Pope Francis and the fall of the Empire

Article by Leo Zagami




The values of Pope Francis, to include tolerance for pedophilia, are the values of the late Roman Empire before their demise. A demographic and economic crisis piloted by the elite existed back then, as well as out-of-control immigration, and a loss in moral beliefs, and political ideology, just like today in the era of globalization, and the New World Order.


The Roman Empire, that for six centuries held the entire Mediterranean area under their control, suddenly submitted, and gave in to their enemies. The turning point for this disaster was in 378 a.d., with the Battle of Adrianople, sometimes known as the Battle of Hadrianopolis, a defeat in which the emperor himself was killed by those Goths which, a few years earlier, were given refugee status in Roman territory as refugees fleeing from war.



From then on, the story of Rome was marked my dear readers, and soon Europe could face the same fate if President Trump does not help to rectify this situation.


Ok, in the US you might have a slightly detached vision of Europe’s present crisis, but remember once Europe falls, the next in line is the United States of America, and finally the whole breakdown of civilization. In this case Daniel 2:42 might come in handy as a prophetic reference to the story. The feet and toes of the image Nebuchadnezzar saw were composed “partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron,” meaning “the kingdom shall be divided…partly strong and partly fragile.” This means it would be made up of people who “will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay” (Daniel 2:41-43).


Remember the Roman Empire exists in two parts. The first is the historical Roman Empire, while the foundation of the second phase can be seen in the European Community, now referred to as the European Union (EU). Western civilization is reaching what is called “Societal collapse”, and it seems like it is simply History Repeating, like the title of the famous song by Miss Shirley Bassey



Welcome to the end, or rather for many Christians, the enactment of, The Book of Revelation, which is one of the most controversial and least understood books of the Bible regarding the time just before Christ’s return to earth, and what He will do afterward.



Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

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