griffin and Stavish who he describes as “two important US figures of today’s magical world and Freemasonry” who were “fighting the decline of the Western Initiatic System.”

Griffin recounts his ongoing magical War to defend Trump and humanity “evil Magick, without resorting to evil and becoming contaminated by it oneself.”

Zagami said that Stavish has some interesting revelations on the latest magical war against President Trump:

“I know there are many people attempting to grab headlines about it, but as to their effectiveness, I have little concern. There are however many forms of magic that have little relationship to people dressing up in robes and playing at having occult power,” Stavish said.

We need only examine the various forms of psychic research undertaken by the United States in the 1970s until the 1990s and the Soviet Union during from the 1920s until its collapse.

Stavish said: “I am certain that research is still going on, officially or unofficially through think-tanks and other research arms, and not simply with the superpowers. Occultism has long been an unofficial arm of government, we need only look at John Dee and the circles he ran in for confirmation.”

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