Jesuit and pedophile’s take over the Catholic Faith guided by a secret Masonic Lodge

Article by Leo Zagami


In an article published on on the 2nd of July, entitled Pope Francis: YOU ARE FIRED, I explained how the conservative Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), was suddenly forced to leave his prestigious position, after news of the police raid on a cocaine fueled Gay Orgy involving Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, the secretary of Cardinal Coccopalmiero, reached the Pope, who was ignoring the powerful Vatican Gay and pedophile lobby so close to him.



Monsignor Luigi Capozzi and his boss Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio are in  a mountain of trouble…

Cardinal Coccopalmerio, who is a key figure in this network of liberal perverts, is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine since 2010, and is not only a staunch supporter and elector of Pope Francis, but was also a member of the secret and irregular Masonic Lodge known as “The Mafia of San Gallo” ( the StGallen Mafia), that has conspired for years behind the scenes, for the progressive and liberal take over of the Church, in a series of secret meetings, that took place in the town of San Gallo in Switzerland, headed by the late Jesuit Cardinal and Freemason, Carlo Maria Martini, described in detail in a biography by Jürgen Mettepenningen and Karim Schelkens, dedicated to the now retired Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who has been heavily criticized for trying to dissuade a victim of sexual abuse from denouncing his perpetrator, a Bishop who was the uncle of the victim, and for this reason during the 2013 Conclave in Belgium, there were those who wondered if he was eligible to even elect the new Pope.



Cover of Godfried Danneels biography by Jürgen Mettepenningen and Karim Schelkens


Godfried Danneels admitted himself to be part of “The Mafia Club of San Gallo” in a public conference available on video:

Even the Italian press realized the importance of this book, and what the Cardinal defined as the “Mafia Club”, and decided to write about it in an article published in 2015, in one of Italy’s most popular newspapers, La Stampa:


So Bergoglio under pressure from what is known as “the San Gallo Mafia” which helped him to get elected in 2013, declined to renew Gerhard Ludwig Müller’s mandate, and conveniently replaced him with his deputy, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, 73, a Jesuit and Spanish theologian, and of course a member of the secret Swiss lodge of San Gallo, completing the liberal take over of the Faith, what is considered the most powerful insitution in the Catholic Church, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Monsignor Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, Secretary of the Congregation for Doctrine and Faith answers questions, during a press conference on bioethics, at the Vatican press room, Friday Dec. 12, 2008. The Vatican raised its opposition to embryonic stem cell research, the morning-after pill, in vitro fertilization and human cloning to a new level Friday in a major new document on bioethics. But in the document, the Vatican also said it approved of some forms of gene therapy and encouraged stem cell research using adult cells. And it said parents could in good conscience inoculate their children with vaccines produced with cells derived from aborted fetuses. (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)
Monsignor Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, Secretary of the Congregation for Doctrine. (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)


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